Sandwell Service Team: hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 term change

Sandwell Service Team: hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 term change

On July 29, 201term7, the inauguration ceremony oteams手机版f Shenzhen Lterminalions Club Manhole Servicservice可数吗e Team for 2017-2018 was successfully held in Baotian International Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Luofu Mountain, Boluo County, Dongguan Citceremony是什么意思yteampro. More than 80 people attended the ceremony, includterm是什么意思ing Li Wenqiu, 2017-2018 mentor and founding team leader of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lai Yujian, 2017-2018 team leader of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Chenglterminalin, qian Lin, Jiang Taili, former team leader, Li Jun, Secreteams手机版tary Yu Linlin, finance Liu Yingjie and so on. The ceremony was presided over by Mr Terrinaugural address课文ppty Chiang.

Lions Club International, founded inteambition 1917, has a history of 100 years and has more than 46,000 service teams arounceremony和celebration的区别d the world. Shajing Sservice的名词ervice Team, as the service tehold过去式am established at the founding of Shenzhen Lions Club, accompanied Shenzhen Lions Club ushered in its 16th year.

Qian Duo Duo, chairman of the conference, rang the bell to open tterm是什么意思he conference, and all lion friends stood up and played the national anthem and the conference song.

Captain Lai Yujian delivered a speech aservice是什么意思中文翻译nd reported the 2017-2018 work plan of the Sandwell Seholdsrvicteamproe Team. Zhang Chenglin sumhold的过去形式marized last year’s work. Minister Mentor Li Wen-chiu presented awards to the lion friends who had made outstanding contributions in the previous yearinaugural. Brother Huanginaugural address课文ppt Junshi showed his talent and performed violiterm是什么意思n accompaniment for the lion friends.

Transfer of love, dedication of love, a lifetime commitment, no regrets. Let’s join hands to inherit lion love and share happiness. We believe that in the future, with the effoholderrts of the board of directors headed by Captain Lai Yujian, the sandwell service team will become better and better.

Article/photo Contributed by The Sandwell Service Team

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