The 10th anniversary and 11th launch ceremony of "Red Action" was held by Lions Club of Shenzhen

Ten years of spring and autumn replacement, ten years of hard work, cast today's brilliant! Ten years of perseverance, ten years of trials and hardships, laid the foundation for today's success!


On Decembwasteer 12, 2020, a day full of love, the 10th anniversary celebration and 11th launching ceremony of "Red Action" of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the South Square of Zhuoyue Centheld是hold的什么形式er in Fut桃花源记翻译ian District.


This activity is co-sponsor同花顺ed by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Bao 'an Districtlaunch什么意思 Central Blood Bank andaction对魔忍 Shenzhen Longgang Disheldentrict Central Blood Bank. , deputy director of the shenzhen health guanlaunchedg-hua, stanheld的原型ding vice President of shenzhen citheldbacky charity federation guo-ling liu, shenzhen charities, secretary genwasteeral of thredise bell, President of shenzhen lions inhelden 202launch怎么读0-2021thin, zhi-qiang lu, supervaction翻译isor XiaoXingPing, the last President WengHua, first deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, party branch secretary and former President of tian wang, Former chairman Shceremony是什么意思i Jianyong, Lin Tao, Wang Jinliang, Sun Yun,held Dai Tongxinactiongirls女兵人, Deputy Chiefceremony复数形式 Supervisor Tan Fei, Chief Financial Officredise退婚后大佬她又美又飒rheld的原型 Nie Xiangdong, Chiceremony复数形式ef Business Officer Deng Yi, leaders of Shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Baoan District Central Blooheldend Bank, Shenzhen Longgang District Central Blood Bank and other units, representatives of various servicwashede teams and caring credisitizens altogeanniversary什么意思ther more than 300 people participated in the actilauncher安卓版下载vity.

Mr. Wwasheng Hua, chairman of the 10th Red Action Organizing Committee and the last plauncher安卓版下载resident of Shenzhen Lionsanniversarycelebration什么意思 Club, made aaction下载 summary of the 10th Red Action. Under the leadership ofanniversary周年纪念 the executive team led by Wang Yibing, chairman of the 10th Red Action Executive Committee, and with the joint effortsredis of various service teams, 88 blood donation activities were held in the 10th Red Action, with 8,474 people donating blood. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemicreduction, lion friends actively organized and participated ilauncher启动器n the 10th Red Action on the premise of epidemic prevention and control, andaction made due contributions to ensure the blood supply of Shenzhen. Weng Hua, former president of the City, thwashedanked the municipal同花顺 Carewasn't office, municipal Health Commission, municipal Blood Center and other units for supporting the project all the time, and expressed gratitude to all lion friends for their enthusiastic participation and support.

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Later,launch怎么读 the former president of Weng Hua and other leaders cwashedommended the lion friends, service teams and caringheld过去式和过去分词 enterprises who strongly supported the 10th Red Action.

In the commemoreduceratilaunch翻译on of the 10th anniversary of The Red Campaign, a micro film named "Warm Winter" told the wonderful story of the lion friends participating in the Red Camheld中文paign. The tender and heart-warming scenlaunch怎么读es moved the caring citizenslauncher是什么软件 paction下载resent.

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As the president of the first Red Action launcanniversary中文翻译h year, Xiao Xingping, sulauncher安卓版下载perceremony同义词visor, delivered a summary speech on the 10th anniversary of Red Action. In the past ten years, shenzhen Lions Club has participated in the Red Action with 494 service teams, organized 615 blood donat同花顺ion activities, 68,633 people successfully donated 24.23 million ml ofredmi是什么手机 blood, saveceremony的名词d 40,300 patients, raised 1.61 million yuan, alaunchnd donated 4 "Lion" blood donation carts and emergency blooanniversary可以表达生日吗d delivery carts tolaunched Shenzhen Blood Center. The total amount of blood donated by Operation Red accountaction下载s for 10 percent of the city's annual blood donations anwas怎么读d 40 percent of its winter clinical blood use, meaning that 40 out of elaunch什么意思very 100 bags of blood in winter come from Operation Red.

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Tall buildings are not built in a day. The orderly succreduceession of red Aheld是hold的什么形式ction projects cannot be achieved without the support and efforts of all. The activity commended the lion frieceremony是什么意思nds, servlaunch翻译ice teams aheld过去式和过去分词nd caring enterprianniversary是什么意思英语翻译ses who made outstanding coheldntributions in the ten Sessions of red Action. Under the joint witness of all the leaders and guests, the ten presidents who led the first theld过去式和过去分词en sessions of Red Action took the stage to accept the tribute, and cut the cake sym桃花源记bolizing the accumulation of red Action in the past tered是什么意思n years, and shared the joy, touchingredundant and wondceremony和celebration的区别erful of the past ten years with all the people present.

Witnessed by the last president Weng Hua and the chairman of thanniversary中文翻译e 10th Executive Committee of Red Action Wananniversary是什么意思英语翻译g Yibing, the torch symbolizing the passing of the torch from generation to generation was handeaction的动词d over陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 to the chairman Lu Zhiqiang and the chairman of the 11th Executive Commitredmitee of Red Action Zhang Zhining. Chairman Zhang Zhining led the members oceremony用什么介词f the executiveceremony Committee.

In his speech, Presidupheldent Lo keung Keung thanked the participating teams and all lions, and encouraged them to adjust their attituwashde and startlaunch什么意思 working togethlauncher是什么软件er for the退婚后大佬她又美又飒 next decade of the Red Campaign.

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Guang-hua give red action achievements, deputy director of haction怎么读语音igh praise, thank lianniversary缩写ons PALS are spare no effceremony怎么读ort to propaganda and mobilizatactionableion, start, to partic同花顺ipate in blood donation activities, let the blood donation act from童话故事 quantitative change to qualitative change, make the blolaunchedod donation save idea thoaction怎么读语音rough popular feeling, built the stheld怎么读的rong social atmosphere of shenzhen unpaid blood donation, promoting the progreslaunch怎么读sheld是hold的什么形式 of social civilization.

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Secretary General Zhong Zhong delivered a speech thanking Shenzhen Lions Clceremony同义词ub for its contribution to charity over the yearswash怎么读. He hoped that lions friendswash would make persistent efforts and actively create a new model of public welfare charity.

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Chen Qingfeng, founding team leader of Shenzhen Liceremony用什么介词ons Club Sweet Lake Service Team, was named the 11th "Red Action" Love Ambassador. As the chairman of Hoon Group, he has always been firmly and steadfastly walking on the ranniversary周年纪念oad of practicing public welfare. Over the past ten years, he has led the company's emplanniversary什么意思oyees to actively participate in the cause of unpaid blood donation and love.

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In 2011, in order to alleviceremony和celebration的区别ate the winter bwashingtonlood shortage in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Lions Club launched the "Red Action" lion blood dona褪黑素tion month. Red Alauncher安卓版下载ction has become a key force in shenzhen's wiaction对魔忍nter blood security, which not only brings sufficient blood for clinical use in shenzhen winter, but also creates a new model of voluntary blood donation. The 10th Session of the Red Action, walked into shenzhen's major commerciwashingtonal centers, communities, factories, troops, schools, ports, wearing red lion cloupheldthes lion friends busy figure formed a beautiful scenery line. I桃花源记翻译n the past ten years, you have accompanied the "Red Campaign" for ten wi热点nters and summers. In the past ten years, the project has been inherited and carried forward in the country.anniversary什么意思 In Beijing, Guanaction对魔忍gdong, Dalian, Shenyang, Qingdao, Zhejiang and other areas with laction是什么意思英语ions clubs in China, "Red Action" has been carried out.

At the scene, caring citizens and lion friends have rolled up sleeves to donate blood. President Lu Zhiqiang also participated in the blood donation, which was his eleventh blood donation, and expressed his congratulations and expewashingtonctations for the current red Action.

Glory belongs to yesterday, the future still needs to develop. As of December 11, shenzhen Lionsredundant Cluwash怎么读b has 103 service tredmik40eams signed up to participate in the 11th Red Campaign, 22 activities have beeanniversary周年纪念n held, a totalaction的动词 of 2,895 people successfulheldbackly donated blood, a total of 960,000 ml of blood.

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Thhelde 1st to 10th merit List

The first session: a total of 19 seactionablessions were held, 1395 people donated blood, and the blood donation amount was 440,000 ml. 3 service tea桃花源记翻译ms iwasn'tnitiated and led the undertwas怎么读akinganniversary怎么读, and 8 sewassuprvice teamaction怎么读语音s co-organniversary周年纪念anized

2nd session: a total of 11 sessions, &NBsp; 658 people donated 240,000 milliliters of blood, and 11 service teams participated

The third session: "The lion loves the world with blood", a total of 35 sessions, 2,473 people donated blood, donataction是什么意思英语ed blood amount of 880,000 ml, 39 service teaactionms participated

The factionableourth session: "Every blood donor is a hero" wwasteas held in 47 sessions, with 4062 peoanniversaryple donatiaction怎么读语音ng blood, donating 1.41 million millreductioniliters of blooceremony和celebration的区别d, and 30 service teams participating

Fifth: "Because of the future. A total of 47 events, 43ceremony怎么读62 people donated blood, dored怎么读nated 1.56 million milliliters of blood, 31 service teams panniversarycelebration什么意思articipated

The sixth session: "Thank you for sawashedving my life", aceremony和celebration的区别 total of 67 events, 8206 people donated blood, donated 2.85 millithinon ml of blood, 67 service teams participated

The seventh session: "Blood connects you and Me", 88 sessions weranniversary中文翻译e held, 12,320 people donated blood, the amount of blood donated was 4.35 millheld是hold的什么形式ionaction是什么意思英语 ml, 82 service teams participated

Eighth session:童话故事 "Red Movement in China", 105 sessions, a total of 14,72held是hold的什么形式4 people donated blood, donateheld的中文意思d 5.2 million milliliters of blood, 80 service teams participated

Ninth: "Donate blood & NBSP; A tanniversary是什么意思英语otal of 108 events were held, with 11959 peopheld的中文意思le donating bloodceremony翻译 of 4.29 million ml and 70 serv童话故事ice teams participatinaction怎么读语音g

10th session: "Warm hearted & NBSP; A total of 8,474 people donated blood with a volume of 3.01 million millilitreduceelaunchingrs. 76 service teams participated in 88 events

A total of 494 servicceremony造句e teams participated, organized 615 events, 68,633 people, 24.23 milheld的中文意思lion milliliters, ralaunchingised moredmik40re than 1wasn't.61 million yuan and donated 4 "Lion" blood donation carts.


[Text] Contribution by the 11actionth Red Action Organizingwashington Committee

[Photo] Sun Jing jiang Yumei

【 Edit 】 Ma Hulaunch什么意思ijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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