Dream Service Team: Held the third regular meeting of 2019-2020

On October 20, 2019, the third regular meeting of The 2019-2020 Lions Club Dream Service team was held in Meilongge, Futian District. Shenzserviceablehen Lions Club 2019-2020 guide lion group deputy head, dream service team leader Qikelin, dream service team captain Gan Nenglin, last captain Lai Jinhua, first vice captain Gu Daoming, third vice captain Zeng Dejun, secretary Zhanteams手机版g Shangyou, Finance Zhang Jinghua, general affairs Peng Chu sheng and other 15 people attended the meeting. Thteamoe meeting was chaired by Qikelin, Zhang Shangyou.


Captain Gan Nenglin reported on ththird的基数词e service activities carried out by the dthird的基数词ream Service team in September. He thanked the lion friends for their parservice翻译ticipation and suppoheld的中文意思rt in the care project of Huayang Town Nursing home and the educational activities of Jinggteamoangshan Luofu School. He hoped that more caring people would join the service anregularlyd contribute their strength to the people in needregular反义词.


Zhang Jinghua reported the recenmeeting怎么读英语t financial income ateamworknd expenditure to the lion friends.

Deputy head of the team called on everyone to gather strength and work together to promote thdreamboate dream team to help students, respect the elderly, let love speak and other brand service projects. He hothird什么意思pes that lion fmeetingriends will mthird-partyake efforts to inspire more social forces to jointly care for the vulnerable groups in society.



By Li Huiyi

Photo/dream是什么意思Zeng Dejun

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