Shenzhen Lions Club launched the community themed service activity of “Harmonious Force • Targeted Assistance for the Disabled”

On December 8, 2019, the launching ceremony of the “Harmonious Force Targeted Assistance for the Disabled” community service activity of Shenzhen Lioclub怎么读ns Ccommunity怎么读lub was held in the multi-functional conference room on the 13th floor of the Comprehensive Service Center of Shenzhen Dclubman是什么牌子车isablelions翻译d Persons’ Association. At the ceremony, The Lions club of Shenzhen awarded a trophy and a prize of 6,000 yuan to the runner-up of the disablions怎么读led speech conte深圳风险等级st, 2,000 yuan of travel expenses to the disabled, and donated 300 copies of the sheactivity生命周期nzhen Special Zone Newspaper for the year 2020 to the disabled with a service fund of 15,000 yuan in cooperation with Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper.


Lions club activities directed by disablions是什么意思led persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen lions assistive committee to undertakeclub fservice是什么意思or poverty alleviation, shenzhen associationactivity的中文意思 of the blind, shenzhen association of the deaf, shenzhen limb disabled person association, shenzhen intellectual disabled people and friends will, shentheme下载zhen mental disabled people and friends will, shenzhen HongCanCan culture communication co., LTD. Shthemes怎么读enzhen lions Victoria towers, zhongtian, stakes, burlions英语怎么读son-marsteller, lions,community造句 love football, fu, ganten, alex, yantian, long in the sea, hong ya, mooring love, lily, lotus, the spark, the good German, Wen Jin, Chinese entrepreneurs, wutong mountain, happiness, liuzhou, oct, theharmonious翻译 path,launched怎么读的 HuaYue, red, silver lake, thservice怎么读e xin li, mooring love, blue sky, checkpoint,activity复数 macro Yang, maritime, grace, Oriental rose, reaching for the sky Nature, Dcommunity怎么读音adi, Hualin, Tiand深圳地铁线路图e, Qihang and other service teams, supportedharmonious by shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper.

Li Weihua, replion是什么意思resentative of Lions Club in Shenzhen; Weng Hua, President of Lionclub怎么读s Club 2019-2020; Du Hengkunlion是什么意思中文翻译, Secretary General; Liao Ronghutheme的意思i, Direcactivitytor general; Li Feng, Executive Deputcommunity造句y Secretary General; Ru Chunxu, Chairman of Zone 5; Zhu Feng, Wei Xinxin, Li Xiaofeng, Chaithemelyrmanharmoniously oactivity翻译f Zone 5; Wang Daomilaunched是什么意思英语ng, Supervisor; Su Jianhua, Chairman of Poverty Alleviation and Disability Assactivity工作流istance Committee; Executive chairman Luo Guanqi, Zhang Lizhlaunched是什么意思ong, Chen Lili and other lion friends, Shenzhen limb disabled Fu Xiangyang, chairmanlaunched是什么意思 of the associa深圳大学tion, shenzhen Ma Jingyang, chairman of the association for the blind, chairman of shenzhen intellectual disabled people and friends will Zhang Yafharmoniousei, wang yi, vice President of shenzhen association of the deaf, executiveactivity怎么读 director of the sshenzhenhenzhencommunity mental disabled people and friends and relatives will dodson TharmoniousB, the sea of shenzhen heart patients pactivity的四种启动模式sychological assistance service center director Su Liping, More than 200 volunteers and community caring personages attended the event. The event was precommunity collegesided over by Waactivity怎么读ng Hansong and Yuan Juan, with Su Jianhua as the chairman and Chen Xingming as the sign language interpreter.

Host. JPG

Executive Vice Secretary General Li Feng introduced the guests and expressed heartfelt thanks for coming.


Lclub怎么读i Weihua, the representative of lions Club in Shenzhen, affirmed that The Shenzhen Lthemed是什么意思ions Club has bclub用英语怎么说een providing assistance to the disabled for many years. He said that since the 18th CPC National Congresclub用英语怎么说s, the CPC Central Committee with Comrthemedade Xi Jinping at its core has shown great concern for the disabled and attached great imporclubmedtance to their深圳疫情 cause. He hoped that The Lions Club of Shenzhen would earnestly implement the policy of “building a well-off society in an al深圳地铁线路图l-round way,harmonious是什么意思 and not one disabled person should be left behind” put foinharmoniousrward by the Gcommunity造句eneralthemes怎么读 Secretary of The Communist Palionsrty of China. He hoped that the Lions Club of Shenzhen woulthemed是什么意思d deepen the work of assisting and uplaunched怎么读的grading the services forharmonious是什么意思中文 the disabled, and provide more accurate servlions是什么意思ices accor深圳疫情最新消息ding to the needs of the disaharmonious名词是什么bled and the actual situatclub翻译ion of the Lions Club of Slionsgatehenzhen.


Weng Hua, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that helping the disabled is one of the brand services of Shenzhen Lions Club. Over the years, Shenzhen Lions Club has深圳市最新疫情 actively carried out such service projelions翻译中文cts as “Red Lion Clothing, Disabled Support Station”, Special school, Lion Love Lunch, barlionsgaterier-free city promotion, caring for the disabled on subslaunched怎么读的istence allowance, caring for aut深圳疫情最新动态istic children, walking with “snail” and so othemen, whclubmedich has achieved good service resultscommunity and won highcommunity怎么读 praise from all walks of society. Then, he introduced the recent activities of helping the disabled, hoping that wicommunity造句th the help of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedharmoniously是什么意思eration, the services provided by Shenzclubshen Lions Club could bectheme动词用法ome more standardized and serialized, and help shenzhen create a good social atmosphere of caring for and helping the disabledclub怎么读.


Luo Guanqi, chairmanthemediacouldnotbeloaded怎么办 of Shenzhen Lions Club, summed up深圳大学 the work oclubman是什么牌子车f assisting the disabled in 2lions018-2019. He said that last year, the Service teams of The Shenzhen Lions Club held 11lion是什么意思中文翻译0 activities for theservice翻译 disabled, with 2,198 members participating in the service, investing more than 3.26 million yuan in the service funds and benefclub用英语怎么说iting more than 17,000 people. At the same time, the committee cooperated wi深证指数th the localclubman disabled persons’ associations anthemediacouldnotbeloaded怎么办d actively participated in the activicommunity是什么意思英语ticommunity collegees, which achieve深圳疫情d good results and laid a solid foundation for the shenzhen Lions Club’s services for the disabled.

Luo Guanqi JPG.

Chairman Su jcommunity collegeianhua introdulaunchedced that sin深圳市最新疫情ce its establishment, Shserviceenzhen Lions Club has provided assistance services foclubmed官网预订r the distheme的意思a深圳bled for 1,638 times, 27,000 members participated in the servicharmonious翻译es, anshenzhend the service funds were 64.143,500 yuan, benefiting more than 180,000 people. She reviewed the current year’s activities for the disabled and introduced in detail the upcoactivity什么意思呢ming service projects for the disabled. She solicited targeted disability service projects from all the service teams, hoping that everyone would actively participate in the service and makeclubman是什么牌子车 suggestions for the project.

Jian-hua su JPG.

Then, witnessed by the leaders of lions club, the shenzhen Lions Club “Harmonious Force Targeted Assistance for the Disabled” communityclubmed theme service activity was offilaunched的中文意思cially Presservicemanident Weng Hua commended tcommunity翻译h深圳疫情e excellent service team which actively carried otheme动词用法ut the activitilion是什么意思es to help the disabled, awarded the trophy and bolions怎么读nus of 6000 yuan to the second runner-up of warm lion Love Carnival and disabled spthemeeech Contest, and gave the travelling expenses of 2000 yuan to the contestants, and presentserviceed the annual newspaper to 300 disabled people in the city.



Then,lions读音 the disabled speech c深圳疫情最新消息ontest champion Wang Xiaoling made a wondeharmonious是什么意思中文rful speech on the spot; Ninthemely主题官网g Lei, an advanced model of accurate disabled assistance, told about her peractivity复数sonal experience as a deaf-mute, and Chen Xingactivity的四种启动模式ming as a sign languservice是什么故障灯age interpreter; Tang Xishun, leader of Boya Servithemece Team, introduced the “Ride me fly” activity project and said that they woactivity生命周期uldlions读音 provide tandem bicycthemed是什么意思les free of charge to service teams holding similar activitiactivity的四种启动模式es for the disabled. Wang Shu, thethemed翻译 second vice captain ofclubs milepost Seinharmoniousrvice team, intharmonious是什么意思roduced the “Extraordinary School” project, sharservicemaned the service experience of on-the-jobharmonious是什么意思 health center, and calleservice的名词d on everyone to strongly support the “extraordinary School” plions怎么读roject.

Initpintu roadshow. JPG

Representatives of shclubmanenzhen Association for the Blind, Shenzhen Association for the Deaf, Shenzhen Associalions读音tion foclubmedr The Physically Disabled, Shenzhen Aservice的名词ssociation for The Mentally Disabled and Their Friends and Relatives, Shenzhelions是什么意思n Aslions的音标sociation for The Mentally Disabled and Thservice翻译eir Friends and Relatives and other aslaunched的中文意思sociations cathemelyme to the stage one after another to carry out the project roadshow and provide various preciseclubs serviclaunched怎么读的e needs and detailed project budgets to be carried out by eacactivity复数h association in 2020. We are looking forward to receiving support from each sactivity的动词ervice team of Shenzhen Lions Club according to thlaunched翻译e direction of support for the disabled. The five associations jointly called on everyone to care for the disabled in Shthemes怎么读enzhen, provide precise support for their work and liftheme的意思e, and cthemedreate a harmonious socicommunity造句al atmosphere with Slions翻译henzhen characteristilaunched翻译cs.

Initpintu roadshow. JPG

At the scene, the sunshine about disabled people’s Dance troupe performed “Spring ballet”深圳市最新疫情, luohu District Love Cerebral palsy family care Association organized “The Blaunched是什么意思eginning of vicservice翻译tory”, shenshi art Troupe combined with the sunshine about disabled people’s art tactivity生命周期eam performed “I believe” and other wonderful programs interspersed among them, adding color to thactivitye activity.

Initpintu program. JPG

Presid深圳天气ent Su thanked lion friends and caring people for their support to the work of assisting the disabled, and called on everyone to work together in harmony, practice the spirit ocommunity复数f “four out”, anlaunched是什么意思英语d do a good job in asslaunched是什么意思英语isting the dclubisabled.



[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wengualions的音标ng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Hu & NBSP; grey

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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