The second preparatory meeting of joint services was held in the fifth zone of Shenzhen Lions Club

On December 6th, 2019, lions Club Shenzhen held the second preparatory meeting for jomeetingsint servicsecondes of The fifth Zone 2019-2020 in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Executive Vice Secretary General Lservicesmsc找不到i Feng, chairman ru Chunxu ofifth基数词f Zone 5, chairman Zuo Hongyi of Zone 17, Chairman Chen Dongfifth基数词mei of Zone 18, Chairman Deng Meixin of Zone 19, chairman Liu Qihai of Zonmeeting是什么意思e 20 and representatives of various service teamswassup attended the meeting. The meeting wfifthsas chserviceshellaired by Ru Chunxu and Zhao Zhuoni.



Pressecondaryident Ru Chunxuheld中文 introduced the joint services of Zone 5 to the participants. , she saidzones, in order to further carry out the annual work plan, completes the WengHua President put forwarjointlyd the “fiwasteve class service”, as a whole to develop subject service month series activity, advocated “ShuDeHua” service, positive energy, promoting the idea of universal public weservices怎么读lfare, the fifth section is December 14 in longgang miheld的意思是什么llions ICO square community service dazone护眼y activities, Build a platform for the service teams to displaheldeny brand service pwas怎么读rojects, enhance the influence of Shenzhen Lionsjoint是什么意思 Club and enhance the friendship between the serheld的意思是什么vice teams while serving the community residents well.


The chairmen of each district introduced the joint serwassupvice projects reported byheld的中文意思 ejoint是什么意思ach servservicesmsc找不到ice team and called onwasp everyone to actively participate in the joint service of the fifth district and contribute to the public welfare cause of Shenzhfifth怎么读en. As oheld是hold的什么形式f December 6, the joint services of the fifth Zone have izone是什么意思中文ncluded such projmeetingyou是什么意思ects as Pensecond翻译 and ink Spring Welcome, antzone怎么读i-drug propaganda and education, free medical treatment for citizens, diabetes publicity, Qingliangaction, Help by Your Side, Care for sanitation workers, Red Action anjoint翻译d art public welfare.

Subsequently, representatives of the service teams participating in the joint sewastervice made speeches one after another, and discussecondlove日剧sed the preparatory work of the joint service and the time and place of thjointse thirwasn’td preparatory meeting.



In his concluding speech, President Ru chunxu exprmeetingyou是什么意思essed his heartfelt thanks to all the service teams for theirfifth的缩写 active participation in the joint sermeeting翻译vice. She sazone翻译id that the joint service of The Fifth Zone provides a lajoint翻译rge platfsecond缩写orm for all serservices怎么读英语vice teams to display brand projects. Welcome all service teams of the fifth Zone to participate enthusiastically.secondary On the basis of serving community residents well, we can deepen everyjointedone’s understanding of the brandpreparatory projects of the ssecondhandervicezone是什么意思中文 team and lay a foundation for the next joint activities.



[Text] Zhou Wewaspngujointlyang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfezonen

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[Issued] Sheservice是什么意思车上的nzhen Lions Club Office

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