Precise service Standard innovation -- The second District Affairs Meeting of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On November 23, 2019, the second District affairs meeting of 2019-2020 was successfully held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Thmeeting的音标e meeting briefed the recent worinnovation翻译中文k situation and the next work arrangement, the New Year charity paprecisenessrty, 100 team lion project progress, finanmeeting腾讯会议cial system revision, "Harmonious forcmeeting翻译e targeted disabpreciseled" theme activities and other matters.

Weng Huprecise的名词形式a, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, briefed the recent work on the standarsecond怎么读dized operation of Shenzhen Lions Club, revision of financial system, participatdistrict翻译ion in the 58th Southeast Asia Annual Conference, financsecondaryial training, lion guide training, junior lecturer trainstandard和level区别ing and oinnovation词根词缀ther matters. Fromdistrict什么意思 July 1, 2019 to November 23, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen carried out more than 300 service activities, such as assisting the disabled, community service, education, medical and health care, poverty alleviation, etc., with a service fund of 17.19.83 million yuan. Members particservice和serve的区别ipated in 7,883 services, benefiting more than 100,000 people. He deployed a focus recently, said it will continue ininnovation吕布 accordance with the reqdistrict怎么读uirements of the federation, completprecise是什么意思es the rectification work, to carry out the party constructisecondlove日剧on, hold "precise assistive subjecaffair是什么意思t service month" activities, preparatiprecise翻译ons for the 2020 charity party in the New Year lion service work, and organize the lion friends in Harbin office "to wear the beautiful retrace anti-jdistrict的中文意思apan union calls road, red cause new journey" activities.


Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice Pinnovation翻译中文resident of CCPIT Xiamen, introduced the preparations for thprecise是什么意思e 2020 New Year Charity party and the proportion of "Lion China Award" donation, and called on all service teams to mobilize liosecond翻译n friends and actively pledge to donate Lion Chiinnovation翻译na Award to raise more service funds for the next year. Peng Daojian, the general coordinator of the 2precisely020 New Year Charity party, and Liao Ronghui, the deputy gendistrict是什么意思英语eral coordinatorsecond, respectively introduced the preparataffair是什么意思ions for thestandardise party.

Guo Yongyong, tsecond什么意思he 2nd Visecond的基数词ce President of ccPIT Xiamen, briefed the progress of thstandarde project. He hoped that tservice是什么意思中文翻译he teams would honor their donation commitprecise翻译ment and complete the payment before Novembeservice是什么意思中文翻译r 30, and required the selected projects to report their activity plan and budget before November 30.


Du Hengkun, Secretary-General of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, intrsecond的基数词oduced the revision of the Financial Management System of The Lidistrict词根ons Club of Shenzhen, the Financial Management Rules of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, and the Reimbursement Mdistrict缩写是什么ethprecise和accurate的区别od of the Ldistrict的中文意思ions Club of Sheinnovationnzhinnovation翻译en. He said, according to the act of charity, the folk non-pservice的名词rofit organization accounting system, the financial management system of domestic lion federatstandardion, the domestic lion federation implementing rules for the financial management system, the artimeeting是什么意思cles of association of shenzhen lion, shenstandard是什么牌子zhen lions in combination with the actual work situation and thedistrict development demand changes to the finmeeting翻译ancial regulations, make financial management more scientific, standardized and highsecondly efficient.


Su Jianhua, chairman of the Committee forsecondly Povertyservice Alleviation and Disability Assistance, introduced that Shenzhen Lionsdistrict怎么读 Club will allocate RMdistrict词根B 100,meetings000 yuan for the theme aaffairs怎么读ctistandardizevserviceableity of "precise的名词形式Harprecisely翻译monious fserviceableorce faffairsor targeted assistance to the disabled" and launch thestandardize project in December. We hope that all service teams will actively participameetingyou是什么意思te in the activity and jointly promote the targestandardizationted and serialized service of Shenzhen Lions Club for the disabled.


During the free speech session, Captain Yu Hui of China Sky Service team made a speech on lion affmeeting腾讯会议airs. President Weng Hua exchanged views with lion friends.


During the commendatioprecisely翻译n seaffairs怎么读ssion, Weng Hua, President of Shenzhen Lions Club, announced the ldistrictist of commendations for membership dues collected in 2019-2020, and commended the service teams that won the "Harmonious Force" outstaprecisending award, Outstanding Award and Excellent Award for membermeeting的音标ship dues collected.

On behalf of the Boardprecise是什么意思 of Supervisors, Secretary Geninnovation词根词缀eral Tan Fei expressed his opinions on supervision, affirming the high efficiency and standard of the distripreciselyct affairs meeting, and the udistrict的中文意思nity, harmony and friendship of lion friends. He said that the board of Supervisors will, as alwadistrict是什么意思英语ys, perform their supervisory duties to ensure the orderly development of various lion affairs and escort the steady development of Shenzstandard是什么牌子hen Lions Club.


In his concluding speech, President Weng Hua thanked all lion friends for their strong support in this year's work. He hopes that all lion friends will make concerted efforts to prepare for the 2020 New Year charity party, actively pledge to donate the Chinese Lioservice是什么意思n Award, abide by the donation commitment of "One hundred Team Lions", and actively participate in thinnovation吕布e Harbin Representative Office to commedistrictmorinnovation英语ate the series of anti-Union activitimeeting怎么读英语es, in order to achieve the annual work goal!


Shenzhen Lions Club president Weng Hua, first Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, second Vice President Guo Yongyong, secretary General Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian, Chief Business Officer Liao Ronghuisecond什么意思, Executive deputy Secretary General Li Feng, secretary general of the Board of Supervisors Tan Fei, a total of more than 80 representatives attended the meeting.precisely的形容词 The mestandardizeeting was chaired by Li Zhou, chairman of the second zone, Li Li, chairman of the seventh zone and Tang Quanhui, chairman of the eighth zone.


[Text] Hu Lei

[Photo] Huang Xinran

[Editor] Ma Huijustandard是什么牌子an Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shestandardizenzhen Lionspreciseness Cluinnovation吕布b Offidistrict翻译ce


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