The second district council of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

The second district council of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

      &club是什么意思nbsp;     On Novemcouncilsber 24, 2012second的基数词, the second district Council of Shenzhen Lions Club was succecouncilman小体ssfully held in the multi-function hall of the office. Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 director Su Zeran, former director Zheng Degang, first Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, second deputy director Lin Ziyu, secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, Chief Financial Officer Li Yuehua, chcouncilorief inspector Zhang Hongxiang, Executive Deputy secretary-general Gao Zhou, deputy secretary-general Xu Wenxiong,council怎么读 Peng Kun, Zhang Zdistrict的中文意思hihlionsgatee and the chclubman是什么牌子车airman of each district 28 directors attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Cao Yan, chairman of the sixth district.
        &nbsecond翻译sp;   The meeting dsecond怎么读eliberated and approved the brand projewashingtonct standarddistrict缩写是什么s of the district council, recommended the model of love of the 10th深证指数 Shenzhen Care Action, held the ceremony of triblions英语怎么读ute and inauguration party respectivdistrictely, the 2013 New Year charity party, the lianhua Mountain tree plwasanting and other related icouncilorssues.

            Lions club meeting also notified by shenzhen 2012-2013 dlions读音irector of advisory committee conference spirit, for the first time about the quarter financial implementation, service accounts, service administrative expenses account management matters, about membership fee cowash怎么读llecdistrict的中文意思ti深圳地铁线路图on, about membership development and retention, the new stage of developmenclub翻译t, memberswas是什么意思hip developmendistrict怎么读t and retention bonus list, About the trademarkclubmed registration of red Lion costume LOGO, about thsuccessfully造句e progress of Lion Friends Home and Lion Friends Cdistrict和region区别are and other related information.
        &nbswastep;   &nbscouncil和committee的区别p; Director Su Zlions翻译iran announced tlions的音标he 8th National Membership Congress of Lions Associatiolions的音标n of China (LDQUO; Eighth generation meetingwaste ”) Matters, hope shenzhen Lions club all lion friends wosuccessfully造句rk together to u深圳疫情最新动态ndertake well & LDquo; Eight generations thrupheldoughout the &; And conveyed the importance olions翻译中文f thcouncilore former directors.
              Lin Ziyu, Second Delions读音puty Director of Red Licounciloron Clothing & Bull; Support station for the Disabled, The International Daylion是什么意思 for the Disabled, The Prosecond怎么读ject of Guangdian Group, the development of the red Lion Clothing one-child familsuccessfully patched是什么意思y, and expressed willingness to help solve the problems of the service teams in & LDquo; Red lishenzhenon suit & bull; Assistive standing thrclub怎么读oughout the &; Problems encountered with listing or service.
     district是什么意思英语   &深圳天气nbsp;   Director Su Zeran made a concluding speech and expressed his thanks for深圳地铁线路图 attending the meeting. He sailions是什么意思d that both the lion service and the service have been very good this year. Make slionstandard stronger, make strong bigger ” And strive for a better future for Shenzhen Liolionsgatens Club!

Photo by Zhang Lichen/Lin Zeyun

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