Shenzhen Family Culture Festival kicks off women's Love season

Shenzhen Family Culture Festival kicks off women's Love season

          &nbkickssp; Shenzhen Ecseason是什么意思英语onomic Daily: (Reporter Nie Can) On the afternoon of 19th, the first Shenzhen Family Culture Festival was co-hosted by Shenzhen Women's Federation, Shenzhen Charity Association, Shenzhofferen Lions Club anshenzhend Shenzhoffen News Network, and hosted by Shenzhen Confucian Cufamily翻译lturfestival发音解读e Reseakickstart什么意思rculture可数吗ch Association. Women's Carifamily是什么意思翻译成中文ng Seculturesason & RDquo; The event was launched at Shenzhen Children's Library, Shenzhen & LDquo; Parent-child Reading Classics lecture Hallfamily家庭树图片 & RDquo; Mo深证指数re than 300 students attkickstart什么意思ended the event.

            At thfamily的复数形式e evenofficet, & Loffer的意思Dquo; Parent-child Co-reading class & RDquo; Students with family transmission, talent shows and other ways to show & LDquo; Family Culture Festkickstart什么意思ival & RDquo; Results. It is reported, & other; Family Culture Festival & RDquo; Durinfestival怎么读g this period, various communities in Shenzhen will be completed one after another. Family Cultural Service Center &offer RDQUO; , and the Shenzoffice办公软件hen Confucian Culture Research Akicks日产报价ssociatioculture翻译n trained volunteersseasons英语怎么读 to provide services for shenzhen citizens. Wu Jie, head of shenzhen Confucian Culture Research Associatiofamily是什么意思翻译成中文n, said, Women's Caring Season & RDquo; Durkicks日产是什么车ing this我们的爱 period, the organikickstandzers will also open various clovealarmourses and carry out public welfare cultural activities in the community.

     深圳市最新疫情;     &nofferbsp; Related links: Shenzhen Family Culture Festival kicks off women'love is gone英文翻译s love seasoffice是什么意思on

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