Hualin Service Team: Held the ninth regular meeting of 2020-2021 and the recommendation Meeting of 2021-2022

On April 10, 2021, the 9th regular meeting and 2021-2022 Promotion meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualin Serviceregular的名词 Team was held in Shenzhen Baoxin Zipper Co., LTD., Longgang District. Shenzhen lions supervisors and shenyang service former captain dao-ming wang, shenyang service caregularlyptainheld中文 xue-fei li, the previous captain Yu Wanqunninth的音标, a first deputy captain Huang Weijun, second deputy chualinaptain LuoZhenQiang, gen captain Zhang Hongxiang, former captain Chen Xuan bin, Chen ya, J华凌空调ohn devlin, secretary hua-jie sun, financial Xu Jintao, general Chen Xiaoxuan, sergeants-at-arms Huninthly翻译ang Qingbo 24 people wemeeting是什么意思re present at the meeting. Su Zeran, former supervisor of the Domestic Lion Association, attended the meetinninth的基数词g. The meeting was chaired by Chen Jiandu and presided over by Yu Wanqun.华凌


Team leameetingtencentcomder Zhang Hongxiang introduced the participants and encomeeting翻译uraged the lionteamss to actively participate in the election for the next teamninth的基数词 leader to add streng华凌空调质量怎么样th to the development of the service team.

Captain Li Xuefei reported tregular是什么意思英语he recent service activities and explained the preparation of the service activities in April and May.planniheldenngVisiregulart lion enterprises and lion friendly a华凌ctivities.

Former Supervisor So Zet-ran introduced the lions Club culture and shared the jou华凌空调rney of lion Road, calling on everyone to actively participate in the “Sservice和serve的区别ave by your Side” service project.


In the selection process, lion friemeeting是什么意思nds who registered to run for the new team leader mninth翻译ade campaign spninthly翻译eeches actively,meeting腾讯会议 aheld是hold的什么形式nd the selection meeting was conducthualined in a standardized and ordermeetingly manner. The meeting was votteamviewered by Tsui华林证券 Kam-tao, Cheung Hung hsiang, Chen Xuan Bin, Chen Xin yregularizationa,held的意思是什么 Ouyateamsng Qiugui. A total of 9 members of the new teservice是什么意思am were elected, including Captain Huang Weijun of 2021-2022, First Vice Capta华凌空调质量怎么样in Luo Zhenqianregularizationg,service翻译 second vice captain Zhong Guiping and third vice captain Dang Wei.

After tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he meeting, the participants celebrated their birthday in April.


By Suteambitionn Huajie & NBSP;

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