Regarding notice | service transition nominate and elect members on behalf of the lions club in shenzhen 17th the member representative assembly

Regarding notice | service transition nominate and elect members on behalf of the lions club in shenzhen 17th the member representative assembly

Service teams:
    Accelectrolux空调ording to the constitutiolions怎么读n and worklions读音ing rules of Lions Club Shenzhen, the relevant regulations of Lions Club China and Lions Clutransitionalb Internlions读音anominate是什么意思中文tional, the 17th Gnominate的名词eneral Meeting of the membenotice用法rs is scheduled to be held on April 20, 2019 in combination with the progrtransitionam aregarding后面加什么rrangement of this year's activities. The election obehalf是什么意思f each service team mutransition造句stmembership翻译 be completed before the general meeting is henotice同义词ld. In ordlionsgateer to make good preparations for the 17th General Assembly, the following notices are hereby isselectrolux空调ued concerning the election of new members of thtransition属性e Service Team and the election of member representatives oftransition是什么意思 the General Assembly:

I. On tlions翻译he election of the service Corps

Dbehalf和benefit的区别uring the period from Jantransitionaluary 21 to March 25, each service team will hold regular meetings and other forms to elect new members.

2. The former team leader should assume the reslionsponsibility onotice用法f the selection of the new team leader: First, a selection committee should be set up to review thebe halfway to doing sth中文 qualifications of the new team leader and oelectroluxther candidates; The second is to be responsible for organizing and holding a meeting to elect a new team of service team leaders.

3. District offices, district chairmen, disbehalf怎么记忆trict annoticenual conference commimembershipttees and relevant departments should aservice是什么意思中文翻译ctively cooperate and guide the service team to do a good job in the election of the new term. All nominations should be completed by March 25, and the secrmembershipetaries of eachelectric service team should report the nominations to the district council office for approbehalf怎么记忆val by the standing Counciltransitional of the Dinoticestrict Council.

The work of electing representatives to the general Assembly of the Menoticedmbers

    1. Eachlion是什么意思中文翻译 service team sharegarding什么意思ll comply with the "Resolution on The Election and Qualification of member Representatives of the 17th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen", that is, one official representative shalllions怎么读 be elected for every 15 members of the service teaelectroluxm based on the numlions怎么读bernominate是什么意思中文 of members who have actualltransition造句yservice和serve的区别 painotice用法d the mmembersmark啥牌子embership dues anelectroluxd submitted the membership innominated翻译formation as of March 25, 2019. If a service team with less than 15 members does not have a delegate, oregardingne delegate may be sent to attend the general meeting of the members as a non-voting delegate. The former president, the current district board of directors and the current members of the board of Supervisors are ex officio representatives and do not occupy the quota of representatives of each service team.

    2. In order to ensure full attendance of representatives at the General Assembly, each official representative may elect a deputy representative. When the official representativlions怎么读e is unable to attnoticedend the general assemblynominate的名词 dunotice的固定搭配e to bmembers是什么意思usiness, he may be replaced by a deputy repretransition的用法sentatnominated是什么意思ive.

3. The names of the elected full and Deputy rlions怎么读epresentatives must be submitted to the district olions是什么意思ffices by the team secretaries by 25 Marregarding和aboutch.

Iii. Anotice同义词rrangements for the General Assembly of memberselectricity怎么读

1. Meeting time: Sbehalf翻译aturday, April 20, 2019 Detatransition是什么意思ils to be determinnotice翻译ed

2. Venue: Shenzhen Civic Center

3. Participants: the general assembly elects the preparatory committee, the ex officio representatives of the general Assemblbe halfway to doing sth中文y and the annual conference dnominated怎么读elegates recommended by each service team

4. Maelectroluxin conmembersdrcfxcomtents: Review and approvlion是什么意思中文翻译e the annual work report and financial work report, annotice的形容词d elect the 201service9-2020 President, the last presidentransition造句t, the first vice president, the second vice pelectronicresident, the council members and the headtransition翻译 of the supervisor, the deputy head ofservice和serve的区别 the supervisor and the supervisorregarding什么意思; Review this year's related bills and so on.

5. Dress: Red club dress

Iv. Contact Information:

If youelectronically have any quesbehalf短语tions, please contact thelions regional ofmembersdrcfxcomficer of the Office directly;

Hu & NBSP, Liaisomembersmark啥牌子n officer of Zone 1; She is 25689756

To Siu-hang, Retransition的用法gionaltransition造句 Liaison Officernotice同义词, 256889lions80

Li Jiangping, Liaison officer of the Third Zone 25688576

Huang Xinran, Liaison officer of the Fourth Zone 25689752

Zhou Wenguang, Liaison officer of The Fifth Zone 25688930


Notice is hereby given.

Wish the lion luck changlong!


1. List of Service Team Leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 (blank)

2.  Llions的音标ist of service Tnotice作文eam representatives to the 17th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen (blank)

3. Resolution on the selection and qualification of member representatives of the 17th Lions Club congress of Shenzhen

Shenzhen Lions Club

2018-201service9 President Ma Min

January 19, 2019

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