South China Sea Service: The inaugural ceremony for the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

South China Sea Service: The inaugural ceremony for the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

On July 2, 201ceremony复数形式7, the inaugural cseaeremony for the 2election怎么读017-2018 annual change of the South China Sea Service Tsouth翻译eam of Shenzhen Lseations Club was successfullysouth africa held in The Calligraphy and Painting River’s Lake Inn, Hemituo Village, Dceremony用什么介词apeng New District. Dai Jihong, chairman of Zone 1, Cao Yingwang, chairman of Zone 3, Lian Wei, chairman of Zone 11, Zhang Shijun, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Dong Xiuling, Wang Yanhua, Huang Zceremony造句haoyi, Li Zhou, Wang Hongjun, Li Yuguang, Zhang Guoping and lions friends of South China Sea club attendeceremony造句d the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Mr Lee Fuserviceng Chau and presided over by Mr Tse man Fei.

Xie Wenfei insouthwindtroduseafoodced the leading lion friends and important guseagullests. Mr. Li fengzhou delivereservice是什么意思d the welcome ssea是什么意思翻译peech, expressing his sincere thanks and warm welcome to all the lion friends and guchina读音ests present. He hoped that all of you would enjoy coming and returning hosea是什么意思翻译me.

Heservice是什么意思 Yuanzhen, the former leader of the South China Seaservice的名词 Service Team, summarized the work of the last year, and elaborated on the lion work, seceremony造句rvice activitieinaugurals, honors and achievements of the South China Sea Service team. In hinaugural address翻译中英对照er annual financiaservice的名词l report, Liu Jie introduced in detail the income and expenditure and balance of administratisea是什么意思ve and service funds for the previous year.

In orelectionder to thsouthamptonank the lion friends who made outstanding contributions last year, the ansouthwestnual Outstanding Member recognitseaisouth怎么读on session was arranged at the ceremony. Then, in the generation of Hong, Cao Yingwang, Lian Wei, Zhang Shijun, Wen Guosheng and other leadservice怎么读ers of the lion witness, he Yuanzhsouthamptonen will be the captain ribbochina翻译n areelectionnd scepters handed over to Ma Feng. This marksealeds that Minauguraladdress课件ppta Feng will assume the responsibility and lead the South China Sea service team to forge ahead.

Ma Feng delivered his inaugural speech and introduced the annual work plan. He said that this year, the South China Sea Sreelectionervice Team would continue to inherit tsouthamptonhe service prceremony用什么介词ojeceremony造句cts such as education and disceremony同义词ability assistance, and called on everyone to contribute to thinaugural是什么意思e help activities of guangdong Vocational Health Center.

Lian Wei led the members of the council of the South China Sea Service Cosouthern是什么意思rps to read the inaugural pledge, while Chen Zhixiang led the new members to read the pledge.

Lian Wei, Cao Yingwang and Zhang Shijun deliveredinauguraladdress课件ppt speeches respectively, praising the contribution made by the South China Sea Service team to the society in the past year. They hoped that the South Chinaceremony翻译 Sea Service team would make further efforts and achieve further achievements ininaugural the New Year.

Artseasons什么意思icle/Hu Lei, Li Yong/Li Yong

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