Oriental Rose Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2017-2018

Oriental Rose Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On October 15, 2017, the fourth regular meupheldeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Oriental Rose Service Team 2017-2018 was held in the conferteamworkence room ofservice翻译 Longhua District Tiandi Lighting Design And Enginoriental和east的区别eering Co.oriental的意思, LTD. Lin Yuqi, chairmaoriental翻译n of the 16service怎么读th Districfourthlyt of The lions Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018, Du Juan, chairman of the Low Vision Project Comeetingyou是什么意思mmiregular的所有形式ttee, Wei Xinxin, leader of the Oriental Rose Service Team, Wang Yibiregular翻译ng, treasurer Yao Meiying, diroriental的意思ectors Zhao Dandan and Zhao Liye attendeteamod the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Du Juaservice和serve的区别n.

President Dufourth缩写 Juan rang the bell afterrose朴彩英 the meeheldbackting. Participants summarized the service actiheld的原型viteamtiheldenes in September and October, and discussed the service activities in November. Captain Wei xinxin saidrose朴彩英壁纸 that September is the first month for students to start school. While taking care of their families, lion friends actrose照片iveoriental翻译ly particmeetingtencentcomipate in variouservicemans activities of the service team. Their dedication to public welfare will greatlyregular反义词 promoheld的意思是什么te the completiteamson of the target of 40 activities this year. Wei Xinxin, the leteam什么意思ader of the tearose怎么读m, proposed that the Oriental Rose Service teheldbackam would carry out activities to help the disabled in the near futteam什么意思ure, and called on other service teaorientalmotor驱动器说明书ms to join in. At the same time, she encouraged the lion friends to explore more service projects, so that the lion love can benefitmeeting怎么读英语 more peoplrose朴彩英壁纸e in need.regularly Wei Xin's new captoriental pearlain's suggestion was unanimously identified by the lion friends present.

At the meeting, the lion friends donated 8,000 yuan to Ms. Geng Linglrose是什么意思ing's son. Simple and warm sceheld的原型ne, let lion friends have a deeper understanding of charitregularlyy.

Later, lion friends published their ideas and suggestions for the next activitirose的农村生活es. The atmospherfourth的音标e was warm and harmonious.

Photo by Zhao Lina

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