Red Licheng Service Team: Hold the fifth team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 21, 2020, the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service Team for 2020-2021 wteamvieweras held in Yuxin School, Guangming District. Shenzhredisenmeeting是什么中文意思 lions long picket zhang jian, domestic lion federation, deputy director of the educatservice是什么意思ion coteambitionmmission training teaching RonredundantgJing, shenzhen lion lion friends care committee, executive chaififth翻译rman of yan-hue wang, red li sermeetingyou是什么意思vice captainservice是什么意思中文翻译 Wu Guicheng, the previous cregular什么意思aptain Long Yali, first deputy capservice和serve的区别tain Liang Yid李成敏ong, second deputy captain brinton, former captain lina, Tang Wenping, high He Yongan, xiao-ning liu, full bin, Secretary Liang Wenjuan, picket Chen Lixin, general affairs Xiao Jian and other 18 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Rong as the chairman of the conference.

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At 9:00 a.m., lion friends of hong Lai Service team gathered at Yuxin School for development activities. Li Rong, chairman of the conference, orchestrated the all-day expansion program. Lregularion friends are in good spirits, full of spirit, arrived at the destinatiohold键是什么功能n, the first time to change into camouflage. We strengthened our ability to work together through "icebreaking group Constrservice是什么故障灯uction", "Seizi李晟演员ng Luding Bridge" and "rock climbmeetingtencentcoming" and other expansion projects.

At noon, thregular的名词e fififth什么意思fth team meeting and regular meeting was held at lunch time.Captain Wu Guiservice怎么读chengRecent red li was repormeetingtencentcomtedfifth的缩写steam是什么意思翻译erviceLion work situation.11monthHteams手机版ong Lai Servicservicebioe TeamIn addition toIn addition to participating in varififthous lion activities orservice的名词ganized by the District Counregular反义词cil,Is also involvservice的名词ed inassistin里程碑是什么意思gthebuildbeginningCounty assistancefifth program李承鄞,Dayun Treasure Hunt for the Disabled,To participate inTo undertake theThe third"The Most Be李成儒autiful Stage Speech Competition for Disablteamworked People". In addition, red licheeserviceBy annual planinThe Haifeng Special Education School was opened in SeptemberScience and technology assistancefifth怎么读 activities,inIn early NovemberCompleted the hfifthunan education trip, planinIn November,Carry out universitservice是什么意思y for the elderlyCommunitregularlyy care rmeeting是什么意思ereducetumeeting是什么中文意思rn visiteamstActivities,inIn December, the hubei Education asservice和serve的区别sistance program was launched.

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Liang Weservice是什么故障灯njuan, executive chairman of community serredundantvice activities, reported on the return visit of Merchants Streethold键是什么功能 Sisiqing University for the aged. Xiao Jian, executiveservice是什么意思中文翻译 chairman of Hubei Student Assistance Program, reportehold的过去形式d the progress of hubei stredudent assistance program.

"Guangdong and Hunan lion love linked" Hunan stholdudent sharing link, Hunan student activities executive vice president Zhang Ying, Wu Gred是什么意思uicheng, Tang李成儒 Wenping, Liu Xiaoning, Wang Yanhua, Chen Lixin, Xiao Jian and Wang Lijun and other lion friends, respect里程碑是什么意思ivmeetingyou是什么意思ely, made enthusiastic sharing. Zhang Ying said that she proviregularizationded online and offhold不住line support teaching services for the five-body Ball project, aiming to improve the school's teaching environment and improve the teaching ef李晟fect with advanced teaching equipmenfifthlyt, which was warmly welcomed and highly appreciated by the local mayor, teachers and students of the dregular反义词ofifth怎么读英语nor school. Lion friends gave high praise to the highredmik40 standard reception andregular是什么意思英语 arrangement of hunan Student aid, and to Yin Shan, executive chairman of Hunan Student aid a李承乾nd the executive team for their careful organization and arrangement. Zhfifth的缩写ang Jiregularan, the chief picket officer, shregular是什么意思英语ared his feelings and harvest of this joint service in Hunan, and spoke highly of this eduteamocational activiregular是什么意思英语ty as the best pres李成儒entation of the "Spring Multimedia" brand educational project of Hfifth音标ongli Service Team. He thanked Yinshan Shi Sister and her team for their careful arrangement anred是什么意思d dedication.

After the meeting, lion friends continued to develholdingop activiregularly意思中文翻译ties, respecthold的过去式和过去分词ively toteampro the aviation museum tregularityo participate in the "Boeing 737" driving experiteamoence, and then to the fififth造句eld to experieteamworknce the human CS field battle...... The activities were beautiful and uhold过去式nforgettable.

The theme regular meeting of Hong Li Service Team, integrating lion affairs and lehold是什么意思ague conholderstruction and development, enhanced the cohesion of the team and enhancedmeeting the tefifthsam combat effectiveness while sharing the lion affairs and lion love. Lion love road, let us continue to take responsibility, good deeds, help ofifth什么意思thers, serve the society, to build a harteam什么意思monious society.

Article/Contribution bmeeting翻译y Hong Li Service Teamservice

Photo/Shen Shi News Agency Liang Wenjuan & NBSP;

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