Eastern Rose Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On December 22, 2020, the sixth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Oriental Rose Service Teregular翻译am for 2020-2021 was held in The Realm of Cloud Tea of Tea Reading World C36 in Bao 'an Stadium, Shenzhen city. Ten people attended the meeting, including Wei Xinxin, chairman of the second zone of Steambitionhenzhen Lions Cleastern是什么节日ub, Wameetingng Yanrong, captain of Oriental Rose Serteamovice Team, Chen Xiaoxue, second vice cservicemanaptain Wang Li, third vice captain Zhao Liye, founding team leader Lai Xinyou, secretameeting翻译ry Lou Shunjin, picket Li Caifang and teteams手机版am learosemaryder Lin Yuqi. Shenzhen Lions club picket chief Zhang Jian, Deputy secretary General Wang Danya, chairman wang Yibing of the 15th District, general secreservicemantary Yang Boyuan of huregular反义词anggang Service team and other 6 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lin Yuqi and presided over by Wei Xinxin.

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Wang Danya, the head of the lecture group, brought a classic and practical effective commrosemaryunication course to the lion feastern和east区别riends, and answered their questions. The wonderful lecture was unanimously recognized by the lion friends.

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Lin Yuqi, chairman of the conference, introduced his company, The Land of Cloud tea. Thenservicebio, the host Wei Xinxin introduced the guests and invitedregularly merose照片mbers of the Orientserviceableal Rose Service Team to introduce themregular反义词selves.

Captain Wang Yanrong summarirose朴彩英壁纸zed the work in November, and introduced the next work plan and arrangement. In recent months, The Oriregular什么意思ental Rose Service team has been supporting The Red Actioservicebion and launched the first redteambition Action voluntary blood donation iserviceablen liantang community. When Christmas is approaching, Oriental Rose Service team will hold a love station activity of HKU hospital, and invite Brother Jiaofeng Shi to phelderform Taijiquan. Theregularly意思中文翻译 specific budgsixthet will be discussed in the next regular meastern怎么读eeting. On January 3, 2021, the activity of Caring for Overseas Chinese of Oriental Roseeastern什么意思 Service Team will be held as scheduled if thmeetingere are no special circumstances. 2 lion friends will be invited to attend. Spring Festival care buji Street Job health center activities will be made dumplings as the main form of activities, the detailed plan to bserviceeteam什么意思 discussed.

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Participants discussed the topics of the meeting. Guests shared their experience of the event.      

Finally, Wei xinxin thanked the participants for their participation. Conference president Lin Yuqi presented tea torose新歌 the participants as a companion gift.

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By Lou Shunjin

Photo/Wang Yanrong

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