The right Way Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On December 18, 2020, the sixth regular meeting of The Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2020-2021 was succmeetingyou是什么意思essfully held i蛙泳n the Veteran Operation Center of Sijijiu Fang, Bao 'an District. Zhengdao Service team captain Chen Gang, the first vice captain Zhangsixth怎么读英语 Aimiregularlyng, the second vice captaupheldin he Yajun, the thimeeting的音标rd viceregularly captain Deng Junjie, the former captain Ai Foil, Li Shuai and more than 20 lion friends attended the meeheldbackting. Mr. Fang Shilei, deputright怎么读y secretary general of Shenheld的原型zhen Lions Club, Mr. Tang Xueyong, chairmanservice是什么意思中文翻译 of district 18, Mr.held的意思是什么 Huang Jimeeting是什么意思eling, lecturer of the teacright的反义词hers' league, Mr. Zhang Yaozhen, former captain of Jiangshan Service Team, and Mr. Li Jinling were present at the meetinright的反义词g. The meeting was chaired by Ms Ho Yajun aservice是什么意思nd Ms Chu Wenman.


He Yajuserviceablen, the second vice captain, warmly welcomed the lions and thanked the leaders for their support.

Zhu wenwen spoke gently about the difficulties of 2020 and praised everyone frighteousor their participation and efforts. She thankeway怎么读d everteamsyone for beingregular什么意思 loyal to their original aspiratioregularityn, their choice and the public welfare cause in this yearight的同音词是什么r as always.

Chairman Tang xue-yong gave the lions club organization structure and Job Responserviceablesibilities traininheld的中文意思g to all theregularly意思中文翻译 participants, so that they could have a clearer understanding of lions Club and know how to serve lions club efficiently.


First viservicece captain Zhang Aregular翻译iming annoheld的原型unced the arrangemenregular的所有形式t of "Save by your Side" activity, welcome lion friends to sign up and pregular的所有形式articipate. Brosixthirtyther Liu Junshi gave a briefing on the e蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松leventh "Red Action", introducinserviceableg the dheldifficulties ensixthirtycountered in the vteamviewerenue. Welcomright怎么读英语e lion friends to recommteamworkend venues and gather their wisdom and strength. Captain Zsixth的基数词hang Yaozhen introduced the expenditurservicemane and specific contents of guizhou poverty alleviation projects. S蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松econd Vice Captain He Yasixth是什么意思jun introduced the preliminary idea of the Rservicebioight Way carnival. Brother Wang Yanshi reheld的意思是什么ported the progress of "Sunshine Action" of Inner Mongolia Central Primregular反义词ary School, reviewed the bafu primary school aidmeeting是什么意思 activities, and summed up tmeeting的音标he experheldience.

Zhsixth是什么意思u Wenwen and Curight是什么意思i Shuangyan proposed to compile a souvenir book for the right way service team to record every wonway怎么读derful momentsixthirty and give recognition to every dedicservice是什么意思ated lioteamn friend. The issue was unanimosixthlyusly adopted by all lion fserviceriends.

At themeeting翻译 regular meeting, each lion friend spoke one by one, intsixth的基数词roduced their owheld过去式和过去分词n industry, and expressed their suggestions and expectations for the Right Way Service team, whimeeting怎么读英语ch made them betregularter understand each other, mwaysore united and cheld怎么读的learer in direction.

Fang Shilei, deputsixth读音y secretary General and Taheld的原型ng Xueyong, chairman, spoke highly of the service team and praised the attendance rate of the regular meeting and the standardteam什么意思 process of the meetregularitying. They hoped that the 8 service teams in the 18th districtheld是hold的什么形式 could join hands and do moheld的中文意思re and better projects together.

Captain Chen Gang made a concluding speech. He said, 2020 is an extraordinary year, many lion friends are under great pressure in their careers, but they still actively participate in public service, enthusiastic service, loyal to their original aspiration and commiregular翻译tment. He thanked everyo瓦窑堡会议ne for theirteamo selflessnesheld怎么读的s and great love and hoped that evteamproeryone would grow up theld的中文意思ogether and makemeeting是什么中文意思 more contributionservices to public welfare.

Thanks to every lionsixth member of the Right Way Servi瓦窑堡ce Team, thanks to the lright是什么意思eaders of the district council for their attention and suservice翻译pport to the right Wateamsymeeting怎么读英语 Service team, thanks to the partsixthicheld怎么读的ipation and trust of the serviceregularly意思中文翻译 team!meeting腾讯会议


The text/Lin hsin

Photo/Tao Li Qun

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