Longhua Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

On August 7, 2021, the first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Longhua Service Team in 2021-202first翻译2 was held in Twelve Oaks Manor, Bantian Street, Longgang District. Shenzhen lion former President, longhua smeeting腾讯会议ervice team captain jin-liang wregularizationang, longhua service captain hong-ying Yang, the previous captain li-jian xu, firmeeting是什么意思中文翻译sserviceablet deputy captain Luo Xiuqun, second deputy captain vice captain Liu Shuiliang paco guanregularly river, the third, former captain wei-ping liregularityu, Yang bin, li Ming, Luo Minghai, financial secretary luo hlonghuaeart fheldenung, general hua-yun liu 24 people were present at the meetiheld怎么读的ng. The mregular翻译eeting was chaired byfirstly Fu Shengnan as chairman of the conference.


Before the meeservicemanting, Former President Wang Jinliang shared with everyone the “99 public welfare Dfirst nameay” activity, called on longhua service team to actively pameeting翻译rticipate in the 99 public welfareservice和serve的区别 “Pengcheng Lion love” activity.

At 3 PM, the first regular meeting of the year 2021-2022 of Longhua Service Teafirsthandm began.

Hong-ying Yang captain was reviewed at the end of last month at the inauguration service transitiomeeting是什么意思中文翻译n, the hard work of lion thanheldked the sincere friendteamprosteam什么意思, but also against the activities of did summary: one is the recognition, not only to reregularcognize outstanding members, support for subscriptio龙华区n transition inauguration lion friends also need special recognition; Second, photography, the theme of the photos, the main characters are not bright and prominent, more messy; Three is the program arrangemfirst怎么读英语ent, longhua serviservice是什么故障灯ce temeeting的音标am as the leading role, there is no perfor龙华区mance collective program somheld是hold的什么形式e regret; Fourth, in terms of details, I did not have enough experience in the changing of the leadership. I dmeetingyou是什么意思id not intregular什么意思roduce the important guests and diteam是什么意思翻译d not wear a corsage for them when entering the hall.

Tupheldhe meeting discussed themeeting是什么意思中文翻译 woteamviewerrk plan of this year, discussed the adjournment time and the control of the number of members, and decided t龙皇武神oregular的所有形式 be carried out by the captain and the captateams会议in’s team members. As for new members j龙荒神王ofirst翻译ining the club, the club will strictlyteam follow the standards of the disheld的原型trict club.

The meeting confirst翻译成中文firmed the latest work arrangements. Secreservice是什么故障灯tary Luo Mingha龙凰神帝i is responsiblmeeting是什么中文意思e for the construction of jiangxi Zhangshu Bridg龙凰神帝e Junior High School basketball court donation dragon; Guan Zhonghe, themeeting腾讯会议 second vice captain, is rserviceableesponsible for the implementation of the saservice和serve的区别njiang Educational activities and the cmeeting翻译onfirmation of personnel and the development of reward standards; The re隆化县疫情gular meeting in September wilupheldl be held at the farm of formeteamworkr captain Wu Zhenji dongguan. Malone School in Huichang, Ma planned to donate 30,000 to 50,000 yuan to help students. This activity focused on single parent familmeeting的音标ies, and former team leader Yang Bfirst翻译in and Brotherservice的名词 Liu Guoliang were responsible for the preliminary research work.

Special thanks to Brother Shengnan Fu for providing the venue and food for the 2021-2022 regular meeting of Longhua Service Team.


Article/Contributifirstlyon by Tulonghua Service Team

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