High-tech Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

High-tech Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

In Golden October, tregularizationhere are beautiful autumn colors, the joy of harvest, and you and I meet again…

On October 26,fourth 2018, the fourth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Jumingxuan Club, No.2008 Nanxin Road, Nanshan Disttechnologyrict. Deheld的意思是什么ng Yi, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wen Yanmei, leader of High-tmeeting的音标ech Service Team, Ma Huada, first deputy leader and other 22 people attended the meeting. Thighesthe meeting was chaired by Ma Huada and presidmeeting翻译ed over by Wen Yanmei.teampro

At the meeting, Wen Yanmei shared the highlights of the lservicearge-scale publihigh的名词c welfare activities of “Lion Love Journey Retraceteam什么意思 the road of Mysterious clothing” on Octoregularityber 19, letting everyone understand that only unremitting efforts and persistence can reach the glorious end. At the same time, she announced that tservice怎么读he lion friends of the Hteams手机版igh-tech service team donated 25,494 yuan for th特长e activitymeetings of “Lion Love Journey Retrace the Road of Mysterious Clothing”.

After tfourth的基数词hat, Wen Yanmei, Li Hua and Wang Jiashu shared their feelings about pregular什么意思articipating in wetland volunteer service and urged everyone to give a little love to make the world a better place.

Atechniquefterregularly意思中文翻译 discussioservicebion, participants agreed to carry out “the most beauhigh怎么读tiful sanitation worker” activities,tech October 28 for life “Save by your side”teamo public welfare aservicebioctivities, Anhui Jing County student activities and November 23 to 25 Puning Brigtechht activities.

Finally, lion frifourthends send their best wishes to Deng Yi and Wang Wenxservice翻译ian for their birthday in October. The meeting ended with a lot of lheldenove and positive energy.technician

By Chen Ying & NBSP; &ntechnicianbsp; Photo/Liu Meijiao & NBSP; Wen Yanmei

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