Xili Service Team: Held the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual leadership change

Xili Service Team: Held the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual leadership change

On Augustinaugural 24, 2017, the inaugural ceremony喜临门 of Xili Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfullceremony同义词y held in Jiafu Hotel, Yannualsonghan Town, Longmen County, Dongguan City. Xili西凉 service captain XiaoYuJin犀利g, the previous captain XianHui mei,ceremony同义词 first deputy captain Liceremony复数形式nWanLiang, second deputy captain Zhang Zhi希林娜依高ning, third vice captain soubo, foheld的中文意思rmer cteamaptain qing-song li, Li Yunguang, zhao chong, Weinaugural翻译i Demin, financial Liu Cai estates, secretary Zeng Mei incense, picket leaves Chinese prescription, and general affairs to ZongJun guests and friends friend喜临门s the lion, the lion’s family a total of more than 60 people were present at the ceremony. The ceremony was presided oveannualr by Xiang Zongjun and Zeng Meixiang.

Xian Huimei, tceremony用什么介词he last team leader, summed up the work of the last year and commended the lion friends for their selfservice可数吗less dedication. Finance Zheng Hheld是hold的什么形式uilan reportedinaugural address课文ppt annual administrative funds and service funds revenue and expenditure.  

In the witness of all lion friends and guests, Xian Huimei will be captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Xiao Yujing. Captain Xiao Yheld是hold的什么形式ujing introduced the 2017-2018 work plan of Xili Service Team. She said that one person can go fast, but a group of people can go a long way. She hoped to get more support from eupheldveryone and better serve the lion friends and the society in the New Year.

Then, Captain Xiao Yujteamworking led the new cou喜力啤酒是哪个国家的ncil membeteam什么意思rs to undertakinauguraladdress课件ppte the inaugural cannuallyommitment. New members pledinaugural address翻译ge to join the club to inject fresh blood into xili Service Team.

In response to the districtheld council’s call for thrift, xiinaugural address翻译li Service Team lion Friends strictly controlled the expenditure during the preparation process of the ceremony, keeping the per capitteamproa expeteamworknditure within 200 yuan and stteammateriving to spend more funds oheld怎么读的n service activities. Ahead ofannual the eve喜力啤酒是哪个国家的nt without lion friends together, from the arranannual的用法gementservice是什么故障灯 of the activity process, siteceremony怎么读音 layout, the room assigned to ingredieteam什么意思nts such as custom, XianHui mei, XiaoYuJing friends and lions have hands-on, perfect, as the lion friends to build a unique transition cceremony造句eremony, rurheld英语怎么读al wind, farmhouse, bubbservice怎么读le hot spring, picking fruit, look at the flowers… A serieheld英语怎么读s of wonderfulinaugural address翻译 activities let lion friends enjoy themselves.

By Meiinaugural Xiang Zeng

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