Xixiang Service Team: Held the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual election change

Xixiang Service Team: convened2017-2018transitionThe inauguration


On August 21, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of xixiang Service Team of Sannual怎么读henzheteamn Lions Club was held at dunhill Internationa西乡天气l Hotel in Xixiang Street, Bao ‘an District. Former Presidents Lin Tao and Dai Tongxin; Vice Pservice是什么意思resident Liao Ronghui; Secretary-general Zeng Shiyangservice可数吗; Chief Executive Peng Daojian; Chief Inspector Denteamg Yi; Deputy Secretary-general Li Feng; Zheng Guoping, Chairmanceremony造句 of the District; Wang Yan; Hu Wei; Nie Xiheld中文anannualgdong; District chairmen Dai Jihong, Ye Zi, Xu Qiceremony复数形式ubin, Tan Fei, Huang Shaofang, Li Baihe, Lin Yuqi, Wen Yteammateaoli, Huang Lisheng, supervisors Zhang Hongservice是什么意思xiceremony怎么读音ang, Chen Zong, Chen Qiufen, Li Chao, Luo Junpinannual的用法g, Cao Haihong, representatives of the lion friends of each service team and more than 280 people attended the ceannual的名词remony.service的名词 The ceremony was presided over byteam什么意思 Li Xiaotao and Meng Wei.

Asupheld the ceremony officially began, more than 20 lion friends from xixia西乡塘区ng Servicinaugural是什么意思e Team, dressed in neat lion costumes, walked intserviceableo the venue slowly, accompanied bservicebioy the sound of gongs and drums. Theteams手机版 chairman wen Shaochu rang the bell to announce tceremony的名词he commencement oannual造句f the ceremxixiangony. Wu Xiaoming, the sheld中文upervisor, solemnly introduced the guests and expressed heartfelt thanks to the lion friends and futurheld英语怎么读e lion friends who ateamprottended the ceremony.

Lin Qinglong, the last captain around the dannual是什么意思evelopment of the service team and the development of the service project, summed up the xixiang servteam是什么意思翻译ice team last year. Last finance Li Xannual造句iaotaoReporting serupheldvice teamAdministrative expenseinauguraladdress课件ppts and service expenses of the service teaminaugural address翻译中英对照 in thservice翻译e previous yearAnd give a speech.In order to thank the lions for theiheldbackr active participation and dheld是hold的什么形式edication in the passervice是什么意思t year, Lin Qinglong, the last leader of the team, presented a certificate of appreciation to the outstanding members,service翻译 outstanding members anceremony的名词d special members.

In his spe西乡县ech, former president Shceremony怎么读音ih kin-wing expressed his apprannual怎么读eciation for the achievements of the west Heung Servannual的名词ice team in the past year under thannualse leadersh西厢记作者ip of Captain Lam Ching long. He hoped that the team would make more achievements under the leadership of Captain Kwong shao-feng this year.

In the presence of leading lions, Mr Lam handed over the ribbon to Mr Kwong. Afterwards, the two sides exchanged souvenirs.

New Year, new journey, serve the future, will continue love. In his inaugural speech, Captain Kwong introduced the New Year’s work plan of the Service Team and plservice是什么故障灯edged tceremony和celebration的区别o join hands wxixiangith the lions to eteambitionnjoy the love of th喜相逢e lions.

In the presence of Chairman Tian Wang Xing, Chairman Wu Xiao西厢寻他ming, former Chairman Shi Kin-wing, Deputy Chairmannualizedan Liao Wing-fai and secretary General Tsang Shi-yang, Captain Kwongheld过去式和过去分词 led the members of the New Year’s couceremony怎么读音ncil to read the inaugurheld英语怎么读al pledge and presented the appointment certificates toteamviewer the council members. Then, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang led the new members to read the pledge.

President Tian Weng gave a speech, affirmceremony用什么介词ing the achieveannualmenteambitionts of the west Township Service team in the past year and encouraging the team to move forwa西乡隆盛rd and make more achievements in the New Year.

During the dinner party, xixiang Service team prepared a variety of exciting programsteam and exciting raffle activities. Everyone shared a toast and drank happily.


wen/ Contributeam是什么意思翻译ted by Tuxi Township Service Team

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