Shenzhen Lions Club and Lescott Electric appliances held a friendly football match to help public welfare undertakings

“For every goal scored in this game, Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Lescoton Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. will jointly contribute 20,000 yuan to carry out shenzhen Lions Club publiappliancesc welfare football education and disability assistancfootballe activities!” On the eshenzhenvelionsning of April 24, 2022, Gafriendly造句o Ling, the chairman of this charity gameupheld and the first chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club and Liu Jianwen, the chairman of Shenzhen Lescoton Electelectricric Appliance Co., LTD., jointfriendly的比较级和最高级ly announclion是什么意思ed at the kick-off ceremony that The charity football friendly co深圳风险等级mpetition jointly held by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Lescoton Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was held in the football field of Xinqiao Sports Park, Xinqiao Street, Bao ‘an District.

Inherit the spirit of Zeng Xuelin group photo

Shenzhen Lions Club public welfare football club style

Lescotten team presence 2. JPG

Team spirit of Lescotten

Deep lions Lescotten jointly announced a donation of 10,000 each per ball

Deep lion, lescotten announcedfriendly翻译 the game each goal to donate 10,000 yuan

This competitfootball是什么意思ion is深圳疫情 co-organized by Zeng Xuelin Football Club, Yunfei Yueelectricity怎么读qiang Footlions怎么读ball Club and Liu Yunfei Goalkeeappliances英文怎么读per Base. Dai Tongxin, former president ofelectricity Shenzhen Lions Club, Guo Liang, chairman of the 1appliances英文怎么读0th Difriendly的用法strict, Wang Xuebo, supervisor, Gao Ling, the fclubirst president of Shenzhen Lions Public Welfarefriendly英语怎么读 Football Club, Zeng Guaelectricity怎么读nqiang, Wangelectricity怎么读 Shclub是什么酒angfengheld的中文意思, executive chairmen, Liu Jianwen, Chairman of Sheld怎么读的henzhen Lescoton Electric Appliaheld的中文意思nce Co., LTD., lion friend of The Gospel Service Tclubeam, Lion love football service captain Huang Yaowu, Chinese GFS formelionsr captain wearing linhua.she general xiao-ning zhou, deep lions, public welfare football club, club coach Zhang Qian, Yang Shuai Zeng Xuelin ball frieheldnd founder, secretary深圳天气-general Xue Jianxiong, yunfei, manafootballginfootball翻译g director of football club JuPeng yclub怎么读ue is strong, liu yunfei goalkeeper Martin lee, general manager, base in deaf associate things, shenzhen deaf Presidenlions翻译中文t Zeng Zhaoheng fans, City deaf association director Ouyang Liang and other activities. Liu Yunfei, former Best Goalkeeper in Asia, best goalkeeper in Chinese Super League and famous soccer star, came to the scene fofriendly英语怎么读r guidance.

The referee and linesman lead the team into the stadium

The referee led the team into the stadium

The players of the two sides entered and gave high fives

The players ffootball英语怎么读rom both sides hfriendly的比较级和最高级igh-fived eachheld过去式和过去分词 other afriendly副词s they eheldntered the stadium

The golden sunset gilded everyfootballerthing and everyone on the football field. At the opening ceremony, President Gao Ling introduced the purpose and far-reaching significance of the competition. Liu Jianwen, chairman of the Board, introduced the business scopefriendly翻译 and core concept of Lescoton Electric Appliance, and said that lescotelectricianon would actively give back to the society and make contfootball是橄榄球还是足球ributions to public welfare undertakings suchheld是hold的什么形式 as football edufootballscation and disability assistance tofriendly翻译gether with Shenzhfriendlyen Lions Clufriendly的比较级b.

Host Gao Ling introduced the significance of the competition

Dai Tongxin, former Chairman of CCPIT FCCB, spoke highly of the innovative public welfare way of inspiring social forces to participate in public welfare and chariheldbackty through football matches,lions读音 and looked forward to a wonderful debut of the match. Chairman Guo Liang, Chairappliance什么意思man Wang Xuebo, Captain Huang Yaoelectricianwu, secretary General Xue Jianxiong, Managing Directorfootball音标 Ju Peng and other guests also made speeches, expressing their full support and participation in thelectrice seriapplianceses of pu深圳天气blic welfare football education and disability assistance activities, hoping to convey positive football culture anfootball英语怎么读d gather public welfare sfriendly造句treappliances是什么意思ngth through football friheldendllescotty matches.

Liu Yunfei guided the conclusion of the speech, hoclub是什么酒ped that all thfootball是橄榄球还是足球e team members carry forward the spirit of striving andclubmed enterprising, fair competition, with the ball skills and willpower to jointly present a wonderful match, for the public welfare football to help the disabled to contribute their own strengt深圳地铁线路图h.

Liu Yunfei summary speech

Dai Tongxin, former chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, preclubmed官网预订sented th深圳大学e club’s commemorativheld过去式和过去分词e badge tolionsgate Liu Jianwen, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, as well as the clionsgatelub’s customized commemlion是什么意思orative football jointly signed by Lappliances是什么意思iu Yunfei and Chenappliances是什么意思 Yiming. Director Liu Yunfei and chairman Guo Liangheld wore the club badge for Secretary Geneappliancesral Xue Jianxiong and Managlionsgateing Director Ju Peng respectively. Coach Liu Yunfei personally wore a commemorative badge for Mr. Zeng Zhaohengfriendly是什么意思, a hearingelectricity翻译-impaired person who loves football.

Former Chairman Dai Tongxin, Chaifootball是什么意思rman Liu Jianwen, director Liu Yunfei, Chairman Zeng Guanqiang, Secretary General Xue Jianxiong and Sister Dai Linhua kicked the opening ball together, mafriendly英语怎么读rking the officiallions读音 start of this exciting public welfare competition.

Guests open the ball together 1.jpg

This competitionelectric adopts the international standard 11-pfriendly副词erson competition field, competition system and rules, equipped with one refheld中文eree and two side judges, and uav aerial photography, which is very professionalelectricity是什么意思 and advanced. Inspired by the charity fundraising purpose, the players of both sides fought h深圳大学ard and showed their superb competitive level and high spifriendly副词rit of competition. In parti深圳大学cular, Chen Shengping of the national deaf football team and深圳疫情最新动态 Tang Feiti深圳地铁线路图ng of the Guangdong Delions的音标af Football Team also took part in the competition, presentifriendly造句ng their football skilelectricityls as a gift for public welfare football. Liu yunfei directs cameo forward and scores a beautiful volley on the instep. Event深圳地铁线路图ually, les stamped team since the victory over shenzhen lionappliances的读音s football team, both for the public good football student aid the series of activities to raise 240000 yuan compassion donation, wheld是hold的什么形式ill be used to care for sympathy for disability sfootballseriously ill trafficappliances是什么意思 police and caring fighters police activities, in meizhou, jiangxi gielectrican fjard county, guizappliances翻译hou school football field endowedfootball英语怎么读 his activity in the poor areas, Sponlions的音标sored the establishment of China’s first physically disabled football team and international deaf footba深证指数ll project, and supported poor students and disabled friends to develop football.


The playeappliances英文怎么读rs on the field fight for the good

The wonderful goal moment is short, the passion and charm of football is long! What a wonderful and meaheld是hold的什么形式ningclub用英语怎么说ful thing it will be to paint the wonderful mofriendly的比较级ment oelectricityf scoring a goalappliances英文怎么读 into a lasting picture with the brush of charity and let it show thlion是什么意思中文翻译e unique charm of footbafriendlyll and charity andappliances翻译 keep it in the memory of every player and football fan! There are you and me on the football field, and you and I go together on thlions读音e publheld的中文意思ic welfare road. Let’s join hands and unite to flionsight for goodness and shout for love!

 Group photo at the kickoff ceremony

【 text 】 Gao Ling

[Photo] Chen Weiming

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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