Practice makes diligence enable growth — Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held the 2021-2022 Junior lecturer training

From April 22 to 24, 2022, lions Club Shenzhen 2021-2022 Junior Lecturer Training was successfully held ilions翻译中文n Yantianpractice的意思 Yating Bay International Hotel. 7 lion friends participated in the training, and 4 leenable的名词cturers participated in the re-training. The training was conducted bypractice怎么读英语 Jiang Xiezhen, head of the Lions Club oenable造句f Shenzhen, as the chairman of the conference; Yi Dongsheng, former head of the Lions Club, as the chisuccessfullyef lecturer; L深圳疫情最新动态in Yanju, senior lecturer, as the head teachlionsgateer; Mpractice-pet-unfolda Feng, deputylion是什么意思 head of the Lions Club, as the teachinsuccessfully是什么意思英语g assistangrowth的用法t. The teaching consultant team xiao Xingping, Yi Dongsheng,practice Zhang Shijun, Rong Jing, Wu Zijian, Wang Danya and the head of thdiligence的意思egrowth造句 teaching team Jiang Xiezhen gave lecturelions是什么意思s on site.

Opening bell ringing

Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Peng Daojian, First Vice Prespractice的用法ident, Nie Xiangdong, secon深圳市最新疫情d vice president and Tan Fei, General Manager were present to support and encourage.practice的过去式

Opening camp photo. JPG

Presgrowthident Guo Yolion是什么意思ngyong delivered a speech at tgrowth怎么读he opening of the training, emphasizing the importance of training instructors to enhance the sense of belonging of lion friends and promote the development of the organization. New students are encouraged to study hard and join the lionspractice的过去式 Club as soon as possible with egrowth造句xcellent performanceclub怎么读. Together with excellent lecturers,growth组合 we will introduce the knowledge of lions Club to liclubsons club friends, spread the concept of “we serve”, and contribute to the improvement and development of lions Club shenzhen.

President's speech. JPG

Peng Daojian, the first vice Prenabled是什么意思esident of ccPIT Xiamen, thanked thegrowth怎么读 lecturers for their hard work and prclubmed官网预订ofesgrowth造句sional services, and highly recognized the strong faculty team. He encouraenable的名词ged the students to cherish the opportunilions怎么读ty, study hard, and strive to becoclubman是什么牌子车me an excellent lecturer as soon as possible.

President of peng. JPG

The head teacher Lin Yanju introduced the learning rules to thpractice怎么读英语e students, expecting them to cherish the hard-won training opportunities and actively participate in the ragrowth怎么读re “one-to-one” learning environment.

Lin Yan Su 1_ copy.jpg

Chief lecturer Yi Dongsheng opened the three-day learning chapter with the theme of “Welcome”, telling the important role of “welcome” in the training of lectu深圳rers, and laying a positive and relaxed tone for the intensive training that followed.

Yi Dongsheng lecture.jpg

Through the introduction of Training, Jiang Xiezhen, the head of the training team, explained the various skills required by lecturers to assupractice的用法me different roles in the training process, so as to analyze the logical relationsdiligence的意思hip between courses and training objectives. At the same time, Leader Jiang Xiezhen made the students understand the necesenabled是什么意思sityshenzhen of effective training by identifying the effective trainer characteristics of the instructors.

Wechat picture _20220429165822.jpg

Adult Learnersenable翻译, written by Xiao Xingping, formlions英语怎么读er chairman of theenable用法 Education andpractices Training Committee of China Lion Association, tells the difference between children and adult learners and guenabled和disabled是什么意思ides students to develsuccessfully patched是什么意思op strategies to motivate a深圳疫情最新消息dult learners oenable的名词n the basis of fully understanding the characteristics of adult lepractice翻译arnershenzhens.

Director Xiao lecture 1.jpg

Wu Zijian, former head of the group, explained “T深圳疫情最新动态raining preparation” to letgrowth函数 the students know that a training should not olions翻译nly do the on-site teachsuccessfully造句inclubmed官网预订g work, but also pay attention to the various teaching materials used in the traclubining: such as lecturer’s guide, student handbook, courseware, etpractice怎么读英语c., so that the students realize the importance of training prepapractice的过去式ration.

Wu Zijian lecture 1.jpg

“Training teaching Skills” by former head rsuccessfully是什么意思英语ong Jing, let students know the effective elements of teaching, including eye contact, voice and oral expression, body movement and ge马克水印相机免费下载sture, language use and otherlions怎么读 training skills, and guide students to learn to build credibility at the beginning of the training.

Rong Jing lecture.jpg

Zhang Shijun, former head of the gpractice翻译roup, introduced interactive learning. Dudiligence怎么读ring the 90-minute interactive learning, students mastered the skills of asking questions in class, responding to questions and learning a马克斯ctivities, and realized the importance of interactive teaching in practice.

Lecture 2. JPG

Wang Danya, former head of the class, told the sgrowth动词形式tudents that they should fully consider the surrounding environment and emergencies bpracticesefore starting the class, and formulate a training act马克斯ion penabled和disabledlan based on the crienabled是什么意思sis awareness, so as todiligence怎么读 further m深圳大学anage the class order and students’ behavior, and create a conducive learning environment.

Lesson 1

Over the cousuccessfully是什么意思rse of three days, participants studied, discu深圳大学ssed and applied what they lelions英语怎么读arned in threlionse progressive presentations, from a twosuccessfully patched是什么意思-minute self-introduction on the firssuccessfully翻译t day to an eight-minute lecture on the second day to a half-hour trial lecture on t马克水印相机免费下载he third day. The stud深圳疫情最新动态ents exclaim that they are tired, hard and proud that they have made such a significant improvement as ldiligenceong as they pass three days.

Traininggrowth函数 ceremony, NieXiangDong second deputy Prsuccessfully是什么意思esident of speech, omake是什么意思f the students in the exciting show very excited when training, the lion has so many excellent lecturer and the friend proud, hope branch can last for the lions to cultivate more talents, send class for each service to provide high quality serenabledvice, make more efforts to normative development of lions.

Nie Xiangdong speaks

Tan Fei, director general of The Lioclubns Club, also gaveclub是什么意思 enpractice翻译couraggrowth怎么读ement to the studegrowth的用法nts aclubman是什么牌子车nd affirmed their growth andlions是什么意思 excellent performance. She said that as a lecturer, she wou深圳疫情最新消息ld also participate in the training and contribute to the localization dclub是什么意思evelopment of lions Club together with the lecturers.

Tan Fei JPG.

After three days and two nigclub是什么酒htsuccessfully怎么读s of training, we learned and grew together and gained a lot. Tgrowth翻译he success of the training could not have been achieved without the selflessclub怎么读 dedication of the lecturers and the silent support of ouenable翻译r friends on stage and behinpractice的意思d the scenes. On the last day of the training, huang Yigrowth是什么意思qun, former headmakes of the lecture grolions翻译中文up, fang Shilei and Yang Boyuan, lecturers, also showed up to support.

Thanks to the leaderslion是什么意思 who suppor马克斯t this training, I hope the trainees can pass the test and become a lecturer smoothly. It takes a lot of time and energy深圳疫情最新消息 to grow from a lion friend to a lectulions翻译rer, but through such an enabling, what we achieve is a solid ech深圳风险等级elon of spreading and leading lion culture. We look forward to more lion friends becomgrowth的用法ing a member of actively promotigrowthng lionpractice-pet-unfold business construction!

 Knot ying big group photo. JPG

3. Text High & NBSP; Sharp深圳疫情 horse & have spent peak

[Photo] Lin Yan Su

[Edit] Jiang Xie Zhen Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lioclubns Club Office

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