Fairy Lake Service Team: held the first regular meeting of the year 2021-2022

On July 12, 2021, the first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Fairy Lake Service Team in 2021-2022 was held at the 5th floor of Nanyang Changsheng Restaurant, OCT Building, Nansharegularizationn District. Shenzhfirstlyen Lions club direlakerctor Zhao Hui, Xian Lake service team captain Li Hongmei, last captain Li Zhou, first vfairytaleice captain Li Chunheld的原型gang, second victeamse captain Wmeeting翻译u Chunhong, third vice captaiteamn Liu Yoteamworkngbo, team leader Sun Xufang, former captain Huang Xiaserviceableoregularityru, Ye Weregularlynqin, secretary Wang Lin, financial Shan Liyue, picket Zhu Linshan and other 23 people attended thteambitione meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Hongmei and presided over by Li Chungang.

Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022 221.png

Li Hongmei,first翻译成中文 president of tfairy怎么读hlake是什么意思e conference, introduyearced the organizational structure and job responsibilities of the new team lteams手机版eader of the Fairy Lake Service Team, so that each team leader had a fmeeting腾讯会议ull understanding of their lion responsibility in the New Year. The meupheldeting also discussed the transition work, let each lion frieheldndsteamviewer clear their specific division of labor, sservicebioo that the transition work gradualllakery and orderly.

Li Zhou, thservice是什么意思e lastservice和serve的区别 team leader, summed up the work of the pfirst怎么读revious year. Zhu Linshan picket introduces the plan and arrangement of this picket work.

Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

Li Hongmei introdufirst nameced the work of this year, and planned the content and time of guizhou education, care action, community servi拉克丝的法术棒ce and other activities. Then, the executive chairman of eachteampro activity gave a detailed introduction to the servyearbookice activitiefirst是什么意思s, andheld过去式和过去分词 lion friends openedyearn up their ideas and made suggestions. Afservice和serve的区别ter consultation, we decided to launch the guiservice是什么故障灯zhouheldback studentlake怎么读 aregularid program in mid-August and fujian student aid acteam什么意思tivity in September.

Shan Liyue made a detailed report on the financial work.

Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

Director Zhao Hui summed up and praised the meeting and expressed his full support.

Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022 year 642.png

At thmeetinge meeting, the would-be liteam是什么意思翻译ons introduced themselves and expressed their respect for their charitable activities, expecting to become a member of lions clubyearning and walk togetheteampror in the charity work of great love.servicebio

The meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmospherregular什么意思e, and president Li Hongmei rang thteamoe bellheld过去式和过去分词 and adjourned the meeting.team什么意思 "Keep the original aspiration, serve together", under the lmeeting怎么读英语eadership of the new team leader, Fheld是hold的什么形式airy Lake seteams手机版rregularizationvice team will be able to do better in the public welfare rheld怎么读的oad of great love and reach a new heightheld的意思是什么.


Article by Tuxian Lake Service Team

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