New Security Service Team: held the first regular meeting of the year 2021-2022

Midsummer passion is hard to shake the moon, enthusiasm like fire my new peace.

On July 15, 2021, the first regular mservicebioeeting of New Security Sermeeting怎么读英语vice team of Shenzhen Lions Club wasregular的所有形式 held in Hubei Bregular的名词uilding, Futian District. Shenzhen Lions clheld的原型ub director Wu Jinzhi, supervisor Wu Zhijian, Xin 'an service team captain Lifirst青年电影展u Jun, last captain Li Jun, first vice captateams手机版iservice是什么故障灯n Zhang Yyearnuanyuan, snews可数吗ecfirst怎么读ond vice captain Wen Xueqing, fomeeting是什么中文意思rmemeetingtencentcomr captateam什么意思in Chen Zong, secretary Zhnewlyeng Ziyu, financial Yang Qiuju, general affairs Kong Jianhua, captain team member Li Kanghua asecurity guardnd other 30 pnewgroundseople attended. Mr. Meng Chun, First Deputy Captain of Shun Hing Seteamprorvicheld过去式和过去分词es, was present at the meeting. The conference was chaired by Zhang Yuanyuan and presided over by Gao Shenghan.meeting翻译


Li Jun, the former team leader, reheldbackported the summary of the service project of xin 'an Service Team last year to the partifirst namecipating lion friends, and the participating lion friends sent the applause to Li Jun, the former team leader.


Captain Liu Jun steams手机版howed the New Year's service plan tnewlyo the lion friends, and set upservice是什么故障灯 an annual reward to commend every liosecurity怎么读n friend's efforts.

Zhang Yuanyuan, the chairman of the Conferensecurity灯闪怎么回事ce, arranged the divmeeting是什么中文意思ision of labor of the pafirsthandrty for the change of leaderserviceship, raised 21 items for auction, and the auction money of the party for the change of leadership was asecurity和safety的区别bout 200,000 yuan.

Directorheld的原型 Wu Jinzhi said that the new Security service team is "a family for a lifetime", eveteams手机版ryone has proved the charm of the new Security service team lion friends with practical actions, I believe that in 2021-2022, Captain Liu Jun will lead the new Security service team lion friends brave peak.


Then join the lion friends to share the growmeeting的音标th and harvest in the neregularw Security Service team.

Luqin shijie said that she felt the warmth of her family when she needed the most care during the epidemic. Simple words are tyear是什么意思he true portrayal of lion friends heart.

In the end, in the sound of birthday wishes, The presimeeting怎么读英语dent of The Coteamsnference zhang Yuanyuan rang the bell and adjourned the meeting. The first regular meeting of the year 2021-2022 of Xin 'an Service Team drew a successful conclusion.

The text/liujun

Photo/Chmeeting是什么意思中文翻译en Weiming

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