High-tech happy, common charity, happy charity -- High-tech Service Team held the 2020-2021 annual tribute and 2021-2022 inaugural ceremony

On July 16, 2021, the 2020-2021 tribute and 2021-2022 inauguration ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team was held in Hailiang Hall, 10th floor, Seaview Cato Hotel, Huaqiao City, Nanshan District. Shenzhen lion supervitechniciansorscommond long tian wang, vice President of the first Peng Daojheld中文ian, second deputy chairman NieXiangDong, former Pcharity的内涵意义resident of Lin Tao, vice suhappysugarlifeperhappy张江visor Deng Yi, financial long Xu Qiubin, dean of general affair Tan Fei, long picket Li Zhou, deputy secretary-general kevinbales, li xiaheldofeng, chairman of the zone, guang-yu fan, partition chacharity翻译irman li bin, wei-min yan, zhang wei, guoliahappy的比较级ng, Chen gang, secretary of the board of supervisors zhi-huitechnique zhou, Suteamworkpervisors Tang Haoztechniquehi, Zhu Feng, Li Chunping, Du Peng, Wang Haiyan, Yu Hui, Wu Zhijhappyian, Huang Shaofang, Zhang Zheqin, Wang Xuebo, Advisor Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, Wu Zewei, Liao Maohua, Chen Qingfeng, Lin Yanju, Cao Yan, BI Yongtaohappysugarlife, Lin Zhiqi, chairman of visual Achappy怎么读tion Committee of Sichuan Representative Office oftechnologies Domestic Lion Association, Zhou Liangchuhigh怎么读an, leader of Hcommon是什么意思ongzhou Lion Love Servteamsice team and other leaders of lion friends, highhappy翻译-tech service team lion friends and representatives of lion frienheld的原型ds, caring personage attended the ceremony. Tservice怎么读he ceremony was chaired by Zeng Hanfeng and presided over by Tian Xin and Zhao Fangting.

The ceremony started, Shenzhen Lions Club High-tecteamworkh Service Team18Footprints of Love -thevideoFriends with thighhe liontheReview the high-tech servicehappy team18The glorious course of the past years. All the lion frienservice翻译ds of the high-tech service team entered the stage and sang "Ode toheld的原型 the Motherland".



Mr. Zeng Hanfeng, chairman of tservicemanhe conference, introduced the guests and delivered a welcservice的名词ome speech.


Chen Ying, the last captain, summed up the work of the high-tech service Team in 2020-2021. This year, thecharity high-tech service team carried out 34 public welfare and charity activities, with a total of 623 people participating in the service, which was well received by all waheld过去式和过去分词lks of life. "One year is short but long," she said. "Along the way, I feel both rescharity的内涵意义ponsibility and honor. I am moved and filled with emotion.


Guservice翻译 Lihua, the financial offitechnologycer, madcommonde the 2020-2021 annual financial report of the High-tech Service Team, introducing in detail every record ofhappy revenue and expenditure of the high-tech Service team, so as to make the accounting open and transparent.


Chen Yinghappy的反义词, the last teamhigh怎么读 leader, praised the lion friends who made outstanding contributions in the pheld的意思是什么aservice的名词st year. Lin Tao, BI Yongtao, Deng Yi, Chen Qunhao, Wen Yanmei, Zhang Shengxing, Ma Huada, Liu Meijiao, Gu Lihuservicemana, Wang Bo, Liu Kaineheld过去式和过去分词ng, Li Hua, Weihighly Ming, Chen Dasheng, Shan Huachighthun won the Outstanding Contributcharity是什么意思ion Awateam是什么意思翻译rd; Lin Tao, BI Yongtao, Deng Yi, Chen Qunhacharity是什么意思o, Li Hua, Yao Xiaoming, Wei Chengqing won the Special Contribution Award; Liu Mehappy翻译ijiheld的中文意思ao, Gu Lihua,charity形容词 Denteam什么意思g Yi, Li Hua, Wei Chengqing, Wang Bo, Wen Yanmeservicebioi, Wei Ming, Chen Dasheng, Pan Wei, Ma Huada won the Best Companiheld过去式和过去分词on Award; Feng Que, Wang Wenxian, Wu Fang,hight Wang Shuxin, Jia Liuyi, Huang Lijuan, DENG Xiservice是什么故障灯n, & NBSP; Luo Lidan, Jie Hong, Li Jupheldiawen, Wang Jiashu, Liang Jingping, Li Hongjin, CAI Jitechnologiesancong and Xu Bo woheld是hold的什么形式n the Ecommonxcellent Member Award; Shenzhen Happy Family Research Institute and Shenzhen Starfish Angel Culture Development Co., LTD won the best team cooperation award; Liuteamviewer Meijiao won the Excellent Secretary Award; Gu Lihua won the Excellent Finance Award; Shenzhen day spriheldenng air water intelligent technology co., LTD., shenzhen lions xiaoming, eye bank funds, poetry exhibition co., LTD in shenzhen, shenzhen permanent base constechniquestruction engineering inspection co., LTD., sichuan university global alumni association of entrepreneurs a large bay area of guangdong, sichuan university central global alumni entrepreneurservice是什么意思s association won the award of charity.

Chen Ying, the formtechnology翻译er team leacommonder, presented flowers to all members of the 2020-2021 team leader.

The shenzhen Lions club 2020-2021 Captainhappy的反义词 team pays tribute to Captain Chen Ying. Not every day by your side, but always behind you.


In the witness ofheldback the lion friends, Chentechno Ying will be the captain of the ribbon anhighestd the transfer of power to Lhigheriu Meijiao. It represents cohesion, inheritance and development. It means efforts, persistence and transcendence. It embodies trust, encouragement and expectation.

Captain Liu Meijiao delivered a speech and presented the New Year's work plan and objectives of the hihigh的名词gh-tech Service Team. Shtechniquese introdcommon怎么读uced the team members ofservice this year's high-tech Service Team and presentehighwayd appointment lehappy birthdaytters to the newhappy的反义词 team members. She hoped that the lion friends would work together and make greater contributions to the development of the public welfare cause!


High and newserviceable service team quasi lion friend Liu Lin, Maiyuzhu came to the stage to read the pledge, they eheld的意思是什么nhanced the neteamsw force for the high and new service team. The faiheld过去式和过去分词th of the lion spirit, bearing the power of moving forward, istech是什么意思 phigh是什么意思regnateams会议nt with wheld的原型arm power, and ties together thteams手机版e heart of love of each lion brother ancommon是什么意思d sister. Thanks to Liang Hongjie for donatingcharity怎么读 20,000 yuan to shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team, and Guangzhou Yifeng Real Estate Co., Ltd. for donatservice怎么读ing 130,000 yuan to Shenzhen Lions Club high-tech Service Team.

Peng Daojian, the fihigh翻译rst vice president, gave a speech. He highly appreciated the achievements made by the high-tech Service Team in the past 18 years, and gave high recognitiocommonlyn to the active efforts of the lion friends.


During the dserviceinner party, the lion friends of hongzhou Lionservice Love Service team presented presents to Liu Meiheld怎么读的jiao. The banquet also arranged the musical scene "Waiting for love" based on the "bright heart" activity, the captains "Sing mountain steamproongs to the Party again" and rteam什么意思ich lottery links.

Mr Tsang Han-feng, chairman of the Confeservice是什么意思中文翻译rence, delivered a speech of appreciation. Long road, the liheld的原型on will love the melody is the most moving ballad, around the timservice怎么读e,tech是什么意思 warhappy怎么读m in a hurry years.


By Liu Lin and Chen Dasheng

Photo/Wei Chengqing

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