Working regulations of Shenzhen Lions Club for epidemic prevention of overseas parcels

In order to earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the national authorities on novel Coronavirus prevention, standardize the handling of outbound parcels received by Shenzhen Lions Cluepidemicsb, and ensure the safety of relevant personnel, the working rules for epidemic prevention of outbound parcels of Shenzhen Lions Club aparcel和package区别re herparcel翻译eby formulated.

A, & have spent purpose

Standardize the procedures of shenzhen Lioclubmed官网预订ns club oversea深圳s package elimination to ensure the safety of related personnel.

Second, & have spent Scope of application

Applicable to the registration and management of深圳风险等级 the elimination of overseas parcels of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Three, & have spent Job respooverseas翻译nsibilities

Overseas parcels shall be received by special personnel of the office, and the work of parcel disinfection, item registra深证指数tion and distributparcelling翻译ion shall be done well.

The elimiclubman是什么牌子车nation work is completed by thre深圳天气e staff meregulations翻译mbers, one responsible for disinfection and unpacking (handling person), on深圳疫情最新消息eoverseas和oversea的区别 responsible for supervision, and one for the whole video recording.

The staff shall register the elimination of overseas parcels in accordance with this working regulation.

Four, & have spent Operating points

1.  Before receiving overseas parcelsoverseas怎么读, staff shouregulationsld wear masks and glregulationsoves and prepare disinfection articles.

2parcelling翻译.  After receiving overseas parcels, the surface oflions翻译中文 the parcels sworkinghall be disinfecteclubsd immediately.

3.  Overseas parcels must be stored in a special handling area for 7 days before unpacking. Packages are unparcelling翻译packed and disinfected in a special area.

4.  Elimination stpreventioneps:

1)  Wear a mask aclub翻译nd gloves and disinfect the inside and outside surfaces with 7clubmed官网预订5% alcohol or 1:100 84 disinfecta深圳疫情最新消息nt.

2)  Unwrap the package and disinfect the body of the goods. The mlions英语怎么读ain methods of disinfection arparcel翻译e: badge disinfectregulation什么意思ion can be used to spray alcohol, paper disinfection can be used to eliminate 30-60 minutes ultraviolelion是什么意思t lamp.

3)  After handling the package, unpacking staff and supervparcelableisory staff should immediately wash their hands with soap or hand salions怎么读nitizeroverseas和abroad的区别, or use hand sanitizer forregulations怎么读 disinfection; Hands should not touch thelions怎么读 mouth, nose, eyes and other parts before washiclub是什么意思ng hands.

4)  The unpacking staff shall fill in the Registration Form of Receipt, Elimination and Epidemic Prevention for Overseas Parcels of Shenzhlion是什么意思中文翻译en Lions Club, register the contents of the parcels and the elimination work, and the supervisor and voverseas是什么意思ideoregulation什么意思 recorder shall sign for conficlub是什么酒rmation. The table aclub怎么读nd the video of the process shall be archived by the unpacking staff.

5)  The registered items will be sorted and distriblions读音uted to the lion friends concerned.

Five, & have spent深圳疫情 Matters neeclub是什么意思ding attention

1深圳风险等级. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes anepidemic是什么意思中文翻译d nose during the whole process. After gloves are removed, wash hands with hand sanitizer (soap) under running water or disinfect them with a quick hand disinfectant.

2working. Afte深圳r tlion是什么意思he outer packaging is disinfected, i深圳风险等级t should be classified and treated accordiparcel是什么意思ng to the household garbage in time.

3. When receiving packages from abroad, lion friends should strictly foverseas怎么读ollow the following video to do a glions翻译ood jclubmanob of personal protection and prparcel翻译event potential virus transmission.



Attachment: Shenzhen Lion深证指数s Club overseas Parcel receipt, Elimination and Epidemic Prevention Registration Form

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