The 8th Session of Respect for the Elderly and Care for Sanitation Workers: Shenzhen Lions Club walks into Jiuwei Community – “We All Grow old, We All Respect the Elderly”

On October 26, 2019, shenzhen baoan district lions right service into the navigation city streets in nine surrosession的中文意思unding communit深圳疫情最新消息ies to respectworkers的中文意思, love, sanitation workers community service activities, to the community elderly over the age of 200, 65 andlions怎么读 sanitation workers givingelderly的中文意思 calcium tablet, topical rheumatism paste paste, down jacket, waistcoat, rice and other supplies, medical and health consultation for community residents to provide free services,care怎么读 The service fund is 100,000 yuan.

Leaders and guests to attend the event are: WengHua, the head of 2019深圳-2020, a former President of wear with xin, the path team captain Du Zemin; lions folions翻译中文otball team is longer than love autumn stone, captain Wasession的中文意思ng Hansong HuaYue service, service captain Peng Dingkuan hand in hand, diwang service captain Yuanrespect是什么梗 Juan, boya service captain Tangrespect Xishun, the path of service and team captain OuYangBingTao, former captain Nick , former captain Li Xuegang, first vice captain Chen Gang, second vice captain Zhang Aiming, third vice captain he Yajun and other frieelderly是什么意思nds of the team lion friends. More tha深圳n 400 people attended the event.


The event was chaired by Mr. Chen Gang, the first vice leader of The Lions Club of Shenzcarefreehen, and Ms.lions英语怎么读 Cui Shuangyan, the executive chairman. Mr. Zhu Wenwen, the lions Club oworkers翻译f Shenzhen and Mr. Wang Zhe, the Splendid Club were the hosts.


Parents llion是什么意思ove as dsanitation是什么意思eep as the sea, life don’t forget parents. " “Filsanitationial piety and respect for the elderly”; It is the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the important content of constr深圳市最新疫情ucsanitation是什么意思ting harmonious society in todaelderly翻译y’s world. The elderly, dedicated to the socisession的工作原理ety, dedicated to the fasession和cookiemily, is the trea深圳scare什么意思中文意思ure house of knowledgeworkers’day怎么读, is the key to wisdom, not only nurture us,shenzhen but also preach arespectivend teach to us theworkers怎么读 truth of life, the old man is th深圳疫情最新消息e last firm rely on our heaworkers的中文意思rts!

Threspect表情包is is thsession过期e fourth time in a row that The Lions Club of Shenzhen has visited the jiuwei community to carry out activities of caring and caring forworkers翻译 the elderly. This year, we have added a new theme of caring sanitation workers, which is the ninth consecutive year that we, Deng Junjiecare怎么读, have been committed tsanitationo the elderly activielderly翻译ties in the Kowloon Wai community.

In the Classic of Filial Piety, Confucius said: Filial piety, the sutra of heaven is also, the righteousness桃花源记翻译 of the earth is also, people’s journey is also “; "elderly是什么词性 One’s behavior is greater than filial piety. " People love, not good at filial piety “;session怎么读 " Husband filial pelderly是什么意思iety, thworkers’day怎么读e foundation of virtue also “; . That is to say, Confuciuscare believed that filial piety for children is the law of heavesession和cookien and earth,深圳 is that people should practice filial piety, so that parents have e褪黑素nough food and clothing, healthy body, happy spirit. Take care of the elderlcarey, let us start from ourselves, start from thingelderly的中文意思s around us, start from now.



Mr. Chen Gangshi, the chairman of the conference, introducrespectinged the leaders桃花源记 and sponsorsrespect的名词 of the event, and thanked all the leaders and sponsors, asworkers well as theelderly service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club and sociallions读音 caring enterprises.


Dsession和cookieu Zemin, captain of the Right Way Service Team, delivered a speech! Thanks to the street and community leaders for their slion是什么意思中文翻译upport, and thanks to the enthusiastic participation of lion friends and co-carelessorganizers. Community service andworker是什么意思 targeted assistance for the disableworkers什么意思d are the key service projects of Lions Club shenzhen. Lions friends will cooperate with the community to provide more and b深圳地铁线路图etter services, pass on the lrespectiveove and carry forward the virtues of respecting the elderly and helping the disabled.


Mr. Dai Tongxin, fworkers翻译ormer president of Shenzhen Lions Club, delivers a speech! He is not only an 80-year-old man, but also a veteran member ocare什么意思中文意思f the Shenzhen Lions Club.


Mr. Weng Hua,respect的名词 current president of Shenzhen Lions Club, delivered a speech! Thanks to lions leaders for thlionseir support and encouragement, we will be more confideelderly是什么意思nt to dolions英语怎么读 betterespectr next year!

Theworker是什么意思英语 event was organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen and organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen. Co-organelderly是什么意思ize褪黑素d by Shenzhen Lions Clubsession和cookie Lion Love Football, Hancare怎么读d in hand, Splendid Brocade, Diwang Service Team, Shenzhen Nightingale Nursing Volunteer Service Team,workers的中文意思 Shenzhen Nanshan Private Medisession怎么读cal Instsession的中文意思itutions Team, Shenzhen Nanshan Privlions翻译中文ate Medical Isessionstoragenstitutions Party Branch, Shenzhen Nanshan Private Medical Institutions Association; Shenzcareer翻译hen four JiKang pharmaceutical co., LTD., shenzhen Witt, power supply co., LTD., guangdong green’s new material co., LTD., shenzhen couplilions英语怎么读ng tecelderly和elder区别hrespectivelynology co., LTD., shenzhen Clare holdings co., LTD., the boss found nine fang (shenzhen)深圳大学 nine culture communication co., LTD., shenzhen bags catering management co., LTD., shenzhen city ‘xing printing同花顺 and packaging co., LTD., and Lin electronic (shenzhen) Limited company, dongguan shaped laser sthoughpectrum technology co., LTD., shenzhen scienelderly近义词ce and technology co., LTD.,陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 shenzhrespectfulen bao express technology co., LTD., shenrespect是什么梗zhen shenzhou arrows holding gro深圳天气up, shenzhen golden golf companyworker是什么意思英语, shenzhen farce electrical technol深圳风险等级ogy co., LTD., shenzhen sinocom at technology co., LTD., guangzhou the australian-american kin bioworkers什么意思logical techn深圳疫情最新消息ology co., LTD., Jiangrespectful Xiren and China pharmaceutical co., LTD., hunan Banelderly近义词g Health Technology Co., LTD., Slion是什么意思henzhen Jianpeng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Shenzhen Baixin Wealth Management Celderly和eldero., Ltd. and other social caring enterprises and caring personage support.


Brother Wu Huixun from Shenzhensession Ruitian Techncare是什么意思ology Co., Ltd. and brother Zeng Qingbiao from Shenzhen Jialion是什么意思中文翻译npeng Pharmaceutica桃花源记l Co., Ltd. donated 20 redelderly前面加a还是an envelopes to tocareer翻译day’s activity, and expressed sympathy to the 20 oldest people at the scene.


Today, we not only brought comfort for the elderly, but also prepared gifts and down vests for the sanitationsession workers. We hope that in the gradually cold d童话故事ays, this down vests can bring wrespectivelyarmth to you! Here we pacarefreey tribute to the sanitat同花顺ion workers, who take away the dirty and beautiful city with their hands, and wake up every clean, comfolions怎么读rtable and beautiful morning. And here we advocate hygienecareful, love the environment, do not fall on the ground garbage.


On therespectful scene, more than 40 caring actors brought sympathy to the elderly and sanitation workers. One of them is from the dance team of the Elderly Association of Haiwang Community in Bao ‘an District. It is said that this team was established in 2014 and is composed of retired elderly people from all over thelderly前面加a还是ane country who cocarefulme to Shenzhen to help their children with their children, with an average age of 62.5. At the beginning, we were organized with the attitude of lovsanitation是什么意思e,sanitation和hygiene区别 fun and exercise. Over the past few years because ofelderly近义词 the players studious, hard trainisession是什么意思ng, hard to fight! From the beginning of telderly和elder区别he most simple yangko step learnielderly前面加a还是anng, to today they have learned not only mocare是什么意思dern dance but also all kinds of folk dance. What’s more gratifying is that no matter where you participate in small or large competcarefreeitions, you will win every match! Won the first place in Shenzhen city and Bao ‘an Dlions读音istrict for many times! Although people are gettielderly近义词ng old day by day, but their spirit is not old. Tosanitation翻译day, some of their tlion是什么意思中文翻译eam is 70 years old, but still st深圳大学anding on the stcaregiverage in good spirits! Their idea is: forget your age on the road of lif通货膨胀下什么最保值e, dcarefreeo healthy, happy,session翻译 happy to go on! Forever!


Children’s performance — Taekwondo “Youth” and Dance “Combo” by Yixuan Education Ins深圳大学tituticare是什么意思on

The elworkers的中文意思dworkers’day是什么意思erly activities have been from more than 10 sociallions的音标 medical institutions in nanshan district old experts veteran party members, nightingale volunteer service team strongly support, the scene for communitysession的工作原理 residen深圳疫情最新消息ts free diagnosis up to 136 person-times.


We would like to thank the volunteers of Baoan Hangcheng and the staff of Sijikang Phacarefulrmaceutical for their efforts. They started to rworkers’day是什么意思egistworkers怎么读er the elderlsession和cookiey from the beginning to the end of the activityworkers’day怎么读 more tharespect是什么梗n a month ago.


Finally, all lion friends and medical staff will sing “Me and my Country” for you.


Contribution: Lin Xin, Right Way Service Team

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