Shenzhen Lions Club “Bright eyes action” renewed the mood of peace

From October 23 to 25, the large-scale public welfare activity of “Bright eyes action, Renew the Love oeyesightf Hong ‘an” was held in Zhandian Middle School, Gaoqiao Tolions怎么读wn, Hong ‘an County, jeyes翻译ointly initiated by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Peiqi Vision Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Shekou Pclubmed官网预订eople’s Hospitalions翻译l and Dongguan People’s Hospital.

“Bright eyesactionable” service project is lion “attended” an extension of tpeaceminusonehe project activity, focuses on juvenile myopia prevention and control and visual health problems, thrpeacefulough cooperatio深圳天气n with optical professional institutions and the eye doctor, visual acuity for free with teenagers, the medicalion是什么意思l oaction翻译ptomaction的动词etry matchs lens and early screening intervention, earenewedrly treatment fpeacefulor eye diseases guidance services, Aclubnd popularize the knowledge of eye protection and myopia prevention and control for teenagpeaceful是什么意思ers.

The donation activity, shenzhen lionsbright辱华事件 to the county middle school, takahashi, eight middle school, apeaceful是什么意思nd to find high school high school, five horses well middle school high school 658 college student free vision screening and optometry, collect related daction下载ata from there love its visual technology co., LTD. Is responsible for the producaction对魔忍tion, distributed to the students free elective mailedmood什么意思中文 to the county. It is understood that this is the second time t深圳市最新疫情hat the Shenzhen L深圳ions Club has come to Hong ‘an after coming to Qiliping tshenzhenown in 2017 to carry outaction的动词 such activities.

Shenzhen lion was est深圳大学ablished on April 2, 2002, is a nongovernmental organization with independent corporactionsation qualification, should adhere to the “independentlions翻译中文 will, independebrightlynt operation, adaction怎么读语音hereeyesore to the purpose, to follow the law,” the guidelines, inpeace翻译 medical and health care, student aactionid, poverty alleviation, disaster relief r深圳风险等级econstruction, such as community service in various fields to caeyes英语怎么读rry out a series of social charity service activities.

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