【 Pantang Primary School 】 Shenzhen Lions Club "Love xiangping students, meet the old revolutionary base area"

(Correspondent: Yuan Dan qiu Qing) On November 26th, Pantang Primary School of Lishan School District, Pingjiang County welcomed the distinguis泮塘古村hed guests -- 10 representatschoolworkives of Shenzhen Lions Cl深圳疫情最新动态ub, including Xu Youping and Liu Ming. They came to th盘塘e sch香平丽ool to hold an activity to help students, pingjiang county eprimary翻译ducastudents'dormitory翻译tion bureau discipline inspection secretary Li Zhi anlove直播手机版app下载d part of the leadership of the Lprimary副词形式ish相平衡方程an school district, as well as a total of 358 teachers and studprimaryents.


The ceremon深圳天气y was held in the school pla深圳yground. After stand香平丽ing up and singing the passionate national antheprimary怎么读英语m, the school's artistic so相平衡方程ciety welcomed thpantange distinguished guests with vigorous and passionate wailovealarmst drum performance and enthusiastic tango dastudents的中文nce. School district leader Zeng Hailin de泮塘livered a warm wel深证指数come speech.


Then, Mr. Xu Youping, executive chairmanlove最新版官方下载 of Care and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, the initiator of the event, gave a speech. He said, "Wushi is myclub hometown and Pstudents英语怎么说antang is my Alma mastudents'dormitory翻译ter. I studied astudents是三单吗nd lived here 30 years ago. Every tree and grass here is deeply engraved in my mind. From now on, I will come here every year with our team to hold public welfare activities and give love to Sang Zi."


Then, The principal of Pantong Sch深圳疫情ool, H深圳市最新疫情uang Huiyan, presentelove直播软件安卓下载d a brocade flag on behalf of the school as a token of gratitude. This time, Shenzhen Lions Clubstudents翻译 donated 1,500 books worth more than 20,000 YUAN to the school. 2 bookcases ofschool音标 3000 yuan; 312 sets of school uniforms worth 21,216 yuan; The 7800 yuan Zhizbxiangpingao 312, 11,494 yuan air conditioning 6.

It is reported that Shenzhen Lions Club is a charity organization. It is their normal practice to help students, the disabled and the poor. In the second semestudents'dormitory翻译steprimaryr of 2017, The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 100,000 yuan to solve the funding gap for the renoclub是什么酒vation of the sqprimary keyuare at the school gate of Pantang School and suclion是什么意思cessfully completed the square construction. In January 2018, Shenzhen Lion donlionsgateated 10,000 yuan to support 10 poor students in Pantang School. So far, Shenzhen Lions Club has donated nearly 180,000 yuan in ca泮塘五约sh and materials to Pantang Primary Sclub怎么读chool.


Student representativclubmede Wong Yucheung潘唐颖简童, Grade 6, said, "Thank you all for your care and encouragement. We will live up to the concerns from all walks of life and the expectations placed on us by the school. We will study haschool翻译rd, worstudents英语怎么说k hard, grow with gratitude, and repay the society with e泮塘古村xcellent result泮塘五约s and win glory for tlove直播软件安卓下载he school."

In the end, Ms. Huang Huiyan, the principal of Pantang School, said, "Dear friends of Shenzhen Lions Club, what you donate to us is valuable, but friendship is priceless. In this cold winter, your love and dedication, like the spring sunshine, let us feel incomparable warmth, gave us infiniclubmante power. We wiprimaryll take this as an opportunity to higher, stricter, faster requirements,club hard work, diligent study. We will strivelove直播手机版app下载 to build ou深圳疫情最新动态r school iclubsnto a first-class rural school that students yearn for, parents are satisfied with and the society approves of."

Shenzhen Lions Club "Love xiangping students, meet in the old Revolutionary base area"

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