Lion strength, red action successive new records (source: Shenzhen Evening News Happy love Supermarket edition)

Lion power, red action successive record
Phoenix Building set a record for the number of blood donorsrecordset in astrength复数 single session, and the mileage Service team set a record for the total amount of blood donors

            Last week, the Shenzhen Lions Club an深圳风险等级d Shenzhen Blood Center organized the Red action &reducerdqurecordsetting什么意思o; Sweepactionscript pengcheng, 4 consecutive days held 4action是什么意思英语 red action, constantly refresh & L深圳风险等级Dquo; Red action ”redis Of blood donors, showing that The lion & throughout; The strength of shenzhen bactionlood bank contributed precious fresh blood.

      &nbshenzhensp;     Since the fourth Red Campaign was larecord什么意思unched on December 12recordscreen last year, th深圳e Shenzhen Lions Club has carried out 25 raction翻译ed campaigns, with 1,789 peaction是什么意思英语ople donating 637,885 milliliters of blood.

    &nbstrengthsp;     &n深圳疫情bsp; On January 8th, the red Action organized by xiangshan Service team in Hanggang Fuchun Buildingsource引擎 kicked off last week’s red action. This buildinnewspaperg is home to four Lion brothers firmrecords怎么读s. Among them, more than 20 employees of Anisen Investment Guarantee C深圳风险等级ompany led by Xie Yalion翻译ngxu shijie donated blood. Building material manastrengthgement company also actively organized employees and white-collar workers in the building offnewice to participate iredmin blood donation. They were all awarded by the Saction的动词henzhen Lions Club. Love gas station &rdqusuccessive翻译o; The signboard. Xiangshan Service team successfully achieved the goal of 100 people signing up for blood donatio深圳市最新疫情n and 1 million donations raised. Fifty-seven people donated 20,000 milliliternewss of blood that day. One of them, Brother Shi, donated 1 million yuan to Hubei Institute of Science and Technology, and President Hong Shenglong of the service team donated 10,000 yuan to support a piano scholar.

  &nbsourcedsp;       &nbspstrength复数; On January 9, the red Campaign launched by the Red Litchi Serecordsourcervice team entered fumin New Village, attractirecordsetting什么意思ng many raction怎么读语音esidents to participate in thsuccessivelye blood donation activity. On that day, 130 people regissources是什么文件夹tered to donate blood, and 97 people successfully collected blood, donating 36,100 milliliters of bloodstrength怎么变动词.

            On January 10, the red action launched by the Mangroredundantve Bay Service team enlioneltered the Phoenixlion复数 Busuccessive是什么意思ilding and set ostrength英语fflion的音标 a blood donation craze. The number of blood donred怎么读ors reached 255, settingaction a new record of 93,600 milliliters in a singlion是什么意思le day. Brother Liu Yilin organized the anxinshenzhen Securities volunteer terecords怎么读am to take active action. The Property management company of Phoenix Building carried out a house-sweeping mobilization, and the soldiers of the Border Defense Detachment of The People’s Armed Police also came to hel深圳天气p. The number of registered blood donors exceeded 4records翻译00. Zhou Baolin, CEO of Bond Education Group, who works in the building, alsorecord什么意思 came in a wheelchair to donate blood, hnew的反义词is secrecord是什么意思中文翻译ond time at the building.

  &nb深圳大学sp;     &nbsstrength英语p;   On January 11, the mileage Service team set a new record of total blood donation and total blood donation by holding 5 red actions in succession. On the basis of the previous 4 events organized by the mileage Service team, the fifth event of red action was held in The Wanfu Square. The event was organized by The second vice president of the Mile Sstrength的几种形式ervice Team, Wen Shuxian, who organized the employees ofsuccessively什么意思啊 the Ziqing Beno bakery chain, as well as friendsrecord是什么意思中文翻译, relatives and emplorecords是什么意思yees of the company. The number of registered blood donors reached 150, and 122 people donated 43,200 milliliters of blood.

  &nbsplion复数;         Notice: Next week 3 red深圳 actioredisn: on January 16th, charity collection service team and Longchengsuccessive是什么意思 Service team jaction翻译ointly organized in longgang Middle Golf Club and Long深圳天气gang Wine City at the same time, the former 9:30 start ceremony,red怎么读 the latter 11:00 start ceremony. On January 17, the Tai ‘an Service tealion翻译m will be held in the Camp of Guangdong Public Security Frontier Defense Team no.6. On January 18, the departure service team will be held in Shekou Xinyijia Supermarket Co., LTD. (Haishang Istrength翻译nternational Shopping mall).

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