Interview | make good habits - 2018-2019 "new lion new generation kinetic energy" outstanding service

The "four forces" in the 2018-2019 Work plan of Shenzhen Lions Club have always been fresh in our minds. Onnew balance the occasion of the tgoodbyeribute and inanew的反义词uguration ceremony, thhabit是什么意思英语e recognition of lions friengenerations日本组合ds and service teams also came as scheduled. Thegoods ten service tea马克龙ms that won the 2018-2019 "New Momenhabit是什么意思tum nehabits怎么读w Lion Generation" outstanding service team are as follows: Silver Lake, Hongli, Yantian, Dream, Tiancheng, Missiohabits英语怎么读n Hills, Huatian, Huatian, Happinew是什么意思英语ness, Fuai service team. Reporters from Shenshi News Agency have interviewed the service teams with admiration and blessing. Let's take a look at what they do and listen to what thegoodnighty say. Let's feel the power of excellence together.

Silver Lake Cui Jie _ copy.jpg

Mr马可. Cui Jieshi, 2018-2019 Leader of Silver Lake Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club

It has been 18 years since the Silver Lake Service was founded in 2002. There are still 12 fointerview的名词unding melion翻译mbers, 14 captains and 51 members. The retention rate of members is as high as 96%, andinterview的名词 23 Huaslion复数hi awards have been pledged this year. We are proud that Brother Su Zeran, former supervisor of national Lions Association and former prlion翻译esidenlionkkt of Shenzhen Lions Club, is alion的音标 member of the Silver Lake Service Team. As the captain of silver Lake Sgoodleervice Team in 2018-2019, Cui Jie halion的中文意思s only been a member of Shenzhen Lions Club for eight years,lion复数 but he has known and understood Shenzhen Lilionkkons Club for 18 years. Cui jie, then an employgood的比较级ee of a state-owned enterprise owned by the city, often heard stories about the selfless efforts of the lions club and was deeply moved. In 2new012, I was invited by Mr. Zhang Tinterviewedengfang, a longtime friend of the Sigeneration gaplver Lake Service Team, to join the Silver Lake Service Team of lions Club, and started the happy journey of "helpnewgroundsing others and serving the society"! In 2018-19, silver Lake Service tmake的用法eam particimakepated in 29 service projects. Agoodnightmong them, 22 "Help by Yougeneration的意思r Side" service training sessions were organized, benefiting mor马克龙e than 130 peomakeupple. Fmake的过去式or sinterviewer怎么读henzhen Marathon, Bao 'an District marathon, Guangming New District marathonhabits joint马可波罗瓷砖 escort once each, 2 disabled assistance activities, 2 return visits for students, 1 guangming Trip, 13 times to visit shiyou enterprises, 2 times to cahabits是什么意思中文翻译re for Shiyou families, participated in the meetings orgmake的过去式anized by the district council and several joint services, the service funds amounted to more than 1.34 million yuan. After the flood in easterngoods Guangdong on August 30 la马克龙st year, silver Lak马克华菲e service team held a team meeting the next day and decided to donate 100,000 yuan to support the disaster area. Lamake是什么意思ter, undergenerational the leadership of President Ma Min and Chief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, many lion friends of simake的用法lver Lake service teinterview翻译am went to Gangzhou Village, Simapu Town, Chaonan Digenerationalstrict, Shantou City and Chaoyang District Civil Affalionigenerations翻译rs Bureau to donate instant noodles, rice, oil, salt, powder and other emergency supplies. The rapid reslionsponse and timelynew怎么读 service were highly praised by the local authorinewties and the affected people. Afterwards, the district Council called on 146 service tinterview翻译eams to clionsontinue to help the victims in Luhe County and gangzhou Villgoodnightage in Chaonan district to build the villagers' shelter projinterview什么意思ect. The lion friends of the Silver Lake Service telion怎么读am also actively cooperatedgoodnotes with the district Council to travel and make suggestions. Silver Lake service team low-key, introverted to do practical work, initiative, enthusiastic love. Lion friends respect each other, thabits翻译olerance, unity, love as a family. Thabits是什么意思英语his is the Silver Lake Servicenew Team.

Happy tang Three _ copy. JPG

Brother Tang Sanshi, 2018-2019generation英语 Captain of Happy Service Team

Happy service in 2018-201interviewers怎么读9 three positive organization led by captain tang, lufeng carried out and a native of jiangxigood翻译 proviinterview翻译nce brig马克笔ht eyes action, educational and community service as well as the three major brands such as shenzhenlion的中文意思 lions red action public sergoodsvice activities, promote and support area can prevent blindness blind committee organization carried out "gaozhou county attended cataract service activities.马克华菲

On October 24 and November 24, 2018make的过去式, the Happiness Service team carried out student assistance activities in Gexi Township, Jgenerationaliangxi Province and Lufeng,goodnotes Guangdong Province respectively. Among them, "Gardener • Hand in hand" is the first excellent teacher experience sharing and exchange activity held by Happinehabit是什么意思英语ss Service Team, which has received warm respolion怎么读nse from local teachers. The activity donated 8,800 yuan of teachinghabits是什么意思英语 scholgoodarships to 9 primary schools in Gexi Township, and the service funds winterview翻译ere 79,200 yuan. The happy Service Team donated 8,800 yuan of teaching scholarships to 15 schools in Lufeng city, Gugenerationangdong Provincmake是什么意思e, with a total of 132,000 yuan of service funds, and 510 teachers anlionkkd students won awards. This is the fourinterviewingth year "Lufengmake的过去式 Teaching Assistant" activity of happy Service team, which is also the core service project of happhabits是什么意思中文翻译y service tealion的音标m. Since its establishment, Happy Service Team has been committed to carry out the "happy teaching scholnew的反义词arship" activity for ten years, and never missed an appointmgenerationent, which flion的音标ully reflects the dedicatiolion的音标n of happy service team to carry out service activities. Focusing on brand public welfare projects, the major pnewsractices the vision of "supporting domestic children's education, encouraging teachers and students to work hard, learn actively, sprea马可波罗瓷砖d the heart of gratitude, so that each teacher and students know how to cherish, and jointly buigenerationld an advintervieweeanced, prosperous and loving hnew balanceome". Up to thinew是什么意思s year, happy service team in Lufeng City ihabits英语怎么读n Guangdong province and Yiyang city in Jiangxi province accuminterviewer怎么读ulative award of 607,200 yuan. Happy service team 2018-2019 captain Tanghabits是什么意思英语 three captain'sgeneration怎么读 biggest feeling agoodnotesnd harvest is through the calionkkptain training before taking office and many years to do tgeneration的意思he service team secretary's understanding of lion business, for lion friends "interviewsempower", and lion friends grow together; Rehabitslying on the strennew是什么意思英语gth of the team, we advocate the concept of "I give, I am happy" tnewspapero serve the community and society in a good state, and joiinterview翻译ntly promote the steady prog马可波罗瓷砖ress of the service team. Through the promotion of a number of brand public welfare projects, the happiness service team lion friends interaction and cooperation abililionelty and colions英语怎么读hesion. In addition, the four-year lufeng education activitigood的比较级es have been recognized by the local rural frgenerationalont-line educators, students and parents. It also laid a solid mass foundation for holding the "Gardener • Hand in hand" activity for tgenerationshe fourth year, which further promotmake是什么意思ed the determination of teachers and students in the school. Mealions英语怎么读nwhile, it also explored the unique, dedicated and professional public welfare blion的音标rand progenerationalject ofnew是什么意思 happiness Service team, which benefited more rural lefthabits是什么意思英语-behind children.

Change is good. JPG

Mr. Liu Xiaoning, thabits是什么意思英语he 2018-2019 leader of The Red Li Service Team

"Time flies, time is like a stream, the one-year term of the captain hgoodleas expired, recall last year at this time MY mood is uneasy, nervous, worried. A year has passed in a twinkling of an eye. Looking back on these unfogenerationrgettabgood翻译le days and nights, THERE are hardships, moves and joy. I have harvested a lot. Liu Xiaoning, the 2018-2019 leader of the Red Litchi Sergoodluckvice Team, was impressed. In the past year, the Red Litchi Se马可rvice team has carried out 23 service activities, including student assistance, assistance to the disabled, caring for the community, caring for the elderly and red Action. For instance, Caring older university of nanshan, shanwei five body can be high school stadium donations, zhangoodnotesjiang lianjiang migoodnightddle school teaching equipment and the desks ahabit是什么意思英语nd chairs, guangxi sanjiang teaching equipment, guizhou xingyi audivisual classrooms and book donation, many regenerationsd action games services, care for children special child care centernewgrounds of nanshan visit activities, sponsor area will be the major service proje马克吐温cts, joint spring multimedia audio-visual cmakeuplassroom contributions and the library , Bright actigoodbyeon, bright line and other services. In this yearhabit是什么意思, the total donationlionel was about 1.5 million yuan, which was praised and rewarded by the district cogenerations翻译uncil for many times. I was rated as the first sergood翻译vice model of Shenzhen Lions Club in the thigoodleplay商店rd quarter of 2018-2019. Captain Liu xiaoning was degeneration gapeply moved by the unconditional support and trust from all the lions in the red Litchi Service team, who lnew balanceove each ogoodbyether and make selfless dedication to the she马克吐温nzhen Lions Club's aim of "helping others and serving the society" and the spirit of "four out". Together, they "plionass on lion love and grow up hand in hand"interviewee and make the hong Lai Servigoodsce team brilliant today. Captain Liu Xiaoning said that he was growing up in the pay, there are too many feelings anhabits是什么意思中文翻译d gratitude, he sincerely sent a message to the upcinterview翻译ominghabits是什么意思英语 long Yali captain, wish long Yali captain lead the red li service team "newgroundsto the next level", dgoodleo excellent in excellnewsent, outstanding in outstanding. Let's give our best wishes to the Hong Lai Service Team!

Dream of a golden flower. JPG

Dream Service team's 2018-2019 team captain, Leo Regina

"I had a serious c马可onversation with a great lion friend abinterview什么意思out this topihabits是什么意思c: what is it thnew怎么读at minterviewer怎么读akes you give so much strength and enthusiasm on the Lion rolionelad? The answer is common! -- If I joined the Lions Club because I was just doing public welfare work at tlionshe beginning, I have become a team leader out of responsibility." Dream teams of 2018-2019 captain Lai Jinhua ngoodnotesow experience is stillgenerations egeneration翻译xcited about his captain, "when I took my enthusiasm, uneasy, the heart of fear to underwrite thnewlye live, I like a wlions英语怎么读et behind not too young, some cmake是什么意思onfused some foolish, next problions英语怎么读lem almost let me sevegoodluckral t马可波罗瓷砖imes almointerviewers怎么读st want to give up, but马克华菲, There is a voice in my he马可art that tgoodsells me that I am a responsinewsble social person. I am not a child playmakeuping house on the charit马克龙y road. I calion的中文意思nnot let go, nor can I let go! Th马可波罗瓷砖e original intention of liogoodnotes软件下载ns club is to rea马克华菲lize the growth of everyone, no matter who sinterviewer怎么读tands in this position is a new person, they have to face a lot onewgroundsf difficulties, rather than trying to give uplion是什么意思, it is b马克笔etter to actively famake是什么意思ce the problem, solve the problem, so as to enjoy the hnew怎么读appinenew balancess ointerviewf growth!" Beautiful stubborn lai jinhua captainewn soon found a solution to tnewlyhe problem: one, follow the pace of the district, Ma Min presidengoodleplay商店t called on everyone to do what, we will do; Second, strive for all opportunitiemake的用法s to participate in the study; 3. Learn from other excellent lion friends and service teams; Four, tnew是什么意思o consult senior lion friends, humblgoodbyey accept tintervieweeeachings; 5. Formulate appropriate servicegoodleplay商店 ointerviewer怎么读r activity plans based on the actual situa马克华菲tion of the service team. And lead by example!

In the difficult situation, sgenerations翻译he always held the heart of gratitude. Under the leadership of lions Club,newgrounds lion friends, social caring people and enterprises, all lion friends of dream Service team worked together and co马克龙mpleted the one-year service activities and regular meetings glogenerationriously, and created their own brand service projects: Finterview什么意思irst, "Let love speak", to help children with voice disorders to speak clearly, communicate, and startnew a normal life. This is a veryhabits英语怎么读 meaningfulionsl thing, savinlion翻译g not only the children's lifehabits怎么读, but also the hapnew是什么意思英语piness of a family. Olionkkur persistence touchelion怎么读d President Ma Min, many lion friends and social caring people, who all expressed their reintervieweecogninterview翻译ition and support. At the launching ceremony of "Let Love Speak" shabits怎么读erintervieweevice project, President Ma Min awarded the first card of Shenzhen Li马克笔ons Club to "Shenzhen Lions Charity School" on the spot, which is the glory of all participants! Iinterview什么意思n addition, the dream Service team has been engaged in the activity of "creating wealth lion Love Hope Primary School" in Yushu, Qinghai province for more than two yearnewlys, with a total investment of more than 600,000 yuan in service funds and a total of more than 1 million yuan from other caring people, to build a hope primary school integrating living and learning functions, which can provide life and learning for more than 80 orphans. This yearnewgrounds, the dream Sernews可数吗vice team participated in 29 joint service activities between tnewgroundsheinterview district council and other service teams, with a totinterviewal service cost of more than 450,000 yuan. Full pay, full harvest. Lgoodluckai jinhua captain withabit是什么意思英语h "thanks, movnewgroundsed, Thanksgiving" for their own captain of the road to draw a satisfactory full stop!

Fu Ai Tang Zi Li _ copy.jpg

The 2018-2019 Fuai Service Team leader tamakeng Zi Li Shi Jie

2018-2019 is the first year of the Fu Ai Service Team. Lion Friends are very proud that ma Min, the founding leader of the team, served as the president of the Shenzhen Lions Club this year. Tang Zili said she wainterview的名词s vehabits怎么读ry lucky马可波罗瓷砖 tonewly be the caphabit是什么意思tain of fuai Service team for 2018-2019. At the beginning of the year, Captain Tang Zili put forgoodsward the concept of "traditional service and innovatgeneration翻译ive brand advance simultaneously, team buildhabits是什么意思中文翻译ing and family blionuilding of Lion friends go hand in hand". In tradihabits翻译tional service activities, they continue to serve xinew balanceli Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled. This project has las马克吐温ted for 8 years and is also a service projeinterviewers怎么读ct handed down from generation to generation by fuai Service Team. This year, in addition to the traditional Mid-Autumn festival and Sprinnew怎么读g Festival visits, we have added a one-day sightseeinggoods trip to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge with them, so that the comrades in the rehabilitationinterview的名词 center can also witness the rapid development of the motherland. In the bnews可数吗rand innovation activities, the fuai service team took the lead in the trnewsaffic police tieqi care services, for t马克吐温he traffic police box sent to the refrigerator, so that the police uncle busy running on duty, you cahabits是什么意思n drink a cup of summer dew. The project was recognized by the diinterviewingstrict Couinterviewedncil, which also carriintervieweded out a series of cargood翻译ing activi马克吐温ties for the traffic pollion复数ice group in the later period. He also led the lion friends of the service team to travel with their families and participated in thlions英语怎么读e posthabit是什么意思英语-disaster reconstruction and education activities in Taishan and Anhui provincgeneration的意思e. Meanwhile, hegoodluck also launched the lion friends family baking course and organized the lion friends family to visit thgenerations日本组合e popular and fun "Minions" art exhibition and othnewlyer activities. Thank you all!

Hua Tian Yu Xiaoping _ duplicate.jpg

Huatian Service Team 2018-2019 captain Yu Xiaoping Lion sister

This islion复数 the motto of Yu Xiaoping, the 2018-2019 team leader of Huatian Service Team. Bold and bold, adhergeneration英语ing to the "four out" spirit to bring the Huatmake的过去式ian Service team to a new level. This year, Captain Yu Xiaoping participated in 36 service projects and attended more than 5lion0 personal activities. Painterviewers怎么读rticipated in land river disastgoodleer, red action, mountain aid, and won the fourth place in the desert hiking fundraising. "If there is a project, I will do it. If there is no project, I will fulion复数lly participate in and support tgoodshe projects of the district Council. I am most grateful to huatian team leader, Brother Huang Zhiqiang shi, for this achievement of the Huatian family." Capable yu Xiaoping captainhabit是什么意思英语 said. Love, simple good, pure good!

PNG Hua Tian Annie Zhao

The 2018-2019 Team leader of Hugoodsatian Service Team is Zhao Annie shinterviewedi Jie

Zhao Annie, team leader onewsf Huatlionelian Service Team for 2018-2019, expressed her special thanks to President Ma Min and the district Coumake的过去式ncilgeneration gap for awarding huatian Service Team the honor of 2018-2019. Among the outstanding service teams, Huatian is the youngest. As the leader of the foundinggeneration team of Huatian, she deeply realized that behind these achievements are the selfless efforts of every huatian friend and the concinterviewingerted efforts of the team leader. Because of the wisdom and strength of the team, there has never been a mistake in decision-making. Since February 2017, huatian Servmakeice Team has traveled more than 800 days and nights on the roainterviewedd of pubnew balancelic welfare and charity.generation怎么读 Each member of Huatian Service team has left countless touchinggoodbye moments and igood的比较级ndelible memories in the ring of years witnewh sincerity, true feelings, sincere emotions and practgeneration英语ical actions. Based in Shenzhen, Huatian Service Team carries out vivid, innovative angenerationd influential activities to help the disabled. Build a team with pattern, culture and execution; Put forward the team spirit of "punctuality, efficiency, pragmatism and standard". In 2generation x y z区别018-2019,goodle more than 30 events have been helinterviewd and jointly served, bnew的反义词enefinewting at lehabits怎么读ast 8,000 people wihabitsth a per capita service fund of more than 10,000 yuan. Won the top ten service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club service Model for two consecutive quarters; Every segoodluckrvice activity or regular melion复数eting starts on time without any delay.

Huatian assistive service willgoodluck culture into the public welfare charity, from a t马克笔eam is defined at the beginning of his brand - "domestic dream, love motherland" big Thanksgiving self-help tour held in shenzhen eiinterview的过去分词ght games for the dihabits怎么读sablhabits翻译ed in the large-scale performances, lions, friends and friends to go tnewspapero enterprises,interview翻译 scnew怎么读hools, communities, and attendance at least more than 1000 people at a time, only an baoshan industrial schools, More than 4000 teachers and studentsmake的过去式 in the wholgenerationale schoolgood的比较级 watched the performance together. When the whole audienhabits是什么意思中文翻译ce sang the chorintervieweeus of "Ode to the Motherland",news the lion flionelriends and studentgeneration英语s praised foD for their self-improvenewgroundsment and wonderful pelion是什么意思rformhabitsance, andlion是什么意思 the applause lasted forgoodnight a long tiinterview的名词me. The first Disabled speech Contest, "The Most Beautiful Stage", a provincial-level e马克华菲vent, was mainly planned by Huatian Service Team. 35 service teams jointly undertook the contgoodbyeest. Many lion friends watched the final with tears anliond gave high comments. A collection of poems and essays entitled "Let Love Hold up the Sky for Self-improvement" was published, which included 70 works of FOD and 16 works of Shiyou. Before collecting the works, Mr. Ding Li, vice chairman of Shenzhen Writers Associatinterviewer怎么读ion, walionss specially invited to train foD on writing skills for four times. Through targeted assistance, these sermakeupvice activities help people with digenerations翻译sabilities to grow their dream wings and create a new trend of disability a马可nd health integration.

Here we wougenerations翻译ld like to express our special thanks to the lion friends and the lion friends who have been paygooding attention, glion翻译uidingnews and supporting Huatian. I would like to thank huatian Service team's founding team mentornews可数吗 Brother Zhang Hongxiang and mentor sister Chen Shuhuan for their guidance and help. In the Newinterviewer怎么读 Year, we beliemakeve that umakender the leaderslions英语怎么读hip of Captain Wang Mingqiang, huatian Service team will reach a higher level and develnew是什么意思op steadily in an anewsll-round way in thegeneration gap annual slogan and annual plan of "Serving together and harmoniousnews可数吗 together" pgeneration英语roposed by President Weng Hua. Here I wish all lion friends lion friendship fointerviewedrever solid, lion yun Chang long!

Due to busy work andlionel other reasons, the service teams of Yantian, Tiancheninterview什么意思g and Mission Hills were unsuccessful in their interviews, but we still want tgenerations翻译o commend and cinterviewer怎么读ongratulate them. "We start out happy, we serve with heart" this sentence, these ointerview的过去分词utstanding service teams often hang in the mouth, remember in mind. Today is past, tomorrow is another day, some memories have become classic, some moved to stay in the heart. Makgeneration x y z区别e excellence a habit and praise a norm!


[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Chen Meihong

[Photo] Shensh马克龙i News Agenchabits怎么读y

[Edit] Zhao Annie Office, Shenshi News Agency grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shgenerationalenzhen Lions Club Office

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