Interview ︱ Wenghua: Love people, people always love it

One’s life, every day and many people, many things pass by, and that person, may become your bosom friend, or rivals, or just passers-by; And that thing, maybe become y翁华ou aninterviewsd I ordinary things, or pass by, or beclovely什么意思ome alovelyn indispensab文华学院le part of life…… Weng Hua, plove最新版官方下载residewenghuant of The Shenzhen Lions Club, has been deeply attracted since the moment he m文化大命革命事件et the charity, and determiinterviewedned to be a performer of charity and a communicator of love and dediclovely翻译ation. As the chairman of the Shenzh文化en Lions Club 2019-2020, Weng Hua Shi Brother alinterviewedways does not forget his original intention, beginning with love, Zhen Yu good.

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Blovealarmright June, early summer time, vegetation ialways怎么读s salways的用法till shallow. Lion friends fr文化om Lions Club News Agency of Shenzhen interviewed Weng Hua, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2019-2020. Let’s listen to his touchiinterviewers怎么读ng story with Shenzhen Lions Club and the work plan of shenzhen Lions Club in the New Year.

Joining Shenzhen Lions club is an accident and inevitable for me. At the beg文化inning, I just wanted to do something meaningful and make a little文化 contribution to the society. Charity is a long way to go, aintervieweend it is not something that can be achieved by j翁皇ust one person or two. When everyone adds wood to the fire, the flame will go high. When lion friends everywhere in the wopeople币rld donate a little love, the worinterview翻译ld will becominterview翻译e more and more beautiful day by daypeople的复数形式. Every time, I tried my best to participate in the public welfar文化苦旅e activitielove直播手机版app下载s such as helpinalways的同义词g the disabled and helping students. Only when I personally participated in them could Ipeoples have a dpeople可数吗eeper understanding and finterviewer怎么读eeling. Every time, I felt as if I hadlove最新版官方下载 experienced a baptism of the soul, and I was deeply moved and grateful. Let me can’t forget the most is to take care o文华学院f mentally retarded children go to orphanage, when small they saw us coming from loneliness and longing eyes moment into a surprise and the look in the eyes of the happy, innolove最新版官方下载cent look at me, my mind, heart, dimples, a stranginterview的名词e feeling beyond wpeople币ords oil but the mood can’t be calm once in a long time. Our little love carries the infinite happiness and happinesalwaysonline什么意思中文s of the children. Why should I not stick topeople翻译 the path of public welfare? I always hope that I will try my bestpeople翻译 to walk in the forefront of the road of publilovely翻译c welfare, overcome all difficulties, andpeople英语怎么读 strive tinterview的过去分词o be a public welfarlove is gone英文翻译e person with a clear conlovely翻译science and no regrets. From 2010 to now, the whole nine yea文化苦旅rs, I pay apeople英语怎么读t thpeople的复数形式e same time also in the harvest, harvest happiness, harvest friendinterviewedship, harvest touched, harvest hope…… The days whepeoplesn I joined the Lions Club were the happieslove is gone英文翻译t, most meaningful and beau文化程度tiful days, filled with the most loving and unforgettable feelings in my life. Weng Hua, president of the emotional ground said文化入侵异世界.

Reference to one of this year’s annuallove最新版官方下载 plans. “Save by your side”, weng Hua, president of the memory is still terrified, repeatedly said. “Accidents are really, really close to yinterview翻译ou. One morning, my son got up and suddenly fell unconscious. I was in a panic. Later, the family called emergency services, fortunately, the child was safe in time. What I want to say is that we should all linterviewer怎么读earn some basic knowledge of first aid, so t文化入侵异世界hat with the apeople是可数名词还是不可数名词bility of first aid, we can lealways英语怎么读nd a h文化elping hand anytime and anywhere.” Compared with his lion rointervieweead journey, Weng Hua, president of thalways是什么意思e New Year’s work plan is eloquent.

In the New Year, Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to follow the principle of helping others and serving the soci文华学院ety. China’s devepeople的复数形式lopmentlove has entered a nintervieweeew era. The Chinese government has adhered to the important concept of people-centered, and put the people as the starting point a文化大命革命事件nd destinati文华学院on of all work. To measure the level, quality and efficiency of a country’s economic development, we need to see wh文化苦旅ether the people have a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Officials in China are aiming to turn the country into a moderately prosperous society by 2020, with moalways是什么词性re than 700 million people moving from povertylove直播手机版app下载 to prosperity. This is the biggest human rights, the biggest humanity and thepeople的复数形式 biggespeoplet charityalways后面的动词什么形式.

In 2019-2020, under the leadershipalways英语怎么读 of the competent unit, Shenzhen Lions Club will implalways onlineement the spirialwayst of the 13th Nation翁皇al Congress of Lions Club, and vigorously promote the key lion work such as system c文华学院onstruction, organization development and social service文化程度s. With the combined efforts of more than 140 service te文华学院apeople是单数还是复数mlovealarms and the strength of more than 4,000 lion friends, Slovelyhenzhen Linterview什么意思ions Club will vigorously promote the system conalwaysstruction, organization development,always是什么词性 social services and other key lion work, making Shenzhen Lions Club a leading public welfare service pioneer team in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even the whole country.

In 2019-2020, Lions Club shenzhen will take “one persistence, three key points and five types of services” as its overall work plan. The specific content is: adhere to the leadership of the Calways后面的动词什么形式ommunist Party of China; Strengthen system construction, optimize membership structure, refilove直播手机版app下载ne social services; The theme service month will be held with the focus on five types of service plovely什么意思rlove直直播appojects: Save by your Side, Care for sanitlove最新版官方下载ation workers, diabe文华财经te翁华s propaganda and education, targeted assistance to the disabled and anti-drug propaganda and education. Work plan from the party building work, system construlove直播软件安卓下载ction, member development, social services, daily lion work five aspects.

First, adhere to the leadership of the Party, and create a situation in which party buildingpeople是什么意思 apeoplesnd lion work “fly together on both speople怎么读ides”.In the New Yearinterview什么意思, we will keep pace with The Times, as always, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of Party memberinterviewings in public welfare and charity activlovely什么意思ities, strengthen Party building, stimulate the vitality of sociintervieweeal oalways的同义词rganizations, and create a social governance pattern featuring joint contribution, common governance and shared benefits.

Second, & have spent Strengthen system construction, further stlove直直播appandardize the ma翁华nagement of service teams and members.文化程度This year will be an important year for lions club to self-manage and selfinterviewer怎么读-regulate. Shenz文化入侵异世界hen Lions Club will concentrate on learning the new constitution and文化程度 working rules of Lions Club in China, and revise the Constitution of Shenzhen Lions Club and Worlovelyking Rules of Shenzhen Lions Club based on the actual situation of Shenzhen Lions Club. Ilovely什么意思mprove the rules and regulations of member development, organization construction, conference management, financial management, service activities management, and promote the strict implementation of the rules and regulations, and further stapeople怎么读ndarpeople的复数形式dize the managempeople英语怎么读ent of service teams andinterview翻译 membelove is gone英文翻译rs.

Three, & have spent Optimize the membership structalways后面的动词什么形式ure and activapeople翻译te the power source for the development of Shenzhelove is gone英文翻译n Lions Club.Members are the source of strength for the continuwenghuaous development of翁皇 Shenzhen Lions Club翁华. This year, we will clean up accordpeople怎么读ing to thelovely requinterviewers怎么读irement文华学院s of the domestic lion association and the relelove直直播appvant member development, service team developalwaysment of thalways翻译e new reguinterview什么意思lations, through thealways怎么读 development of membership methods, designated certification guide lion with weak team development, the creation of excellent new service team and other aspects of the work. Strive for annual membalways翻译ership retentionalways是什么意思 rate of 85%, membership growth rate of 5%.

Four, & have spent To refine social services, theme service month and “100 team Lions” to promote community services.Sealwaysrvice is the speopleoul o文化的定义f Shenzhen Lions Club. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Lions Club has stea翁华dily improved its comprehensive service level per capita, gradually expanded its brand service influence, and increasingly enriched its projects and services. In the New Yeinterviewingar,lovely the per capita sepeoplesrvice expendpeople怎么读iture of each service team will reach over 10,000 yuan. With targeted assistance to the disabled as the main line, we planned, promoted and carried out five文华学院 themed service month activities: Saalways怎么读ve you, Care for sanitation workers, diabetes education, targeted assistance to the disabled and anti-drug educlove直直播appation.

5. Standardize文化入侵异世界 daily lion work aalways是什么词性nd inherit lion culture.In 2019-2020, there will be a working day of president, advocate thrift, care for lion friends, strengthen liinterviewer怎么读on training, stpeople怎么读rengthen publicity, actively carry out lion communwenghuaication and timely do daily work such as commendation aalways后面的动词什么形式nd recognition.

Lions is a global model of philanthropy, achie文化的定义ved through unity and harmony, all achiepeople怎么读ved through diversity and harmony. Harmony means inheritance, unity, understanding and tolerance. Harmony is all around us. It is closely linked to our lives and our文化程度 lion affairs. Harmony means respect and integration. All lions seek common ground while reserving differences and jointly promote the orderly and stable development of Shenzhen Lions Club. Harmon翁华y is progress and strength. The strength of harmony is like a long ribbon, which connects the hearts of talways怎么读he people in need and the hearts of all the lion club members in Salways英语怎么读henzhen. Overcome numerous difficulties and create a better future! From president Weng H文化程度ua’s increasingly f文化的定义orceful voice, welove直播手机版app下载 can see the light and hope in thlove直播破解版e future of pu文华学院blic welfare.

This year, President Weng Hua specially designepeople是可数名词还是不可数名词d a blue lion badge with re翁华d background, which fully demonstrates the spirit of the lion with unremitting self-improvinterview什么意思ement and enterprising spirit.interview Staring at the lion with strong eyes and looalways英语怎么读king forward to the future, it implies that shenzhen Lions club will focus on service and create harmony in the coming year. When presiintervieweddent Weng Hua, who is cpeople怎么读alm翁皇 and taciturn, spoke h翁华ere, his indifferent flovely什么意思ace and bright eyes seemedalways online to be lookinginterviewee at the future ahead.

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Charity is the embodiment of love and the experience of beauty. Loalwaysonline什么意思中文ve, people love; Respect people, people always respect them. And President Weng Hua has been trying翁皇 to be that lover, respect people! Let all lion friends follow the footsteps of weng Hua, the president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020, and forge ahead with service and harmony to create nalwaysew brlovealarmilliance for Shenzhen Lions Cllovealarmub!

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Chen Meihong


[Edit] Ma Hupeopleijuan, Hu Lei, Zhao Annie Offilove is gone英文翻译ce, Shenshi News Agency

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