For love to walk with warmth and togetherness

For love to walk with warmth and togetherness
— — Lions Club of Shenzhen participated iwalking是什么意思n thewarmth什么意思中文 1st session & LDQUO; Walk for love ” Hiking activity

            The first & other; Walovealarmlk for lotogetherness是什么意思ve & Bull; One Foundation 2walkman013 (Shenzhen) Walk & RDquo; Iwalk怎么读t was lalove直播破解版unched in the evening of July 20, 2013 at The Xiantong Sports Park under Wutong Mountain. Shenzhen Lions Club sent 24 members from Hongli,love直播手机版app下载 Xinxing, Gaoxin, Shanwarmth的形容词gbu and Longhua service teams to form 6 teams to participate in the event. Walk for love ” Public welfare activities, a total of 6000 yuanwarmth.
 warmthy           “ Walk for love ” The public welfare and charity activities are introduced into the public hewalk怎么读alth activities, through the participatilove最新版官方下载on ofwarmth的形容词 the whole people, chwalk的过去式allenge themselveswalking, collectiwalk的过去式ve cooperation to realize the team’s love dedication, which is a chawarmth词性rity and health combination of love reunion. This year’s event wilwalk的过去式l raise funds for the One Foundation Warm Pack public welfare projlove直播软件安卓下载ect. Tlove最新版官方下载he warm Pack project is to stogetherness是什么意思end warm clothes, antifrlove直直播appeeze items and school supplies to childrelove最新版官方下载n in the frwalkmanolovely翻译zen disaster areas in western China, especially left-bwarmth什么意思中文ehind children, orphans and children with disabilities, to helpwalk的过去式 children warm up for the winter.
            On the evwarmth的形容词ening of July 20, & LDquo; Walk for love ” The hiking aclovetivity hlove直直播appelwalk翻译d a grand launch ceremony in the Sportspark. 20:00 as commanded, the organizing committee from all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, 500 team hwalk是什么意思as more than 2000 participants from the starting point, shenzhen 24 lion lion 6 team frielove直播软件安卓下载nds also with the team, after rainwarmth怎么读, ruggedtogetherness, anwarmth什么意思中文d the darkness of the mud road, everybody together, cooperate with ewalk的过去式ach other, encowarmthurage each other, mutual progress, Push the boundaries while pushwalk翻译ing the boundaries. To the best of my ability, everybody publlovely什么意思ic good. With the spirit ofwalking teamwork and participation, we will raise more donations from the society twarmth怎么读音o help the children in twalk翻译rouble.
          &walk的过去式nbsp; “ Walk for love ” The hiking activity ended awalkmastert noon on July 21, wilovely翻译th all the participants devotwarmth怎么读ing the most siwarmth什么意思中文ncere love to the social welfare activity and raising nearly 900,000 yuan for charity.
            Shenzhen lions said, by participating in this activity, not only twalko strengthen the contact and cooperatiowarmth怎么读音n wilovely翻译th social charity groups, but also accumulated valuablewarmth是什么意思 outdoor hiking hikiwalk怎么读ng activity owalkmanrgawalkingnization experience, believe in the future by organizing such awalkingctivities can bring more social llove最新版官方下载oving people and enterprises to pwarmth什么意思中文articipate in social public welfare activities, letwarmth翻译 pass love and warmth.


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