Notice on holding the annual seminar 2013-2014

Notice on organizing a seminar for district Board members, committee members, service teamseminars什么意思 presidents, secretaries and finance of Lions Club shenzhen 2013-2014

Dear District Council members, Committee members, Service Teseminar的意思am Presidents,holding Secretaries and Treasurers,

            This is to hold the 2013-201seminary是什么意思4 Dseminars什么意思istrict Council member, committee member, Service team President, Secretary anotice的固定搭配nd financial seminar of Shenzhen Lions Club on August 16-18, 2013 in Dongguan Tangquan Spring Golf Hotel. The specific arrangemseminar翻译entseminar-styles are as followsnotice翻译:

  &nbannual翻译sp;       &nbspseminar翻译; A, & have spenholdingst Training Schedule
            Friday, Augholding翻译ust 16 &seminar NBSP; 15:30&nbsnotice同义词p;     Council members gather and depart at 16:00
      &nbnotice同义词sp;                                   &nbseminar英文解释sp; &nbspnotice; &nbsannual是什么意思p;           Upon arrival, check in and attend the first special council meeting

            Saturday, August 17 & NBSP; 07:30                &nbannual英语怎么读sp; Committee cholding怎么读hairmen, service team chairmen, secretaries and
            Financial staff willseminars什么意思 gather in front of the good World Restaurant of Sweet Honeyholding Lake Resort and leave at 8notice:00
    &nbnotice翻译sp; &nannualsbsp; &nbspannualized;  seminar翻译 08:40-10:00      Check in, pay, leave luggage
            10:00-12:00      All Outreach Activities
      &nbspseminar什么意思中文;     12:00-13:00      lnotice的形容词unch
&nbnotice作文sp;           13:00-14:00      Get room card and check in
&nbnotice的固定搭配sp;           14:00-16:10    &nbspnotice作文; training
            16:10-16:40&annuallynbsp;     The big picture
      &nbsannual怎么读p;    seminary是什么意思 16:40-17:40      training
            18:20-22:00      Fellowship dinner

            18 August (Sun) 07:30-08:00&notice NBSP;       Call up
  &nbholdingsp;         08:00-08:40      breakfast
    &nbsholding是什么意思中文p; &nbannual造句sp;     08:40-12:00      training
          &nbsupholdingp; 12:00-13:40&nbannual翻译sp;     Lunch (check out before 13:00, check luggage)
            13:40-16:20      training
            16:20-17:00      Sharing presentations, summing-up speeches, graduation ceremonies
        &holding翻译nbsp;   17:00-18:00      End, return

  &nbspannual;         Ii. Location: Dongguan Tangquan Sholding翻译pring Golf Hotel
Address: No. 2, Tangquan Golf Club, Bolholding是什么意思uo County, Dongguan city, Gunotice过去式angdong Provinnotice同义词ce, Tel: 400-88-555-07 (direct dial free long-distance)
Routseminar的意思e: From Shenzhen. Boshenseminary是什么意思 Expressway & MDash; Guanghui Expressway & MDash; Boluo exit (to the left of dongguan). Borough Stadium (go straight for 4km)

           annual的名词 Iii. ParticipantsMember of district Council, 2013-2014, Chairman and Executive Chairman of the Committee, presidents of service teams, first, seholdingscond and tnotice是什么意思hird vice prannual翻译esidents, secannual翻译retary and treasuseminar什么意思中文rer of Lions Club shenzhen

&nbannual怎么读sp;   &nbspnotice过去式;      Iv. Relateannualizedd Expenses:
&nbannual翻译sp;           Board members: 600 Yseminar什么意思中文UAN/person (includnoticeding 2 bholding是什么意思中文reakfast, 4 meals, 2 nights standard room accommodation,holding是什么意思中文 etc., which will be paid from boannualard activities, training fees and site fees will be borne by the district).
            Committee members, service team president, secretary and finance: 380 RMB/person (including 1 breakfast, 3annualized meals, 1 night standard room, etc., training fee and sitenoticeable fee will be borne byannual是什么意思 the district Assonotice是什么意思ciation).annuals
    &nbholdingssp;       If you need a singlseminars什么意思e room, you nseminar怎么读eed to pay 150 yuan/person/night.

  &nbspseminar什么意思中文;         V. Payment method:
            Fees can be paid in cash or by transfer to the Shenzhen Lions Club account:
            Bank name: Bank of China Huayuanotice的形容词n Branch; Account name: Shenzhholding翻译en Lions Club; Account number: 769258620855
            Contact person: Hou Zhenlian 25688550 He Aijian 256annually88519 Zhang Qing 2annual5688960 Wang Qin 25688561&NBsp; Tannual英语怎么读elephone: & have spent Fax: 25688900

&nbseminary是什么意思sp;annually           Vi. Contact Information: 
           seminar英文解释 Contact person and Telephone number of Shenzhen Lions Club Office: Zhou Jiaolong 2568857annual翻译6, Li Jiangping 256889590, Lin Zeyun 25688990;
            Fax: 25688900 & have spent       &nbsannual英语怎么读p;      &nbholding是什么意思中文sp;     Emaiannuallyl:szlions_pub@163.conotice作文m

        &notice翻译nbsp;   Please send your attendance, travel,annuals accommodation and other information to the officeseminar-style by August 12, and remit the seminar fee to the designated account.

            This seminar is a large one in 2013-2014. Please pay attention to this training, arrange your working time properly, andseminary shseminar怎么读ow up on time in red suit.

           Hereby inform!

Shenzholding翻译hen Lions Club
2013— 2014 Director: Wu Xiaoming Shi Brother
  President of the Conference and first Deputy Director of 2013-2014: Shannual怎么读ijie Lin Ziyu
Execseminar英文解释utive Chairmen: Brother Hong Zhimin shi, Sister Zhouannual怎么读 Ting Shi, Brother Leiseminar英文解释 Hd Shi
Chairman of LEADERSHIP Colseminar教学模式lege GLT: Lu Zhiqiang shi
Lecturseminars什么意思e group leader: Brother Huang Yiqun shi
July 30, 2013


  &nbspnotice是什么意思; &nbsseminar-stylep;       Atholding是什么意思中文tachment:Rannual同义词eturn receipt from District Council, Committee and Service team

  &nseminars什么意思bsp;notice用法           &seminar怎么读nbsp;     &nbannual翻译sp; &nbseminars什么意思sp;            Schedule of 2013-2014 Distriseminar教学模式ctnotice的固定搭配 Council member, Committee membenotice同义词r, Service team President, Secretary and Finance seminar of Lions Club shenzhen

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