In the face of the new situation, innovation height again

In the face of the new situation, innovation height again
Shenzhen Lions Club successfusituation可数吗lly held the second salon activity in 2012-new是什么意思英语2013 public Welfare Culture Research Center

       innovation是什么意思     On the afternoon of July 2nd, 2013, the second salon seminar of 2012-2013 Pubsituation和condition的区别lic Welfare Culture Resenewgroundsarch Center of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the conference room on the 2nd floor of Donghua Holiday Inn, Shenzhenagain是什么意思译. The theme of this salon is: How to face the new situation and development oheighten翻译f Shenzhen Lions Club. The salon wafacebook下载s attended by members of thenew怎么读 public welfare Culture Research Center, the new board of directors, the board of Supervisors and some enthusiastic lion friends.
        &nheight贴图是什么bsp;   The salon was hostefacebook安卓下载最新版d by Mr. Liao Yushi, executive chairman of the Public Welfare Culture Research Center. President Wu Liujiang first made a summary of the 2012-2013 work of thagain网名有什么意思e Public Welfare Culture Research Center. In 2012-2013, the Public Welfare Culture Research Center resituation和condition的区别leased employment information and hired 9 nesituation怎么读英语发音w researchers according to the center’s work rules and work plans. Successfully organized the first salon; Tfacehe second session was held with shenzhenface Women’s Federation and other units. Anti-domestic Violence Forum in Taiwan and Taiwan ; Successfully held the 8th National Lion Association Congress & LDQUO; Lion Business Forum ” Organized shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center to write 9 papesituation可数吗rs, becomsituation什么意思ing the region wfaceith thsituation什么意思中文e most papers submitted by lions Club in Chifaceshowna.
            All lion friends will elaborate their opinions and suggestions according to thagainst的用法e theme of this salon.
&nbsnew是什么意思p;           First, on the democratic election. Lions fully affirmed the positive impact of the democratic election on the futurheightene development of Shenzhen Lions Club. Wu Liujiang, Ye Dong, Yang Jfaceapp安卓版下载ian and Feng Qijiang hold that the democratic election of shenzhen Lions Club is a major reform in the history of the development of Shenzhen Lions Club. Under the new situation, under the supreme authority of the genefaceural Assembly, there are two authorizationagainst centeragainst的反义词s: the board of Directors and the board of supervisors. When the organizational structursituationshipe changes, it is necessary to distinguish tinnovation翻译he powers, responinnovation选手sibilities and tasks of each department. Democracy is the trend of civil society. The imporinnovation翻译中文tant spirit of election culinnovation的中文意思ture is ldquo; Tolerance & throughout; With & other; Accept & throughout; . It is hoped that the future Lions Club of Shenzhen will vigorously cultivate an inclusive spirit and culture.
            Ii. Thsituation可数吗e positioning of Shenzhen Lions Club. Ye Dong, Liu Guoliang, Hong Zhisituation怎么读min, Peheightenng Peng afaceshownd other lion friends proposed that we should deeply study and understand the culture and constitution of Lions Club Internationheight的中文al. According to the Lions Charter, Lions is not a charitable organizatinnovation是什么意思ion and lions are not philanthropists. Lions club is a non-governnewmental public welfare club, is based on community servicfaceapp安卓版下载e, so the deinnovation是什么意思veloheight什么意思啊pment of members as the focus of work. Accordingnew balance to this, in addition to serving the community ournews可数吗selves,against翻译 we should also encourasituation翻译ge people arfacetimeound us to actively participate in the service, so that people around us have love and know the Lionsfacetime Club. Lions club membership can only be developed with a broad public base. This year, for example, 20,000 people particsituation什么意思ipated in the peace poster camheight和hight有什么区别paign, which brought lfacebook注册登录ions clunew的反义词bs closer to the community life and produced a wide and influential effect. Strengthen while helping others. Is own throughout the &faceapp安卓版下载; . Wenew是什么意思 should not onnew是什么意思ly be positioned as “ Excellent Voluinnovationsnteer &facebook安卓下载最新版 RDquo; ,height的中文 should be defined as “ Good citizen ” . The development of Lions clubs should not only inherit the spirit of internatagain英语怎么读isituation怎么读英语发音onal lions clubs and learn ffacetimerom good practinewlyces, but also graduallfacebook安卓下载最新版y form a service model with domestic characteristics according to the actual situation in China.
               Third, to improve the organsituation怎么读izational function and systemfacebook下载 construction of lions Club. Feng Qijfacetimeiang, Liu Wenjie and othersnew是什么意思 proposed that the new Council should make great efforts tosituationship improve thenew是什么意思英语 institutional construction. According to the bodhi incident lasheightent year, our crisis management capability is inadequate. It inew是什么意思英语s suggagainst翻译ested that the new council enewsstablish a special crisis publiinnovation选手c relations agency. Do a good job of tonewspaperp-level design, improve the system establishment of the board of supervisors and the council on the basis of law.
  &nbinnovation是什么意思sp;         Iv. The cultural construction of lions Club. Lnew是什么意思英语iao Yu, Cao Yan, Huansituation什么意思中文g Xifaceapp安卓版下载aoling, Gao Zhheight是什么意思中文eng, Liu Wenjie, Hong Zhimifacetimen and Lanling put forward that the construction of lion culture must be strengthened under the new situatiofacebookn. First, we should conduct in-dsituation怎么读epth reinnovation的形容词search on the culture of public welfare, constantly summarize the culture of lionsagain Club, and refine tfacebook注册登录he core values of Lions Clubagainmylife. Combined with the actual situation of lions club, explore the spfacebook注册登录echeightenedific content of Shenzhen Lions Club culture. The second is to increase the promotion and popularization of lion culture. Strengthen publicity and training to guide lion club members to understand the cultureface是什么意思 and system of lion cfaceshowlub, so that every lion club member knows the connotation of lion spirit. The promotion of core values of Lions Club can solve the problemface是什么意思 of membership withdrawal. As a vnewolunteeinnovation吕布r organization, Lions Club cannoinnovation吕布t rely only on tangible system, but on invisible culture. The old lion friend in the new lion friend’s words and deeds, also need more patience. Retain old members and attract new members through the profound cultural connotation of lions club. Third, we will strengthen the culture of self-disciplnewsine. Over the yearfaceus, we have empinnovation吕布hasized the importance of helping others. Help others & throughout; Has done somesituation和condition的区别 work in “ Is own throughout the &; Aspects need to be strengthened.
  &height和hight有什么区别nbsp;         5. The foundation wheight和hight有什么区别ork of the Lions Club. Zhang Xuemei, Wu Jianing, He Xinru, Lanling and others believe that we should pay attention tonew是什么意思 the informatfacebookinew怎么读zation construction and service braagainst的反义词nd construction of Lions Club. Lions clubs should make full use of information systemsheight是什么意思中文 to improve work efficiency. For example, the Oagain怎么读A system can be ufacebook下载sed to input varioagainmylifeus servicagain怎么读e activities of each sesituation什么意思中文rvice team, which is convenient for recording, statistics, analysis and publicity. Lion culture communication needs communication carriers, so network radio and othernews media should be estabsituationshiplished as soon as possible. Good training courses and good sagain翻译ervice metfaceuhods can be learned and communicated tfacetimehrough video, which can greatly save costs. Former director Wang Jinliang fully affirmsituationshiped these suggestions. He said: “In the past, it was difficult to find records of the lion friends’ servisituation怎么读英语ce asituation和condition的区别ctivitnewlyies and donatagainst的反义词ion achievements. Ifacebook安卓下载最新版 hope the new council will attach importance to the establishment of the lioheight是什么意思中文n Finnovation词根词缀riends’ deeds archives, so that the lion friends’ efforts can be proved.

            In addition, Xiinnovation选手e Jianwen, tsituation什么意思中文he supervisor of 2013-2014 who attended the ssituationalon, believed that we should pay attention to the lion friends, learn more about each service team and the stoheighten翻译ry behind each lion friends, and be tolerantinnovation的中文意思, rational and persistent. Not affected by the outside world, do a solid job of their own affairs.
Su Zeran, director of 2012-2013, gave hiheight的中文gh comments on the salon and gave sincere answers to the questions raised by lion friends. He believes that on the one hand, we should inherit the spinew的反义词rit of the international Lions Cagainmylifelub, and on the other hand, we should innovate our domestic characteristics. The development of Lions club in China needs to adapt to thinnovation翻译中文e national conditions and reform, and will be gradually improved in the future reform. He is full of hope for the development of shenzhen Lions Club. As long as all lions members persevere, thnew是什么意思ey will surely create more glnew怎么读ory.innovation的中文意思

        &nbheight中文翻译sp;   Wu Liujiang, chairman of 2012-2013 Public Welfare Culture Research Center, made a concluheighten翻译ding speech at the end. In his opifacetimenion, shenzhen Lions Club has reached an inflection point in its develfacebook安卓下载最新版opment, so it should carefully sort out the problems encountered in the development of lions Club, prioritize, and stagainst翻译eadily push forward the reform, which must be carried out under the national legal framework, and recognize the bottom line. We should pay attention to the improvement of the quality of the members and strengthen self-discipline. From the past “ Amuse yourself ” Liberation frosituationshipm self-appreciation, from the domestic lions club & LDquo; Vanguard & throughout; Free from the burden, do not compete with others for theinnovation选手 first, start from their own, down-theightenedo-earth work, real down-to-earth atmnewspaperospheightshere, go into the community, serve the community, the majoriheight什么意思啊ty of local people and the official recognition; A culture of inclusiveness shoulsituation怎么读d be uphinnovation翻译中文eld and vigorously promoted, especialinnovation吕布ly when facing elections, pagain网名有什么意思roblems and conflicts, with the overall situation inagainmylife mind.

Culture/Public Intereagain网名有什么意思st Culture Researcagainmylifeh Center & NBSP; feeds
July 2, 2013


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