At the end of 2020 ribbon factory and new recruitment trend

Here is not only the ribbon factory will encounter this problem, other industry manufacturers alendingso have this sirecruitment什么意思中文tuation, a large number of employees lost, the main reason for leaving nothing more than 1. Home occupied 2. Find another development 3. Have new requirements for treatment 4. Then the next dilemma facing the ribbon factory inew balances the shortage of staff, and the Sprinrecruitment noticeg Festival is aptrendproaching, and the orders before the Spring Festival will be piled up in the last month to complete. So thfactory的复数e last month of 2020 is criticalrecruitment fair. More orders, less staff. How to solve the problem of completing customers’ orders within a certain period of time is a headache. So how does IMkgift Ribbon Co., Ltd. respond to thirecruitment fairs situation? First, fribbon和feign区别orecruitment什么意思中文r the emprecruitment是什么意思中文翻译loyees who will leave at tnewhe end of thfactorybeane year, the company’s relevant leaders will find the employees to ask for their reasons, try to keep the main employees, soltrendiano品牌中文名ve their problems, if it is something at home can let them leave first, do not have to leave. Second, for the employees who have to leave, the company issuedtrendiano男装是什么品牌 a new announcement:ribbon和feign区别 the employees who want to leave on December 10 at the end of the year can only bend是啥意思是什么e released on January 10, 2014. This announcement is not a mandatory retentrendingtion, because the company will suffer not only in terms of production but also in terms of reputation due to the high turnover at the end of the year and the lack offactory怎么读 new reprecruitment processlacements. And waiting until the end of the year to leave also allows employees to earn more money to go home for the New Year. It’s also a good way to keep people around. Now dongguan ribbon factory, donrecruitmentgguan area of the ritrend是什么牌子bbon factory in thendnotee recrending什么意思中文uitment online can see a lot of recruitment informatendorseion, some arnewboye sent to February next year, visible how serious the shortage of personnel. Not only for ribbon factory other manufacturers want to retain staff also want to think of more ways to solve the personnelribbon什么意思 problem is king! Imkgift ribbon. The maitrendingn production of rendedibbon, plarecruitment是什么意思id ribbon, ribbon, rib hat ribbon, wrapped ribbon, ribbon and other kinribbons怎么读ds of ribbon productsendurance, adhering to the conew怎么读ncept of customer satisfaction, to provide customefactory的复数rs with quality products and comfortable service, welcome new and old cusribbonstomers to visit business negotiations.

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