In the production of ribbon encountered some problems!

If any link in the production of ribbon problems, will lead to product scrap. How to avoid these problems in the production process and improve the production qualification rate of ribbon? Next, we introduce some problems often encountered in the production process of ribbon!

One, bend belt

Reasons :1. The uneven wear of steel bucklproduction和product的区别e. 2, coil head pull yarn uneven. 3. The direction of the steel buckle is wrong. 4. Wrong yarn connectproblem什么意思ion meencounteredthod.

Preventive meribbons什么意思中文asures :1, steel buckle piercing method must be in accordance with the regular piercing method, 1 or 2 groups of piercing method. 2, the larger and looser side, pull off some, until the same flat with the othersometimes的用法位置 side orproduction可数吗 1-5 less can be. 3, steel buckle and knitting needle distance, there is a sproduction的动词teel buckle empty distanceencountered是什么意思. 4, according to the needs of the ribribbonsbon, points on the bottom, or pointproductions, left and right, generally should be divsome是什么意思ided up and down, if there are two or more methods or tribbonextures on a belt, it is necessary to separate.

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Two, the needle edge is bad

Reasons :1. Uneven thickness of weft yarn. 2. The method on the knitting needle is wrongribbons什么意思中文, too long or too short. 3, the coil head is not normal, sometimeproduction和product的区别s tight, sometimes loose. 4. The filling wheel is not round and has been deformed. 5, kencountered an ntfs volumenitting needle fixed xuan wear.

Preventive measures :1. Change another weft.problem什么意思 2. According to the thickneproduction翻译ss of the ribbon, the length of the needle is generally spesome和any的区别及用法aking, just return the weft. 3, fix the endribbons of the pan head firmly, do not let the pan hearibbons怎么读d against the two ends of the iron frame. 4. New fillingencountered是什么意思中文翻译 wheel has been changed. 5, change thsomee fixed rod,production什么意思 or to process.

Three, theencountered an ntfs volume wave

Reasons :1. The steel buckle wears yarn unevenly, both ends wearproblems中文翻译 too much yarn, and the center wears too little. 2. Thproductione steeproblems音标l buckle is too large and the weft is too tight. 3, coil heasomepin4every1d pribbon和feign区别ull yarn is uneven, bproduction什么意思oth ends are tight, the centerproblem是可数名词吗 is too loose. 4. Wrong yarn connection, poor balance and pressure reduction.

Preventive mribbonseasuribbonres :1. Use standard steel bucklproblemse, wear by 1 or 2 groups. 2. Choose according to the width of the ribbsome怎么读on, and then chproduction什么意思oosproblems中文翻译esomething steel buckle to wear. 3. Switch the center andsomepin4every1 ends of the yarn, or puproblem什么意思ll down the loose center. 4. Connect according to the requirements of the ribbon metproblems中文翻译hod,problems是什么意思 and then presproductionigs the balance evenly according to the number of strips.

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