The lanyard manufacturer tells you about the lanyard production process

1. Prepare materials

According to customer requirements, prepare different woven materials, general materials are nylon, polyester and high elastic cotton, etc. Preplanyard 是什么意思are and debug processed raproduction什么意思w materials and machining machinery.

2, comb woven fabric

The fabrprocessingic material should beprocessing well combed for easy access.

3, the machine ribbon

Use the ribbon loom to weavetellsbtodosth various round or flat ribbons (according to customer requirements).

4, printing ribbon

Choose printing prmanufacturer翻译ocess, screen printing, heat transfer printing, glue trprocess什么意思中文ansfer printing, computlanyard海词er jacquarproduction什么意思d, etc., and print customized patterns to the hanging rope

5. Assemble all parts

Cut accordtellstories的中文意思ing to size, hook and buckle

Lanyard maker

6. Conduct quality inspection ofmanufacturer翻译 finished praboutcgoducts

Check the tension and shape and pattetellstories的中文意思rn of the lanyard

8, air drylanyard 是什么意思ing in addition to taste

Nmanufacturerewly produced ribbon smell is very strong, neprocession是什么意思ed to be pltellsbtodosth造句简单aced in the ventilation or designated air drying area to remove odor.

9. C蓝牙rdkutting and finishing

Split the lanyard according tlanyard海词o customeprocession翻译r’s drawing requirements.

10, with accessories

Sew the lanyard, such as car dog buckle, seat belt buckle or airplane buckle (cutells是什么意思stomer can specify).

11,procession翻译 packaging ribbon

Pack finishedmanufacturers是什么意思 products or 100 bags separately, then stellsbtodosth是什么意思中文翻译eal the boxes.

12, shitellsbtodosth是什么意思中文翻译pment

The goods will be shipped withimanufacturer是什么意思n the stipulated time.

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