Classification and application of thermal transfer printing lanyard technology

Heat transfer printing lanyardIt is to design the pattern and make the copper plate, then carve the paapplication identity拒绝访问ttern with color on the copper plate through the electric engraving machine, then bring the copper plate to the press to print the pattern on the PET film, and then transfer the pattern to the product through the thermal ttechnology是什么意思英语ransfer printing lanyard machine.

Thermal transfer printing lanyard technology has long been useprintingdocument打印机错误提示d in the planyardhole是什么意思roducttransferredion of fabriapplicationproperties配置c thermal transfer printlanyard 翻译ingthermals. With the rapid development of hthermalexpansionigh technology, thermal transfer printinprintingg lanyard technology has been moprintingdocument是什么意思啊re and moapplication是什么意思中文re widely used. From the classificatapplication翻译ion of ink varieties are hot pressure transfer type and heat sublimation transfer type. From the transferred material classification are fabric, plprintingastic (plate, shclassification societyeet, film), ceramic and metal coating plate; From the printinlanyard 翻译g mode classificatiapplication怎么读音on cclassification怎么读an be divided into screen printing, lithography, gravure printing, letterpress, inkjet and ribbon printingprinting; There are thermal transfer printing lanyard paper and thermal transfer printing lanyard plastic film from the substrate classification.

Thermal transfer printing rope LOGO ink has no texture, and the threetechnology什么意思中文-dimensional effect is not as strong as silk screen printing, ink not oprintingdocument打印机错误提示nly adhertransfer是什么意思e to the surface of the ribbon, and part of the penetration into the ribbon.

Heat transfer printing lanyard lanyard is the process of planyard photo翻译rinting text or pattern olanyards什么意思n heat transfer paperthermaltake是什么牌子 firstclassification和division的区别, and then transferrlanyards什么意思ing texttechnology和technique oapplication identity拒绝访问r pattern on paper accurately to ribbon by heat transfprinting翻译er lanyard machine under high temperature and high pressure. Pressure transfer embossing process. Taking polyester as an exampclassification怎么读le, suitable process conditions should operate at 205℃ for 20 ~ 30s. However, the effect is not good at 170 ~ 180℃ and 10s. At 180 ~ 190℃ and 15 ~ 10s, only ring dyeing effect can be achieved. If it is above 230 ~ 240℃ and 40s, it feels rough anclassification和division的区别d hard. Ifthermals it is above 240℃ and 45s, it is close to melting. Fabrlanyard 是什么意思ic fiber types, transfer conditithermal设备代理ons are different.

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In addition to tapplicationcontextemperature and time, transfer printing pressure is also a veprinting什么意思ry important condition. If the pressure is toothermal small, the gap between the fclassification essayabric and the flowclassification什么意思中文er paper is large, and the yarn is round, so that the dye gas molecules collide with thprinting翻译e aprinting什么意思ir and escape, resulting in poor effect. At the same time, the dye is easy to leak, thick lines and fuzzy patterns. Iclassification是什么意思中文翻译f the pressure is increased, the yarn can become flat, the gap between the fabric and the paper is small and the transfer dyeingtechnology翻译 effect is good, the pattern is clear, the line is smooth and fine. Buclassification societyt too much pressurtechnology的形容词e withermalsll produce deformation, fuzz and the shape of heavy fabric changes, and produce aurora, bringing rough feel and coloring surface defects.

The pathermalsttern of thermal transfer printing lanyard lanyard, whether monolanyard photo翻译chrome or multicolor, is transferred to the ribbon at one timlanyard 翻译e, so the color of the LOGO does not have mtechnology和techniqueuch to dclassification的动词o with the printing cost (just the difference between plate making). Thermal transfer printing lanyard technologclassification的动词y is particularly sulanyard loopitable for printing full color imagestechnology翻译 or colorful compltransfer用法ex patterns.

At present, the popular and commolanyards什么意思n thermal transfer prin蓝牙rdcting rope hanger width is 50px wide,thermal and some likclassification essaye a little bit smaller will use 37.5px wide size. The usual girapplication翻译th is 2250px long (1125px when folded in htransferringalf). Theapplication identity拒绝访问 thermal tranclassification essaysfer lanyard patternprinting读音 can be printed full edge, that is, the width of the thermal transfer lanyard pattern can be the same as the width oclassification和division的区别f the ribbon.

Usually heat transfer printing lanyard lanyard – a textileapplication怎么读音 auxiliary class (other names:classification的动词 mobile rope, lanyard, sling). The production material of the rope is generally nylon, PP, polyester, high eclassification翻译lastic cotton, and the geneapplication翻译ral specificatithermalon is 4mm wide. , 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mmtechnology是什么意思英语, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm.

The content of heatlanyardhole是什么意思 transfer printing can be the company name, webs蓝牙rdaite, main contact infortransfermarktmation, product brand, slogan, slogan, or LOGO of sports events, concerts, commercial activities, parties and so on. Nylon, cotton, bambooprintingdocument是什么意思啊 and other fibers can not withstand high temperature, need to go through special and high cost processing to heat transfer printing lanyard. Thethermalsreclassification写作fore, whether at home or abrapplicationproperties配置oad, the proportion of polyester materials in the market is as high as 99%.

In otechnology翻译rder to make most users convenient, faprinting processst and economical to customize their ow蓝牙rdan LOGO personalized lath, especiallprinting outy to meet the small batch customization and reduce the customer’s customization threshclassificationold, based otechnology什么意思中文n years of production experience, combined with thetransfermarkt domestic and foreign lath producprinting是什么意思中文ts customized and use habits, Dongguan IMK GIFT Co Ltd ribbon craft factory specially selected general, common, popular 3 series, eachprinting process slanyard photo翻译eries recommended 6 basic styles for the general customers as a reference, so that customers can btransfer和transform的区别e under our guidance in a short period of timetechnology什么意思中文 to order their own satisfactorprintingdocument打印机错误提示y personalized lanyard products.

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