The second plenary meeting of 2013-2014 Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

The second plenary meeting of 2013-2014 Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

            The 2013-2014 Board of Supervisors of Lionboardgames Club Shenzhen held thesupervisor什么职务 firstlion是什么意思中文翻译 and second plenary meetmeeting怎么读英语ing on August 7, 2013 in the conference room of the distplenary翻译rict office. Mr. Xie Jianwen, director of lions Club Sheboard什么意思翻译nzhen, Mboardgamer. Wang Jinliang, Mr. Liu Guoliang, Mr. Zhang Xu深圳市最新疫情emei, Mr. Wei Chengqing, and 11 members of the secretariat of lions Club Shenzhen attended the meeting. The meeting was presidboard的中文意思ed over by Chief supervisor Xie Jianwen.
        &nbsp深圳疫情最新消息; &nlionsgatebsp; The meeting briefly summarized and reviewed thsecondarye Shenzhensupervisors Lions Club to lei’s experience and deficsupervisor是什么级别iencies, the participboardsants agreed to high starting point high requirements, from & LDquo; Safeguard lisecondlyon service Construction, Escort Lion dboardsream & RDQUO; Starting frboard什么意思翻译om the basic point, drafting well & LDquo; Board of Supervisors System & RDquo; . Meeting to discusslions是什么意思 and review of the draft “shenzhen lions of the boardsecond翻译 of supervisors system on a trial basis, all the psecond的基数词articipants in this system the drafting of the guiding ideology, the boarsupervisorsd of supervisorboards, the functions and powers of the board of supervisors, board of supervisors structure such as main provisions has launched a heatelionsd discussion, such as to how to effectively guarantee the shenzlions读音hen lions steady sustainable and healthy development has carried on the deep dsupervisor翻译iscussion.
            The meeting also discussed through the “shenzhen lions on the decision of tsecondlove日剧he panel setsupervisor什么职务 up” of the board olions的音标f supervisors, thsecondscreen下载e shenzhen lions ssupervisor翻译upervisors about the decision of the supervisory board secretary, secretary of the board osecondaryf su深圳疫情最新动态pervisors office “, “shenzhen lions will att深圳地铁线路图end the meeting of the csecondouncil’s decision ofboard是什么意思 the board of supervisors”, “shenzboard什么意思翻译hen lions administrative budget of the board of supervisors and manlionsagement regulations”深证指数, “shenmeeting腾讯会议zhen lions amendment and the board of supervisors to participate in the charter Decision on the work of the system drafting Group, resolution on tsupervisor是什么职位he dralions翻译fting framework of the working Rules of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club, etc.

Photo by Zhang Lichen


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