Hualei Service Team held the first board meeting of 2014-2015

Hualei Service Team held the first board meeting of 2014-2015

            On the evenin华勒氏变性g of July 25, 2014, the first board meeting of the year 2014-2015 of Shenzheservice翻译n Lions Club Hualei Service Team was held in the conference room of Fan Zhengbin company in baoan Central District. Conference president Fan Zhengbin, conference host Xservice是什么故障灯ie Yuanyuan.
  &nbhualeisp;         Many topics werservicebioe discussed anhualeid the meeting was very lively. First of all, we reviewedhelden the past year of team crefirst怎么读英语ation experience, lion friteamends qi participatheld过去式和过去分词ion, qi effort, give u华勒氏变性p leisure, give up with family reunion, still vividly inboards mteambitiony mind. No matter how much giving and love hualei people have experienced in the past year, that year has passed. We are gohelding to usher in a New Year full of challenges, but also a very importheld怎么读的ant year for the devboardgameelopment of Hualei Service team.
&nbspteam;           Subsequently, yao Zhenzhu reported the annual financial income and expenditure; Xiang Wei and Ou Mei sharedteamwork their feelings about participating in the 97th Lions International Annual Conference in Canada. Fan Zhengbin and Yang Quan initiated a donation campaign for premature babies; Huang Jianboard翻译ing shared the condolence activities of the bereaved families of yunfu army. The meetingserviceman discussed the activities of supporting voluteamnteers to fly, and reported the number of meeting hours, service hours and donation amount of lion friends in the past year. Lifirst青年电影展on frfirst怎么读英语iends made suggestions for the 2014-2015 work plan and draftheld是hold的什么形式 activity plan of Hualei Service Team, as well as the arrangement of act画雷锋精神绘画手抄报ivities and other matters.
&nbspmeeting是什么意思;           Li Zanmei, deputy head of the Lion Guide of Shenzhen Lionteamworks Club and the lion guide of Hualheld的中文意思ei Service Team, gave a speech on the organizational structure and caboardingdre responsibilities of the Service Team, which made hualemeeting腾讯会议i team have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of each caboard和broad怎么区分dre.

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