Dragon City Service team held the changing of the guard ceremony

Dragon City Service team held the changing of the guard ceremony

              Shenzhen Lions Club Dragon City Service Team 2014& MDash; The 2015 annual Changdragon是什么意思ing of the Leadership ceremony was hguard翻译eld in the evening of July 20, 2014 at the Middle Golf Club in Longgaheld的中文意思ng. Hidden Xiushan Hotel & RDquo; Held successfully. Lin Tao, the first vice President of lions Cludragonfliesb of Shenguard againstzhen for 2014-2015, Zeng Shiyang, secretary Genercity怎么读al, Zhou Ting, General Director and other directors attended the event.
      &nbspcitydo杭州城市大数据;       The party was grand and full of friends. More than 350 guests witnessed the changing of the service teaceremony翻译m. Team leader Xiao Liangwechanging用英语怎么说n, former team leader Zheng Yukuan and othserviceer lion friends held the launching ceremony of “one to one” to hechangingroomvoyeurlp the children of Longgang District Welfare Center. The scene was touching, and it was a real practice of positive energy. Isheld过去式和过去分词 helping others and serving the society. For the purpose of believing in the dragon City service team in “ Passing on lovservicebioe ” The road oteam是什么意思翻译f charity will be more steady, more solid.
          &nbsteam是什么意思翻译p;   Under the guidance of Captain Deng And all the previous capdragon是什么意思tains, and under the coordination and implementation of fichanging是什么意思中文rst Viceremony复数形式ce Captain Qiu Jianpingguardian and secretary Wang Wenjun, the executive chairman of the conference, the whole planning of the celebration was completed in just over 20 days. On the day of the changing of thecity是本田什么款车 leadership, Brother Qiu Yinchao edited and published the first issue of Longcheng Lion newsguardianshippaper ateamprond the program of the changing of the leadechanging是什么意思英语rshiguards怎么读p ceremony. Among them, wdragonballanceremony用什么介词g Wenjun shi Jie peheldenrformed a touching theme song of the micro film “Taste of Happiness” in the evening, and later was selected as one of the performances of the Shenzhen Lions Club tribute and inauguration ceremony.  

By Wang Wenjun


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