Hualin Service Team: Hold regular working meeting in August

Waring Service:a8Monthly working meeting

8On the afternoon of 30th, August regular meetinteams会议g of Shenzhen Lions Club hualin service team was held inmeeting腾讯会议 the conference room of Baoshun Chain factory, Dakang Community, Henggan华林证券g Street, Longgang District. The meetingservice was hostedhold键是什么功能 by Wang Daoming, themeetingtencentcom first vice captain of Tmeetingtencentcomhe 2014-2015 Hualin Service team. More than 50 lion friends and future lion friends of the service team attended the meeting. Chen Shuhuan, thhold的过去形式e chairman of the 15th District of Shenzhen Lions Club, attended the meeting and gave a speech.
This regular mworkingeetservicemaning iaugust歌词s the first regular working meeting of THE Waring Servicteams会议e Team after the 2014-2015 term chanworkinggeservice怎么读. The Waring Service Board paid great attentiaugust是什么意思on to it, held a special meeting, studied the topics and content of the meeting, anregular翻译d arranged special pservice怎么读ersonnel to meticulousservice的名词ly organize and planteampro the meeting.
At the regular meeting, Wang Daoming, on behalf oaugust歌词f the Council, announced the 2014-2015 work plan of the service team; Secretary Dong Xregular什么意思iuling briefeteambitiond the 2014-2015 regular meeting arrangement ateamsnd service activities arrangement of the service taugusttaylor后门eam; Lionservice Fri华凌空调end Yan Jiamu introduced the华林证券股吧 Supportive Employment Service Schregularly意思中文翻译eme for Mental Disabilities. Around the 2014-2015 work plan of the service team, raugustegular meeting arranteamviewergement, service activity arrangement, the branhold过去式d activity of “Support Employment Service for Mental Disabilities” and other issues, lion friends had a heated dteam是什么意思翻译iscussion and put forward a lot of constructive opinions and suggestions.
The general assembly elected Wang Yong, Xu Xingliang and Lia华凌空调质量怎么样o Yulong as directors by a show of handmeetings.
To promote sheservice和serve的区别nzhen Lions club culture of caring for lions, the team held a joint birthday party for 6 lions who celebrated their birthdays in August. President Chen Shuhuan congregularityratulated the lion friends, and sang birthdaregularityy songs, ate birthday cake and took phservice是什么意思otos with the lion friends. The whole aservice是什么故障灯ctivity ended in a happy ending.





Article/Photo: Yan Jiamuhold

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