High-tech Service team: Hold the July meeting

High-tech service team:July Regular meeting
2014years7month25On Sunday afternoon, the Shenzhen Lions Club high-tech service team gathered at Baoqing Restaurantteambition2014years7Monthlhigh怎么读y meeting.
On the eve of the meeting,teamo everyone was laughing and talhigh是什么意思king. Du Juan, who came back from the Annual mhold的过去式和过去分词eeting in Canada, specially came early toteam present the macadamia fruit brought back from Hawaii for everyonemeeting怎么读英语 to taste. The lion fjuly缩写riends who came back from the annual meeting enjoyed sharing the interesting neholdws of their trip with everyone.
The bell rang, the regular mserviceableeeting officially began, first by the high-tech service teammeeting怎么读英语2014-2015..Zhang Shengservicebioxingteam是什么意思翻译, the leader of the year, made a speech. He expressed to the litechnologieson friends that he would lead the hjuly翻译igh-tech service team to make the charity perfect and good in the New Year. Other lion friends also expressed their support and encouragemholdent with warm applause.
Wei Chengqing introduced guizhou Guangmitech是什么意思ng Line project and carried out division of labor. Shenzhen Lions Club2014-july什么意思2015..Lihigh怎么读n Tao, the first vice president of the year, announced somehight importahold过去式nt issues of shetech是什么意思nzhen Lions club recently.
Deng Yi, the last team leader, briefed the international confertechniquesence, and there were many anecdotes about the Canadian conference, which made everyone laugh. After the briefing, Deng Yiwei2013-2014.The annual subscription&lhightdquo; Mervyn Bell Award” Chen Qunhao, Wen Yanmei presented the MEDALS.
Finally, everyone together around the birthday caketeam什么意思, for July birthday Li Hongjin, catch red birthday, because pick red failed to show up, liotech是什么意思n friends will phone together tservice怎么读o present a happy birthday song.

wen/figureHigh-tech service tejuly是几月am contributed

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