Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the third charity exhibition

Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the third charity exhibition
2014years9month19The thirdthird怎么读英语 China Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (hereinafter refecharity翻译rred to as & LDQUO; Charity fair ”) Grand opencharity怎么读ing at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The charcharity-mindedity exhibition attracted a total of1683Several organizations and projects signed up for thparticipate的意思e exhibition. Shenzhen Lions clions读音lub has participated in the charity showlions是什么意思 for three consecutive times.
In the morncharity-mindeding10Shenzhen Lions club held the opening ceremthird什么意思ony of the booth. The ceremony was sponsored by the Shenzhen Lions Club2014-2深圳风险等级01clubman是什么牌子车5.shenzhenAnnuacharity形容词l second deputy chairman Shicharity音标JianYong host, President Lin Zi深圳地铁线路图yu, second deputy ShiJianYong Prlions怎么读esident and the secretary-general Zeng Shi, fthird怎么读ormer secretary general Zhang Xiaowei jointly cut the ribbon, deputy secretary-general takasu, the firlionsgatest member of the mathird的缩写nagement committee chairman Zhang Hongxiang, first an-ping zheng, chairman of tclubmed官网预订he partition, the second partition, lily and 14 d深圳疫情ivision President why to pay such as lion friends to attend tcharity音标he activity and the service.
The Lions Club of Shenzhen publicized the achie深圳风险等级vements of tlion是什么意思中文翻译his year by displaying the achievements in the aspects of guangming Action, edcharity是什么意思ucational aid, assisting the disabled, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and reconslionsgatetruction, and community servthird的缩写ice. Passing on love ” Community Service Month activities & LDQUO; Red lion suit & middot; Assis深圳市最新疫情tive standing throughoparticipate的名词ut the &; , & other Red lion suit & middot;third音标 Guard the sunset &exhibition和display的区别rdquo; , Phoenix Mountain Lion Forest, Red Action Lion Blexhibition什么意思ood Doparticipated是什么意思nation Month activity, Spring Breeze Librarexhibition怎么读y, spring multimedia classroom and other brand projects.
The exhibition lasts for4Days. On the first day of the opening, enterprises and individualslions翻译中文 came to sheexhibition和exhibit区别nzhen Lions’ booth for consultation. Volunteers of each seclub怎么读rvice team gave detailed explanations to everyone actively at the activityexhibition什么意思 site. Many citizens ccharity的内涵意义ame to consult how深圳疫情 to join the association and seclubmanek help, and some participating partners came to discuss servilions翻译中文ce projects. Further discussions will be held acharity-mindedfter the exhibition.
The third Chaexhibition和display的区别rity Exhibition, under the name of & LDquo; Practice friendly, contributlion是什么意思中文翻译e to the domthirdestic dream & RDQUO; Under the theme of disaster relief and mitigation, ecological protectcharity音标ion, poverty allevexhibitionsiation through education, charity and fina深圳疫情nce, public welfare support, communthird的基数词ity development, group services and comprehensive services, as well as social responsibility exhibition area anclubd brand promotion area, the exhibition area will be set up. Durinclubman是什么牌子车g the exhibition, there will also be a seminar on building a new pattern of深圳地铁线路图 philanthropy, innovation of mechanisms for emergeclub是什么酒ncy and disaster relief, innovation of social governance promoted by community foundationsclub是什么意思, investment in social value, connection of cexhibition和display的区别haritable resourcesparticipate的名词, and a roundtable conference on social serexhibition和exhibit区别vice cooperation platform between the Mainland and Hong Kong15A symposium,13A charity information conference and70A number of interactive salons and exclub用英语怎么说perienc深圳疫情最新动态e activiexhibition英语怎么读ties, and setthird-party up a series of interactive experience activities such as public welfare video gallery, social innovation tour, and organized the launch ceremony, domclub翻译estic public welfare and charity project competition, & LDquo; Green Exhibition & RDQUO; Action, & other Bthird的基数词arrier-free Exhiexhibition是什么意思英语bition & RDQUO; Various exhibition activities such as action, summary aexhibitionsnd eclubsxchange meetings will be held so ththirdat the public can understand and participate in public welfare through personal participation. If you are interested in joining the club, please comexhibition和display的区别e to tlions英语怎么读he Shenzhen Lions Club exhibition Center. The speciaexhibition什么意思l booth (S100) andcharity形容词XThe booth (62/1), the lions of Shenzhen club are waitin深圳疫情最新消息g for you!

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