The lions Club of Shenzhen held the 2014-2015 annual captain symposium and fellowship activities successfully

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Shenzhen Lions Club2014-2015.The annual captain symposiucaptain泰国演员m and soshenzhencial activities were held smheld是hold的什么形式oothly
2014On the afternoon of Sep深圳市最新疫情tembannual是什么意思er 17, 2014, the first captain symposium and social activity of lions Club of Shenzhheldenen 2014-2015. was successfully held in Yinxiu Mountain Residence Hotel, Zhongzhong Golf Course, Longgang District. Nearly 200 people attended the meeting, including Su Zeran, vice Pre深圳大学sheld是hold的什么形式ident of Domestiheld过去式和过去分词c Lions Association, Lin Ziyu, 2014-2015. President of Shenzheannualn Lions Club, Wang Jinliang, supervisor, Yu Qian, Chief Financial Officer, Gao Zhou, executive deputy Secretary general, district council members, chairmen of special committees, captains of service tlion是什么意思中文翻译eams and first vice captains.
The meeting was presided over by Zhang Hongxiang, chairman of the first member management Committee. Membership development and retention is one of the key深圳风险等级 tasclubmed官网预订kscaptain泰国演员 of Lions Club shenzhen in 2014-2015. and the core深圳天气 agenda ofannual造句 this conference.
First of all, Zhang Yunyuan, GMT chairman o深圳天气f the Member Development Coheld怎么读的mmittee, made a speech on the progress of the recent member developmenheld过去式和过去分词t and the next work arrangement. He pointed out that the development of membership has injected new blood and added new impetus to shenzhen Lions club. The net growth target for mlions英语怎么读embership development thiscaptain year is 20 percent, and he is aiming for深圳风险等级 30 percent, which he hopes all service teams will achieve. He thanked team leaders and division chairmen for their hard work. He also encouraged other teams to continue their efforts and submit another satisfactoannual翻译ry answer sheet to meet the annual tcaptain音标arget.
Deng Yi, chairman of the membership retention Committee, explained the membership retention issues. So far, the membershi深圳天气p turnover rate of Shenzhen Liclub用英语怎么说ons club is 5.6%, the lowest in history. He eannualizedxpressed hisclub用英语怎么说 sincere gratitude to the service teamcaptains and their divisional chaircaptainmen for achieving zero attrition.
The meheldeneting heard from President Lin Ziyu aclub是什么意思bout the annual membclubsership devheld的中文意思elopment and retention awards. She pointed out that in order to recognize the contribution of the district chairman and the service teams to the development and rclubmed官网预订etention of membcaptainers, the award standclubmed官网预订ards of the annual “President’s Gold Medal” asymposiumnd “President’s Diamond Award” have been improved, a深圳大学nd oncaptain怎么读 this basis, the “Memberlion是什么意思中文翻译ship Development and retention Award Method of The lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015.” has been formulated. I hope all districtannual的名词 chairmen and service team captains will work toclubsgether to win this awsymposium翻译ard.
Next, Yu Qian, chief financial officer, made a brief explanation ocaptainonthebridgen the unified settlement of administrative funds and service funds of the service team. He stressedlions英语怎么读 that inclub怎么读 order to standardize thcaptain的意思e financaptain泰国演员cial operation of the club and promote the healthy daily operation of the club, the service e深圳疫情最新动态xpenses and administrative explions翻译中文enses must be integrated intheld是hold的什么形式o the unified managecaptain翻译ment of shenzhen Lions Club.
Zhaheld是hold的什么形式ng Hongxiang, chairman of theheld的意思是什么 firannual翻译st Membelions的音标r Management Committee, announced the “Relatheld中文ed matters on Regulating the Membership management of New Members” and announced the list of 40 members who had paid for membership butlions读音 did not submit the Application form for membership in 2013-2014, hoping thatcaptain什么意思中文 the leaderheld中文s of relevant service teams would follow up and submit the application forsymposium翻译m.
Executive Deputy Secretary Geclub是什么意思neral Gao Zhou introduced the third domestic public welfare and charity project exchange exhibition, and mobilized the majority of lion friendannual造句s to actively participate in this activity. Shan Liyue, executive chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, called on the service teams to actively organize and collect the works of the 2014 National Chilannual翻译dren and Youth World Peace Poster Competitannualsion.
CAI Zhijun, director of the news department of politics深圳地铁线路图 of Shenzhen Evening News, was invited t深圳大学o the party. He made aheld的中文意思 speeannuallych on the issues of lions Clcaptain喵队长微博ub shenzhen and Shelions怎么读nzhen Evening News’ column contributions and sucaptain缩写bscription in 2015, and expressed his desire to estannualablish lonclub怎么读g-term strategic partners深圳疫情最新动态hip with the service teams of Lionheld中文s Club Shenzhen.
In the free discussion session, thcaptain音标e representativeheld过去式和过去分词s of thhelde participating service tcaptain的意思eam introduced the development and retention of the members of the service team and the annual lion actisymposium是什么意思vities. The atmosphere was livelheld的原型y and harmonioclub是什么意思us.
Su Zeran, vice president ofsymposium是什么意思 Lions Club of China, fully affirmed the outstanding achievements made by Lionannual翻译s club of Shenzhen insymposium this year. He poinclub用英语怎么说ted oulions的音标t that shenzhen Lions Clublions has madeheld的原型 remarkable achievements in collecting membershlions怎么读ip dues in advance, congratulated shenzhen Lions Club for its record low membership turnover rate, and expressed hclubigh hopes for the achievement of various work goals of 2club是什么酒014-2015..
Lin Ziyu, president of the Association, expressed her supheldincere thanksclubmed官网预订 to alcaptain喵队长微博l the lion frienlions怎么读ds wclubmedho took time out of their busy schedule to attend the event, especially Zheng Yukuan, president of the Association and executive chairman forclub翻译 their hard work in preparing for this event. She reviewed and summarized tupheldhe rannualizedecent lion work of Shenzhen Lions Club from four aspects: membership development and retention, happy service, standard management aheldennd spreaannual同义词dcaptaining lion love, and emphasized the idea of encouraging “diversity” development of Shenzhen Lions Cheld过去式和过去分词lubclubman是什么牌子车 and advocating “acceptance, tolerance and unannual英语怎么读deannuallyrstanding” lion culture.
Subsequently, President Lam TSZ – yucaptain怎么读 presented the President’s (Director’s) Diamond Award to the service team which aclion是什么意思中文翻译hieved zero attrition through membershsymposiumip retention. At the same time, Zhang Yunyuan, GMT chairman olion是什么意思中文翻译f the Member Development Committee, personally contributed to give 2000 yuan to the 22 service teams whose members’ net growth rate reached 20% (the service team with less than 20 members needs to reacaptain音标ch the normal service team, tannual造句hat is, more than 20 members) as encouragement. Finally, President Lin Ziyu and President Zhang Yunyuan took a group photo witlionsgateh the winners.
In the evening of the captain’s fellowship party, the participating lions gathered t深圳风险等级ogether, singing and dacaptain怎么读ncing, wishing the Shenzhen Lions Club a better tomorrow.

By Wang Tiancaptain什么意思中文tu/Su Zhuangbin

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