The 7th students of Leadership Academy of lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015 successfully completed the course


The 7th students of Leadership Academy of lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015 successfully completedlion是什么意思 the course

  &nbspclubmed官网预订;     From September 12 to 14, 2014, the 7th leadershipclubs Workshop of leadership Academy of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 was held in Dongguan Taojing Golf Club. F童话故事orty-two captains fleadershiprom various servleadership英语作文ice teams participclub是什么酒ated in the seminar and successfully completed the course.
    &nstudents’dormitory翻译bsp;   At 15:50 PM on 12th, the opening c通货膨胀下什么最保值eremony officially began. Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club shenzhen f深圳风险等级or 2014-2015, congratulated the admitted students in her speechleadership需要具备哪些能力. The Lions Club of Sstudents的中文henzhen this year is around & LDquo; Passistudents是单数还是复数ngleadership的定义 on love &rdq深证指数uo; A series of work carried out by the theme, under the effortstudents’unions of all the service深圳市最新疫情 team leaders and li陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿on friends have achieved relatively excellent results, for which, Lin Ziyu expressed her heartfelt thanks. I hope you will gain knowledge, happiness and friendship in同花顺 this training, and apply what you have learned to the lion work, contribuacademy怎么读ting to the steady development of Shenzhen Lionsacademy怎么读 Club. Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of leadership Coclub是什么意思llege, made an introduction to this training course and then the class officially began. That evening, Yi Dongsheng for the lion friends launched & LDquo; Journey of Life & RDquo; Through this activity, lion friends have regrets that true friendshi深圳地铁线路图p can not do without trust, alions怎么读nd lion friends also enhanced the trust and understanding between each other, the harvest of lion friendship.
        In the fostudents的中文llowing two days, lecturthers from the Academy of Leadership and the lecturers’ group presente童话故事d more colorful and exstudents’dormitory翻译citing cour深圳地铁线路图ses: ma Min, the leader of the lecturers’ group gave a lecture. Authorization & throughout; The course, let lion friends know how to delegate effectively; Professor Rong Jing & LDquo; Time Management & RDquo; The class taught Leo how to manage their time effectively. Lecture by Jia Jing & LDquo; Communicat深圳地铁线路图ion and Li褪黑素stening ” The lion friends learned the importance andclub翻译 skills ostudents’unionf communication and listening. Li Feng’s lecture & LDquo; Diversificleadership是什么意思英语ation & throughout; Coacademy读音urse, presented by Huang Yiqun & LDquo; Project Management & RDQUO; Course, by Zhang Shijun & LDquo; Effective Meeti深证指数ng Management ” Course, by Yi Dongsheng & LDquo; Public Speaking ” Costudents是单数还是复数urse, by Liyue Shan & LDquo; Team support &lions翻译中文 RDquo; Course, by Lin Yansu & LDquo; Creative Thinking ” The lessons and so on have left a deep impression on the lion frishenzhenendsstudents英语怎么说.
        On the evening of 13th, the 7th class of leadership Tastudents英语怎么说lent College held a role play competition, including the lion friends’ drama of Jostudents’unionurney to the West, dream of the Red Chamber, water Margin, romance oleadership英语作文f The Three Kingdoms, the Eight Immortals crossing the Sea and so on. Lin Ziyu, President of CCPIT Xiamen and Shi Jianyong, vice President olions翻译中文f CCpit Xiamen attended the performance. Afstudents18ter fielions翻译rce competition, the first group led by Wu Zhijian won the title for performing the drama jouclubman是什么牌子车rney to the West. David Shistudents怎么读jie and Lu Wenhao shijie won the best popula深圳大学rity award.
    &nbspleadership;   Shi Jianyong,students the second vice president, presenlions的音标ted the graduation certificates to the students and took a group photo. He especially thanked the teachers for their hard work. He also thanked every lion particiacademy是什么意思英语pant for taking part in the training and congratulated them on their graduation.  
    &n深圳bsp;  students英语怎么读 The good times are allion是什么意思ways very short. During the two and a half d深圳天气ays, the lion friends constantly improvethind their leadership skills, deepened their feelings and gained valuable friendship.

Lin Ziyacademy读音u, preside桃花源记翻译nt ofacademy的形容词 Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, delivered the ceremony speech

Speech by Shi Jianyostudents怎么读ng, second Vice President of Lions Cluleadership英文解释b of Shenzhen 2014-2015

Teaching site

2014-2015 Lions Club Of Shenzhen, Ma Min, Speaker & LDQUO; Authorizatiolions的音标n & throughout; co深圳地铁线路图urse

Live game

Students received certificates of completion and took photos with the instructor group

The 7th Leadethrship Academy of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 succacademy中文essfully concluded & MIDDOT; Group photo

By Wenjie Turin

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