Exploring the Beauty of Life – Women’s Development Committee held a lecture on aesthetics

On November 30, 2019, the third offline event — “How to manage a Beautiful Life” aesthetics lecture was held at oct Art Sexploring怎么读音alon for the women Grocommittee中文意思wtexploringh Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020.李风起 The activity invited Zhao Xiaoxuan, doctor of Domestic literature frcommittee是什么意思om Fu Jen我们不能是朋友 University in Taiwan, to lead the lion friends and lion sister-in-law from various我们的歌 service teams to explore the beauty of life. Ma Min, tlecturehe last president of Shenzhen Liowomenns Club, Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice president, Li Chunchang, the supervisor, Wen Yaoli,beautybay官网 the chairman of the Female growth Committee, Wu Jingxia, Lin Mei, Zhao Nianzhen, Yu Lixdevelopment怎么读英语ia, as well as more than 50 people from various service teams, such as sister Lion, sistexploring翻译er lion, brotbeauty什么意思her Lion and so on, attended the lecture. The event was hosexploring是什么意思ted李锋张雪免费读 by李峰张雪四海集团 Zhao Nianzhen.

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Ma Min, the last president, gave a speech, fully affirming the importance of the work of the Committee foanaestheticsr Women’s Development, and the significance of aesthetic lectures for women’s pursuit of a bettdevelopment怎么读英语er life and self-improvement. She expects the Committee to create more platforms for lion friends我们的四十年 to learn and communicate.


Chairperson Yao Li Wan reported on the annuallecture造句 work plan ofcommittee和commission区别 the Committee for Women’s Growth. She said that th我们的婚姻在线观看is year, the committee will carrydevelopment怎么读英语 out more offline and online activities to improve the personal cultivation and spiritual growth of lionesses and their sister-committeein-law, and guidanaestheticse th我们的四十年em to dheldeal with family relationships and devote themselves to life, work and public welfare in a better manner. At the same time, she reviewed the two offliexploringne actaesthetics怎么读ivities of “Autumn Mingya Collecommitteection” and “Halloween Baking” andlecture翻译 the online activities of “Readingbeautybox sharing” and “Sports Punch card”.


Ms. Wu Jingxia,committee是什么意思 executive chairman of tbeauty翻译he Com我们都要好好的mittee for Wome李菲儿n’s Growth, rlectureseported the financial situation of the committee andexploring expressed her heartfelt thanks to the leaduphelders of the committee for their enthusiastic support.


Later, all members of the executive team of the Women’s Growth Committee appearecommittee是什么意思d, and they will do their best to do the work of the wome我们的歌n’s Growth Committee.


Taiwan Fu Jebeautybox安装n University domestic literature doctor Zhao Xiaocommittee中文意思xuan was invited to bring you the theme of “How to manage a beautiful life” lecture. Dr. Zhao Xiaoxuan is the founder of Yuanpei Scexploring怎么读hool, consultant lecturer of Collection Club of China Europe Internationbeauty翻译al Bubeautybox安装siness School, and expexploring怎么读ert of art market analysis. He我们的婚姻r family has profound academic background, profound cultural heritage, and outstanding teaching and research achievements. She is known as “the first person in sheld的意思是什么ystematic aesthetic我们的婚姻电视剧 education”.


Dr. Zhao xiaoxuan’s simple lecture was fascinating. She guides people in how to “observe beauty, discover beauty, feel beauty, express beauty and create beauty” from fiveheld怎么读的 aspects of “opening perception, awakening awareness, improving taste, stimulating creation and aesthetic mentalcommittee怎么读ity”. She said that beauty is the experience of the heart, cal我们是兄妹l我们的四十年ed on everyone to use aesthetic vision to discoverlecture和speech的区别 life, use aesthetic attitude to manage life, improve taste, serious life, creative life, pay attention to the sense of ceremony, thedevelopment most dcommittee和commission区别ull day out of beautbeautybay官网y and interest.

List我们的爱en to the lecture lion friends, lion sister-in-law under the guidance ofbeauty什么意思 Dr. Zhao Xiaoxuan, fedevelopment是什么意思el the connotation of beauty, explore the true meaninanaestheticsg of beauty. The one and a half hour lecture was like flowing water, and Dr. Zhao Xiaoxuan’s wonderful sharing made everyone feeldevelopment怎么读英语 full and satisfied.

After the lecture, Jiang Xiezhen, general dbeautybox安装irector of the Committee forheldback Women’s Development, hosted the interactive session. Dr.held过去式和过去分词 Zhao xiaoxuan actively interacted with everyone, deeply discussed how to create beauty andcommittee怎么读 manage beauty, and shared the experience and action of understanding better life.



In the elegant and exquisite art space of “Hua Art Salon”, everyone is profoundFeel the nourishing of the soul and the baptism of the spirit. Let’s explore the essence of beauty and live a beautiful life together, and look forward to more exciting activities o我们的乡村f the Committee for Women’sbeauty Growth.



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