Join hands to meet the challenge — The first session of shenzhen Lions Club junior Lecturer training lecturers’ collective lesson preparation went smoothly

On the afternoon of November 22, 2020, the first session of the 2020-2021 Junior Instructor Training (RFDhandshaker安卓下载I) of Lions Club Shenzhen was held in the Lionfirst怎么读s Club office.

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This training is the first trial in the region after the adjustment of the curriculum system by the Educatsession的中文意思ion and Training Committclubmedee of the National Lions Association. The training period has been adjusted from two days tochallenge three days, and the course structure and contenfirst翻译成中文t have also been adjusted. In order to make this trainmeet的过去式ing a success, with the support of the dischallenge什么意思trict council, The Lions Club of Shenzhen has been working hard to prepare for the training. On November 16thfirst name, the recruitment notice was released and the interview time was confirmed深圳地铁线路图.

Li Chunchang, the deputy head of the lecture group, served aclub是什么酒s the general lecturer of the training, Ma Feng, the deputy head of the lecture group, serclubmed官网预订ved as the head teacher, and Xclub是什么酒iao Xingpingfirsthand, Zhang Shijun, the consultameet的过去式和过去分词nt lecturers, served as the guidance consujoinedltant. The teajoinedching task is shared by the head teacher Wang Danya, forclubmanmer head teachermeets Huang Yiqclub怎么读un, Zhang Shijun, Rong Jing, Wu Zijian, the chief lecturchallengeser Li Chunchang and the head teacher Ma Feng.

In order to ensure thelion是什么意思中文翻译 teaching effect and fully convey the essence of the course, the lclub怎么读ecturers’ group specially invited Xiao Xingping, the chairman of the Education and Training Committee of the Dome深圳stic Lion Association, to give on-site guidance, and invited Huang Yiqun, Jiang Xiezhen, Huang Jieling and other lion friends who are responsiblclub翻译e for the development of the courseware forsession和cookie的区别 the training of junior lecturersclub in the education and training Cosessionmlions翻译mittee of the Lion Association to participate in tfirsthandhe course discussion.

At the beginning of lesson preparation, President Xiao Xingping first introducefirstd the background and content of the adjustment of the training course system. Chairman Xiao xingpi深圳地铁线路图ng thanked the Liohandsns club and the lecturers’ group for tfirst翻译heir efforts in implementilions读音ng the new curriculum symeeting是什么意思stem.深圳疫情 She hoped that the lecturers wclub是什么酒ould study the new curriculum materials carefully with an open mind and achieve goodmeeting是什么意思 teaching effects.

Nex深圳地铁线路图t, Huang Yiqun, secjoin的过去式retary general of the Education andchallenger Training Committee of the National Lions Association, head of the r&d of the training courses for junior instructors and former headlion是什么意思 of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, led the lecturers to sort out the changesession聊天软件下载s of the courses and thejoin的过去式 focus of the courses under the new curriculum system. The lecturers who undertook the teaching task gave a lecture, and the lecturers who attended the meeting had a heated discussion on the course. Althoclubsugh I got the course materials less thansession是什么意思 a week ago, the lecturers showed a clear logic and focus in their lectures, showing a serious, hardworking and courageous spirit.

Finally, Head of tjointlyhe team wang Danya and Chijoin的用法ef lecturer Li Chunchang explained thechallenge形容词 work that lectuclub怎么读rers should undertake duringchallenger是什么车 the training, and expressed thelions翻译irjoined gratitude to lecturers for their strong support. We hohandsome翻译pelions怎么读 that all lecturers can make cjoinoncerted efmeet的过去式和过去分词forts to meet the challenge.

After the lesson prechallenge的名词paration, the partfirst翻译成中文icipating lecturers al深圳地铁线路图so discussed the training prclubmedeparation work and other related issues raised by The director of Ma Feng class, which fully rmeeteflected the activsession怎么读e guidance of the previous lecturers and the inheritance of the younger lehands翻译cturers. We look forwasession和cookierd to the success of the training with the suppojoin怎么读rt of the leaders of the district council and the joint efforts of the lecturers.


[Text] Li Chunchang

[Photo] Wang Danyjoininga

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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