Expand yourself to Meet the Transformation - Shenzhen Lions Club provides sponsorship for the "Expand Yourself Training Camp · Shenzhen Camp" for disabled youth

From August 17 to 22, 2020, the seven-day "Self-Expansion Training Camp Shenzhen Camp" for disabled youth was helprovide是什么意思d in the conference room of Shenzhen Sotelai Love Hotel. Lions Cmeet怎么读lub of Shenzexpandhen will sponsor the whole meal and the round-trip expenses of 9 disabled students with special needs for thprovidesis training camp. The servicprovidese cost is RMB 10,000.

Luo Qiwei, Deputy Director of the Publicity Rights and Interests Protection Department of Shenzhen Diexpand是什么意思sabledexpanding什么意思啊 Person深圳疫情s' Fedexpand和extend的区别eration, Li Yuanhong, Secretary Genera深圳天气l of Guangdlions怎么读ong Disabl深证指数ed Persons' Education Development Foundation, Yu Guaprovidesbwithsth同义词nbin, President of Shenzhen Barrierfree Environment Promotion Association, Lu Zhiqlions翻译中文iang, President of Shenzhen Lionprovides是什么意思s Club for 2020-2021, Su Jianhua, Chairman of The Disablyourself怎么读音发音ed Support Committee and Yang Dehua, Executive Chairmaclub翻译n atcampaigntended theprovide是什么意思 opening certransformationalemmeetony. Witness 28 disabled young students from all over thlions英语怎么读e country to meet the transformation of their own. The cyourself翻译eremony was presided over by Zhang Qiulinclub用英语怎么说g, prcampbuddyoject specialist of Shenzhen Barrier-free Environcampfirement Promotion Association.

Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the training camp for the partners cheer. She said that the trainiexpand的形容词ng camp gathered the efforts of guangdong Provincial Foundation for Disabled Education Develmeetopment, Shenzhen Association forlions Barrier-free Environment p深圳风险等级romotion and Shenzhen Lionsprovide sb with sth Club, as well as the effortprovide sb with sths of the working team.lions读音 It is hoped that the student深证指数s will cherish the rare learning and training opportexpand名词形式unities, get together, get to know each other, share their expericamp是什么意思英语ence, improve themselves, learn and gain insight.


Lu Zclub怎么读hiqiang, president of Shmeet是什么意思enzhen Lions Club introduced thelions basic situation of shenzhen Lions Club. He said that disabled friends are equal to everyone in the world, and acexpandingcessibility is closely related to everyoclub用英语怎么说ne. I hope that all of you will pay attention to and care for friends with disabilities, support the cause of barrier-free access, and turn t深圳风险等级he trickle of kindmeet是什么中文意思ness into a river. He also hoped that under the support and encouragement of leaders and organizations, tclubhe students would study hard and embrace the transformation.


The year 2020 marks the 13th year of "Self-expansion Training Camp" and the first year of Shenzhen Camp. 28 disabled youthexpand翻译 from all over the country went out of their homes to know themselves and refine themselves through outward bound training, laying a solid foundation for their integration into society. After the training, disabled friends can also find jobs with suitable enterprises. Bless the 28 disabled syourself主格形式怎么写tudents, sinceyourself怎么读音发音 then,expand名词形式 the beautiful land of China has 28 shining new models for the disabled, inject new strength into the cause of natyourself缩写ionwide disameeting是什么意思bility!


[Text] Yang Dehua

[Photo] Yang Dehua

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Comtransformation翻译中文positclub怎么读ion 】 Qiu & NBlions翻译SP;  provides是什么意思; peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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