Shenzhen Lions Club attended the emergency meeting of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation

Shenzhen Lions Club attended the emergency meeting of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation

On the morning of May 22,disabled电脑 leaders offederation什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club attended the extlionsgateended meeting of the coperson是单数还是复数uncil on earthquake relief held bclub用英语怎么说y Shenzhen Ddisabled电脑isabled Persons’ Federation. Gao Jianwei, chairman of shenzhen Disabled Persons’disabled造句简单 Federatmeeting翻译ion and other leaders, Zhang Weixian, director of Shenattended翻译zhen Lions Club, Wang Jinliang, director designate, Zhang Guojun, depfederationuty director designate and Song Rui, secretary-general attended the meeting.

, disabled persons‘ federation of jian-weiclubman gao convey the disabled persoclubns’ feshenzhenderation, guangdong province, the fifth congress conference spirit, communicate the politburo member, guangdong provimeetingyou是什么意思ncial party committee secretary, wang Yang’s important speech, close to a period of work for temergency翻译he disabled foattended怎么读r the deployment and listen to the directormeeting是什么意思 of shenzhen lions wperson是单数还是复数ei-xiandisabled是开启还是关闭 zhang about the sichuan earthquake disaster occurred aftemergency的形容词er shenz深证指数hen lions work reporperson是可数名词吗t. After the disaster, the Lions Club of Shenzhen issued an initiativeattended是什么意思 to the lion friends and activemergencyely partilionsgatecipated in the earthquake relief work. Lion friends responded positively, donated money and materials, so far has raclub怎么读ised more than 2 million yuan, donated materials morclubse than 16 million yuan. May 19, 21 held the emergency earthquake relief work has been determined, earthquake remeeting翻译lief work has been transformed from rescue stage to post-reconstruction service stage, and the next stage of how to carry out earthquake relief work.

Director Gao jianwei pointed out that shenzhemergency什么意思en Lpersons怎么读ions Club has a goodunattended idea of the next step of the relief work. Accordingclub翻译 to the requirements of Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Comm深圳ittee and Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, and combemergency英语ined with the actual situatilionson of earthquake relief, the guiding ideology of the next step iclub是什么酒s clarified:

1. Carry out earthlionsquake relief work in an organized, orderly and effective manner.

Two, the combination of long and short, the recent worperson是单数还是复数k and the futpersons是什么意思英语ure work of a period of time.

In carrying out disaster relief work, idisabled电脑启动项t can combine the professional experemergencytise of CDPF.

Fourth, according to their own characteristics, carry out disaster relief work.

The following requirements are putemergency什么意思 forward for the next step:

First, at present, we clionsan mobilize more lion friperson所有形式ends to raise funds through the platform of Lions Club and international standards, so as to lay a foundation for the reconstruction work in the next step.

Two, must increase publicity, lions club to carry out the earthquake relief work should be given actpersons翻译ive publicity.

Iii. It is suggested to carry out some condolence activities for the injured who have been sent to Shenzhen for treatment. A seemergency中文翻译ries omeetingsf psychological counseling aemergency怎么读ctivities canlions英语怎么读 be carried out through lions Clubs, disabled persons’ federation深圳地铁线路图s, women’s federations or special groups.

4. Reconstruction: Regarding the lion Village construction project, you can contaclion是什么意思t the local authoritiesperson是单数还是复数, do a good job of resealions英语怎么说读rch, and build the lion village to settle the vi深圳疫情最新消息ctims, mainly residunattendedential. Short-term and lonfederation翻译g-term plans should be made for disaster relclub用英语怎么说ief work.shenzhen

5. Contact with the Disabled persons’ Federations in Sichuan province and other places to carry out effective service activities based on the characteristics ofemergency中文翻译 the Disabled persons’ Federations, such as establishing rehabilitation training camps and inviting profespersons怎么读sipersonsonals from Hong Kong and Macao to prov深圳大学ide physical and mental counseling to victims.

Aft深圳er theclub用英语怎么说 meeting, Shenzhen Lionsclub怎么读 Club immediately held a meeting of sdisabled造句简单带翻译enior ldisabled造句eaders to imlions怎么读音plement the spirit of the meeting and make tiemergency的中文意思melydisabled是开启还是关闭 supplements to the original emergency relief wlions是什么意思ork plan:

First, in order to ensure the constructiperson是什么意思on of post-dlions英语怎么读isaster reconstruclionstion work, we willions翻译l continue to increase the fund-raising work, with the targpersons是什么意思英语et of raising 10 millions怎么读音lion yuan. We propose that each lion frienmeeting造句d donate 1000 yuan to the disaster area.

Carry out earthquake relief work in an organized, orfederation什么意思derlyunattended and effective manner. It is hoped that the service teams will act in unemergency英语ison with the district Council, and timepersons怎么念ly feedback information to the district Coperson是什么意思ushenzhenncil. The transport olionsgatef disaster relemergency的形容词ief materials can contact the offilions英语怎么读ce for unified coordination and smooth delivery channels.

3. Organize volunteer research teamsemergency的中文意思 toshenzhen visit thepersons怎么读 disasterclubman aclubman是什么牌子车reas for projectclub是什么意思 investigation and propose feasible plans for the rehabilitation and深圳疫情最新消息 rec深圳市最新疫情onstruction services. On 23rd, Director Zhan深圳风险等级g Weixian will go to the earthquake-stricken area of Sichuan for research with deputy Direattended怎么读ctor zhang Guoyun, secretary General Song Rui and some lion friendattended是什么意思s. On 25th, chairman Wu Xiaoming and some lion friends will go to the earthquake-stricken area of Gansu for research.

Fourdisabled造句简单带翻译th, continue to strengthen the relationemergency英语ship with liclubsons cluclubman是什么牌子车bs international, provide information on earthquake relief, and strive for the assistance and support of lions around the world.

Five, the Sichuan eclub怎么读arthmeeting是什么意思quake disaster caused hundredsperson是可数名词吗 of thousands of peomeetingtencentcomple, in and afteremergency的形容词 theclubs disadisabled造句简单ster relief, there will be many inclubmedjured people become disabled, can consider hfederation是哪个国家ow to help those who become diemergency stopsabled friends in the disastshenzhener process, so that they have enough psychological prclub是什么酒eparation to meet the challenges of life in the future.

Vi. Further implement theemergency可数吗 use of the special relief funds of lions Internclubational’s Domestic Disaster Assistance Fund, and do a good job in project inspectiondisabled造句简单 and the provision of relief materials.

Stdisabled造句简单带翻译rengthenperson是可数名词吗 the organization and leadership of earthquake rel深圳ief, set up the executive working committee,attended翻译 and further clarify the members of the leading group and the division of work. Zhang Weixian is the director in charge, Wang Jinliang is the director in charge, Zhang Guojun is the deputy director in charge, Song Rui is the secrperson所有形式etary general in charge, and thedisabled是什么意思 executive director is the team member. Mr Wong Kam Leung, director desigclubmednate in charge of fund-raising and Lions Club In深圳天气ternclub翻译ational liaison; Zhang Gclub是什么意思uojun will be deputy Director in charge of purchasing, lfederation是哪个国家ogistics, capital operation and supervismeetingionlions英语怎么说读. Secretadisabled造句ry General Song Rui is respons深圳疫情最新消息ibpersons翻译le for publicitylions翻译, official liaison, project inspection and volunteer service team.

May 22, 2008

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